Best Strollers With Standing Board of 2024

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Get the complete analysis of the best strollers with standing board!

Best strollers with standing platforms or board are commonly referred to as sit and stand strollers or sit and stand double strollers. However, in contrast to traditional double strollers, sit and stand strollers are only appropriate for families with a baby or little toddler and an older child who is capable of standing upright. When you have a sit and stand double stroller, you may have one child sitting in the front of the stroller while the second child stands in the back of the stroller. Some sit and stand strollers include a bench in addition to the standing platform, giving your child the option to sit in the stroller’s back seat if they’d like.

This article guides you through the process of selecting the best stroller for your requirements that is also compatible with a standing board. If you have 2 children as explained above, go ahead and pick the best stroller with a standing board.

5 Best Strollers with Standing Board of 2024

We spent a lot of time researching parent feedback and professional endorsements to find the best stroller with standing platform on the market.

Here are the top five that we’ve selected:

1. Most Adaptable Stroller with Standing Board: Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0

Graco ready2grow lx 2.0 stroller with standing board

Stroller weight: 26 pounds

Weight limit: 50 pounds

Dimensions: 25.63 x 48 x 47.38 inches

The Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 can be changed to meet the needs of new families with small children who need special seating in your stroller. This model’s lightweight and ease of mobility make it suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces. Despite the fact that the design has a few obvious flaws, there are always going to be further add-ons that can make this stroller more appropriate for your family.

Here are our findings about the Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller:

This stroller has the capacity to carry two children at once and can be configured in a number of different ways, according to your specific requirements. Additionally, it is a fantastic stroller for parents who now only have one child but are planning to have another child in the near future.

One of the best features of this stroller is that it can accommodate a child from birth up to about three years of age. The cutoff age is probably when your child reaches the point when they are too big for the stroller seat.

How do we use this stroller?

There are two stroller seats, a bench seat, and a standing platform available for the installation, which accommodates two kids. You can further adjust it to accommodate two infant car seats by connecting it to additional Graco accessories. There is a separate purchase required for the infant car seats.

The lightweight design of this stroller, which weighs in at just 32 pounds altogether, makes it simple to transport in the trunk of a car. It is recommended to carry no more than 50 pounds of weight or two youngsters who do not weigh more than 25 pounds each.

This stroller is compatible with Graco car seats that are not included with the purchase of this model. If you acquire infant car seats or child car seats that adapt to this exact model, then you can use them together. In order for the accompanying accessories that Graco recommends to fit and attach to this specific stroller, you will need to consult with those products.

The brand designed this double-seater stroller with adjustable dimensions so that it can grow alongside your children as they become older. It is just as simple to fold up, exactly like a regular single-seat stroller would be. You are free to remove any of the items that are attached to this stroller in order to customize its seating position to meet your specific requirements.


  • Opening and closing the stroller is easy and doesn’t take much effort.
  • Adjustable settings for sitting or standing are good for kids who are growing.
  • This is a great option for families with two young children of various ages.


  • Doesn’t fit as easily in the trunks of smaller economy cars
  • Not recommended for parents who are 5’10” or taller, so shorter parents are better.
  • The storage pouch under the stroller is a bit difficult to access when both seats are attached.

2. Most Lightweight Stroller with Standing Platform: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller with standing platform

Stroller weight: 27 pounds

Weight limit: 50 pounds

Dimensions: ‎49 x 21.5 x 43 inches

Having thought about including built-in cup holders for the parent and children, this stroller design is a win-win all around. The adjustable canopy on this stroller provides excellent sun protection, and the stroller’s storage compartment is quite easy to access. That is not the same thing as saying that someone should bring up focal areas so that you can fight probable problems that come with this particular tandem stroller.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra stroller can accommodate two children at once, but it is an excellent choice for single parents or couples who are planning to have another kid. The rear seat is configured more like a bench than the front, allowing it to comfortably accommodate two children back to back. Both of the seats have five-point safety harnesses.

You should also be aware that the seat of this Sit N Stand stroller is designed to accommodate newborns or young infants all the way up to toddlers. So, technically, a baby who is older than 2 or 3 months is good until he or she is 2.5 to 3 years old. This also depends on how rapidly toddlers grow and how well they can sit in the back seat.

How do we use this stroller?

There is a back-to-back seating arrangement included as part of the basic seating configuration. The front seat is best for younger babies, while older kids should sit in the back. It is possible to replace these seats with other types of Baby Trend car seats that are compatible with this stroller. This stroller will not fold up in the same method as the regular seats when it is equipped with the car seats, and the car seats will need to be removed from the stroller before it can be folded. You won’t be missing the stand-on feature, even though this is not the best sit and stand stroller.

This ultralight stroller weighs only 26.8 pounds when empty, with no accessories included. There is a maximum recommended weight limit of 50 pounds for the stroller itself, with a maximum recommended weight limit of 25 pounds for each individual child who will be using the stroller. Keep in mind that the total weight of the stroller will increase with the addition of accessories like drinks and diaper bag items.

You can also attach car seats to this stroller by purchasing them separately from the stroller’s design. These car seat sets are compatible with this stroller and are recommended by Baby Trend products, which are the only ones that attach to this particular stroller model.

This stroller has a built-in spring-loaded suspension system on the front wheels, which is one of the features that sets it apart from the competition. There is no suspension system for the back wheels, which don’t require very much cushion because of their location. This stroller can be folded up quickly and stored within the compartment of a car or other vehicle with little effort. People with smaller cars will have to carefully fit this stroller into tight spaces.


  • It’s a great option for young families on a budget who need a double stroller for their two smallest children.
  • Parents who are at least 6 feet tall or shorter will have no trouble pushing this stroller.
  • Ideal for buying a sunshade canopy to make sure your kids aren’t in the direct sun.


  • The add-on for the car seat has to be from Baby Trend and won’t work with any other brand. Only use an infant car seat in the front area.
  • The wheels don’t come with enough wheel grease, so bring WD-40.
  • To keep drinks from spilling in the drink trays, they need to have covers or sipper tops.

3. Best Single to Double Stroller with Stand: Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Stroller weight: 34.9 pounds

Weight limit: 45 pounds

Dimensions: 30.31 x 21.7 x 10.24 inches

In all honesty, the Glider Board isn’t included with this stroller and must be purchased independently. Besides this, it has other great features that make it a great convertible stroller that can be adjusted to fit two kids. These additional add-ons are not included because the stroller is not ready to be used as a dual-seat stroller at this time. The fact that this design can accommodate all of the accessories that can be attached to the model is the most important aspect of it.

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is designed to accommodate a single child, but it has the capability of being further adapted to accommodate a pram or an additional second seat kit. In addition to that, there is a bench seat kit for older children as well as a shopping bag for transporting grocery items.

Additionally, it is an excellent choice for young babies and toddlers, beginning at the age of three months and continuing up through the age of three years. Depending on the extras that are purchased separately, this Baby Jogger stroller will be an excellent choice for families that have two young children who will take turns sitting in it.

How do we use this stroller?

At least 20 different ways to customize this stroller are good. There is currently a single child stroller seat included in the default configuration, and there is an option to add the Glider Board so that a standing child can use it. Despite the fact that this is an optional add-on, Baby Jogger is one of the top sit-and-stand stroller choices.

The total weight of this stroller is 34.9 pounds, and it can hold up to 45 pounds more. When you consider the optional accessories that came with this model, the stroller can accommodate two children that weigh a combined total of no more than 20 pounds each.

You’ll find that this model has a way for an infant car seat to connect to the upper handlebar assembly, but it’s an extra option that you have to buy separately. This isn’t the worst part, since the car seat has to be taken off in order to store and fold up this stroller.

This stroller is fantastic for use when strolling through any urban city, including those with sidewalks and terrain that are slightly uneven. Because the wheels are big enough, it can ride over light gravel and compact soil without any difficulty. It can be folded up quickly and simply, allowing for hassle-free storage in even the smallest of luggage.


  • Because this stroller has bigger wheels than most, it can move around easily.
  • This is perfect for kids of different ages, from infants to toddlers who can walk on their own.
  • Parents can easily get to the storage area and store things without much trouble or limits.


  • This stroller is a lot heavier than most on the market, as it weighs almost 35 pounds without any accessories.
  • Add-ons will cost the same amount as this stroller.
  • Learning how to fold the stroller is challenging, and it takes some muscle to do it correctly.

4. Best Sit N Stand Jogging Stroller: Chicco Bravo For2

Chicco Bravo For2 Jogger

Stroller weight: 26.6 pounds

Weight limit: 40 pounds

Dimensions: 45.7 x 23.3 x 42.8 inches

When the design of a double stroller has been well considered and is equipped with everything that functions in your favor, this is one of the more appealing aspects of the stroller. If you want to install a baby seat or any other additional comforts, you will need to purchase some additional add-on accessories for the Bravofor2. You can’t mix attachments together unless they are all for Chicco products. Overall, the stroller is constructed with new parents in mind.

This stroller is designed to accommodate two children at once and has a number of different seating configurations that are included as part of the standard package. It already includes a glider board stand that can be used as a footrest in addition to its primary function. This model doesn’t include a car seat for infants, but you can purchase one separately if you want to use it. The front seat is for little kids, and the back seat is for bigger kids who can stand up.

The front seat is reserved for young children who can sit up without assistance and are at least one year old. When using the stroller with a reclining infant seat, you can attach it to items normally used for infants. The stand-on back is designed for standing toddlers who are at least 2.5 years old.

How do we use this stroller?

There is one sitting spot located in the front of the stroller, and there is one standing spot located in the back of the stroller. You are able to further customize your Chicco Bravo For2 stroller by purchasing additional accessories that are designed to adjust the stroller’s seating position.

When it comes to lightweight strollers, this model will just weigh 26.6 pounds without any further accessories. There’s a total of 40 pounds that can be added to the total weight it can hold. This needs to be estimated using the additional equipment as well as the combined weight of two children, each of whom should weigh less than 15-20 pounds.

The Bravofor2 will only be able to accommodate one baby car seat, which will be attached as a separate component to the stroller itself. Other attachments can be made, but they don’t apply as much to car seat applications. Another popular brand that is known for producing the best strollers with standing board options is Chicco.

This high-quality stroller has a great design that makes it easy to fold it up into a neat little package without requiring much work on the user’s part. This stroller can be folded up to fit in the trunk of any car, no matter how compact. Additionally, it is quite easy to pick up and isn’t as heavy as other stroller models on the market today.


  • This stroller can be used on gravel, small rocks, and uneven ground, among other things.
  • This stroller is easy to move around, so it can be used in tight spaces.
  • Immediate access to the stroller’s storage compartment is a major feature.


  • The wheels can become dirty and dusty, so using a can of WD-40 will assist maintain their lubrication.
  • The cup holders might not be able to hold the kind of cup that goes in them.
  • Some parents wish the front seat reclined more.

5. Best Double Stroller with Standing Platform: Joovy Big Caboose Graphite

Joovy Big Caboose Graphite with standing board

Stroller weight: 40 pounds

Weight limit: 50 pounds

Dimensions: 57.8 x 21 x 41.8 inches

This stroller is undoubtedly a fair case for a growing family that already has it all, given the saying that two people make a company and three people make a crowd. The people at Joovy have made a great option for three kids to ride in one stroller. The fact that it is able to accommodate young infants who will eventually be able to sit in the front seat or stand in the back is a positive aspect of the product. One more example is a great choice for families who need roomy strollers because they are growing.

This design offers comfortable seating for two children as well as a space in the back of the stroller for a youngster to stand. Replacement front and rear seats for infant car seats can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on the options selected. The fact that it is also possible for a third child to stand on the back of the stroller with plenty of room to spare makes it the greatest sit-and-stand stroller that is available in this particular category.

Beginning with infants as young as three months and up to six months who can lie flat in reclining car seats, this stroller can be further adjusted to accommodate two sitting youngsters between the ages of one and two and a half years. The stand-on section is best suited for toddlers who are at least two years old and are capable of standing unassisted.

How do we use this stroller?

There is one standing position and two sitting positions unless the front seats are changed so that infant car seats can be attached over each seat location.

You can buy the extra accessories separately. And you have to take it off to fit in the backseat of any car or vehicle.

This stroller has a total weight of only 28 pounds, making it a very lightweight option when considering how many children it can transport at once. It’s worth noting that the rear seat of this stroller can accommodate children weighing up to 45 pounds, and the front seat, up to 40 pounds. Due to the fact that infant car seats add weight, this is a perfect solution for managing the additional pounds that are typically tacked on by car seats.

This Joovy stroller can only accept infant car seats of the same manufacturer; otherwise, the attachments that go with them will not match. It is not suggested that you attempt to attach any other types of car seats to the Joovy stroller since crossover modifications are not as safe as the one that is being recommended.

This stroller, when folded up, will take up a lot more space than the majority of strollers on the market. If you have a small car, you won’t be able to put this stroller in your trunk. Minivans and other larger vehicles offer the most convenient storage options for this stroller, making them the best choice overall. This stroller’s frame is extra sturdy to accommodate the considerable load it will be asked to carry.


  • Good for families that are growing and want to put three kids in one stroller
  • Outstanding space for a multitude of items under the stroller.
  • This stroller folds quickly for storage despite appearing so large.


  • It may be challenging to steer or turn this stroller on sidewalks or corners due to its large size.
  • To use this stroller on any surface, you will need to have enough strength.
  • It might be too big for the trunk of a typical car.

Conclusion: Strollers with Standing Board

When looking for the best strollers with standing board items, you can choose from the ones in this review based on what you want. Most toddlers who are standing on their own will like the excitement of a standing platform or kickstand, even if their parents aren’t fans of the idea.

The most effective option is to search for additional safety measures, such as safety belts that are adaptable, with the goal of preventing standing children from falling off of a standing platform by accident.

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