The 9 Best Cloth Diapers of 2024

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Do you want to use cloth diapers? Since 2018, we’ve purchased and tested more than 22 cloth diapers, and here are 9 of the best cloth diapers on the market right now. We tested each diaper thoroughly to see how well it absorbed liquid, how easy it was to use, how comfortable it was, how well it fit, how much it leaked, and more. Instead of using disposable diapers, you might want to try cloth diapering because it is better for the environment, healthier for your baby, and might cost less. But for beginners, the different styles and methods can be hard to understand. We looked at how well each product fit, how much it leaked, how comfortable it was, and how easy it was to use. We’re here to help you find the best diaper approach for your family by offering suggestions and tips.

Feeling confused about your diapering needs? Over five years, we’ve extensively tested top-rated diapers, including options for heavy wetters to use overnight diapers. We’ve also evaluated the best disposable and cloth baby wipes and our top picks for the best baby detergents. Additionally, we recommend investing in one of our favorite diaper pails and the best diaper bag to keep all your baby’s gear organized.

Our Favorite Cloth Diapers

1. Best Overall: ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers

Choosing the right diaper for your baby can feel like a big decision, but ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers make it easy. These diapers are reusable, washable, and super-absorbent, which means they’re comfy for your little one and great for your wallet too!

Made with top-notch materials, these diapers have a waterproof and breathable polyester outer layer, making them perfect for walks or chores. Inside, there’s a soft suede cloth that keeps your baby dry by whisking away moisture. Each diaper comes with two inserts to soak up all the messes. The ALVABABY diapers are adjustable to fit babies and toddlers weighing 6.6 to 33 pounds. You can snap them to different sizes (S, M, or L) for a snug fit every time. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, so you’re helping the planet by reducing waste.

Your baby will be comfy and happy in these diapers. They have special snaps to keep them in place, as well as elastic leg cuffs to prevent leaks. With six diapers and twelve inserts in each pack, you’ll be all set for diaper duty. For modern parents, ALVABABY diapers are a smart choice. They’re comfy, adjustable, and good for the environment.


  • They are reusable and washable, making them cost-effective.
  • Super-absorbent inserts for better moisture management.
  • Waterproof and breathable polyester outer layer.
  • It is an adjustable fit for babies and toddlers from 6.6 to 33 pounds.
  • Using an eco-friendly option reduces waste.


  • Compared to disposables, they might need more frequent washing.
  • It can be little bulky, potentially affecting the fit under certain clothes.

2. Best Value: Wegreeco Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers

Are you looking for a diaper that is not only environmentally friendly but also comfortable for your child? Be sure to check out the Wegreeco Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers! They’re perfect for parents who want an eco-friendly option that’s also cozy for their baby. Each pack comes with six diapers, six inserts, and a wet bag, all decked out in six cute patterns that work for boys and girls.

What’s amazing about these diapers is that they grow with your baby. They’ve got snaps in three rows, so you can adjust the size from newborn to toddler. They’re durable, so they’ll last through all the ups and downs of diaper duty, whether it’s one baby or more.

The outside is soft polyester with a leak-proof PUL layer to keep your little one dry. Double snaps and leg gussets help prevent leaks, so you can relax knowing your baby’s comfy and dry. Inside, the inserts are super-absorbent but still soft on your baby’s skin. Microfiber and bamboo-derived rayon, the materials used in their construction, absorb moisture while maintaining breathability.

Choosing reusable diapers like these is good not only for your baby, but also for the planet.


  • Eco-friendly, reducing waste from disposable diapers.
  • Adjustable snaps to fit from newborn to toddler.
  • Durable materials are designed to last through multiple uses.
  • Leak-proof PUL layer and double snaps for extra protection.
  • Super-absorbent microfiber and bamboo-derived inserts.


  • Inserts may take longer to dry after washing.
  • The initial cost is higher than disposables.

3. Best with Inserts: ALVABABY Baby Reusable Cloth Diapers 

When you’re picking out diapers for your baby, ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers are a top choice. They’re stylish, comfy, and super practical. These diapers are modern and reusable, which means you can wash and use them again. 

This Brand of diapers are made of polyester with a special coating on the outside layer, which keeps water out while allowing air in. This means you can carry your baby around without worrying about leaks, whether you’re out for a walk or doing chores. Inside, there’s a layer of soft suede cloth that pulls moisture away from your baby’s skin into the insert, keeping them feeling happy and dry. Each diaper comes with two inserts made of microfiber, which soak up a lot of liquid.

You can adjust these cloth diapers to fit your little one’s growing weight, ranging from 6.6 to 33 pounds. You just snap them onto different buttons to make them small, medium, or large. They have snaps on the hips and across the front to keep them in place and avoid leaks. You get six diapers and twelve inserts in a pack, so you have everything you need to start using cloth diapers right away.


  • Reusable and washable, saving money over time.
  • Waterproof and breathable polyester outer layer.
  • The soft suede cloth interior keeps babies dry.
  • Adjustable to fit babies and toddlers from 6.6 to 33 pounds.
  • It comes with six diapers and twelve inserts.


  • Can be bulky, affecting fit under certain clothing.
  • Requires regular washing and maintenance.

4. Best Gender-Neutral: Gerber Birdseye Flatfold Diapers

Gerber Childrenswear LLC is famous for making clothes for babies and toddlers. They’ve got all the things you need for your little one’s wardrobe, like their super popular Onesies Brand one-piece outfits, pajamas, and cute accessories for those early years. Gerber’s been making the Onesies brand for more than 40 years, and it’s a must-have for babies in the U.S.

Their cloth diapers are a comfy, eco-friendly option compared to disposable ones. The soft cotton fabric of these diapers is ideal for absorbing any messes. Just make sure to check the size before buying to avoid any leaks or skin issues. These cloth diapers aren’t just for changing diapers; you can use them for burping, cleaning up spills, and even for arts and crafts! They’re easy to wash and dry, too. Gerber’s products, whether manufactured in the USA or elsewhere, aim to bring joy to babies while maintaining environmental sustainability.


  • Made from soft, absorbent cotton fabric.
  • Versatile use beyond diapering, such as burp cloths or cleaning rags.
  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to disposables.
  • Long-standing brand reputation for quality.


  • The size may not fit all babies perfectly, requiring careful adjustment.
  • Less advanced leak protection compared to other cloth diaper designs.

Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers are easy to use and cater to busy parents seeking a stress-free diapering solution. The design is super simple to use, with pockets for inserts. You can add more inserts if needed, making diaper changes a breeze and giving you more time to bond with your baby. Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers are a must-have for any parent!

Feel ultimate comfort with baby-fitted cloth diapers. They have snug leg openings and a waterproof cover to keep you worry-free day and night. Their inserts are innovative, with two layers of bamboo viscose and two layers of microfiber for exceptional absorbency. With each wash, they get softer!

Nora’s Nursery reusable diapers grow with your baby, from newborn to toddler. With adjustable snaps, they fit babies weighing between 10 and 35 pounds. These versatile inserts have a custom fit, making them perfect for your baby’s essentials. Enjoy the convenience and savings of long-lasting, reusable diapers.

Choose from a wide range of cute designs for baby girls or boys. Keep your little one stylish with washable, reusable cloth diapers in fun prints or neutral colors to match your style.


  • Simple pocket design for easy use.
  • Snug leg openings and waterproof cover to prevent leaks.
  • Innovative inserts with bamboo viscose and microfiber for great absorbency.
  • Adjustable snaps to fit babies from 10 to 35 pounds.
  • Available in a variety of cute designs.


  • May require additional inserts for heavy wetters.
  • Initial investment is higher than disposables.

6. Most Comfortable: Mama Koala 3.0 Cloth Diapers

Meet Mama Koala 3.0 cloth diapers! Made to fit snugly and prevent leaks, these diapers are ideal for babies ranging from zero to 36 months old. These diapers grow with your little one, thanks to the adjustable snaps. The special snaps at the hips ensure that the wings no longer droop. And those leg openings? It’s super comfy and waterproof, too!

Each set comes with six cute diapers and six bamboo inserts. No microfiber here! With snaps, you can adjust the length of the inserts, keeping those messy moments contained day and night. Plus, they dry super fast! The inside layer is soft on the baby’s skin and whisks away moisture.

And let’s talk style! Mama Koala’s got you covered with trendy prints for every baby. Choosing reusable diapers not only saves money but also helps our planet. One of the top picks of disposable diapers has stuck around for ages, but cloth ones are much kinder to the earth.


  • Adjustable snaps fit babies from zero to 36 months.
  • Includes six bamboo inserts, no microfiber.
  • Fast-drying materials.
  • A soft inner layer keeps babies dry.
  • Trendy prints and designs.


  • Bamboo inserts may take longer to dry.
  • Can be more expensive initially.

7. Best Budget-Friendly: Babygoal Reusable Diapers With Inserts+Wet Bag

Looking for comfy and handy diapers for your little one? These Babygoal polyester cloth diapers are just the ticket! They’re super adjustable, so they’ll fit babies from birth to 3 years old, which means they’ll grow right along with your kiddo. Plus, they’re adjustable, so they can snugly fit babies of all sizes—small, medium, or large.

Not only are cloth diapers a money-saver, but they’re also eco-friendly. These ones are free from any nasty chemicals like dioxins or BPA, making them extra safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. With their great absorbency, they keep your baby dry and happy, helping to keep those pesky rashes at bay. And as an added bonus, they get softer and even more absorbent with each wash!

The outside layer is waterproof and breathable, thanks to the polyester with TPU, so no more worrying about leaks. They’ve got extra protection with leg gussets and elastic around the waist and legs, ensuring a snug fit that keeps everything where it should be. Each set comes with six diapers, six bamboo inserts, and a handy wet bag for easy storage.


  • Adjustable to fit babies from birth to 3 years old.
  • Eco-friendly, free from harmful chemicals.
  • Great absorbency that improves with washing.
  • Waterproof and breathable outer layer.
  • Includes six diapers, six bamboo inserts, and a wet bag.


  • Bamboo inserts may require a longer drying time.
  • Initial cost is higher compared to disposable diapers.

8. Best Classic Choice: Bambino Miosolo Classic All-in-One Cloth Diaper

The Bambino Mio Miosolo Classic All-in-One Cloth Diaper is designed to ensure your baby’s utmost comfort with its super soft fabric, maintaining its softness through multiple washes. This cloth diaper features a highly absorbent core and a stay-dry inner layer that efficiently keeps moisture away from your baby’s sensitive skin, keeping it dry and cool for extended periods.

The simple fold-back laundry tabs are a practical addition to protect the diapers during washing, ensuring their longevity and cleanliness. The unique tuck-in pocket design simplifies diaper preparation, making it easy to insert and remove the core, and allows for the addition of a diaper booster to increase absorbency as needed.

Overall, the Bambino Mio offers an excellent blend of comfort, functionality, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking high-quality cloth diapers for their little ones. This diaper ensures that both parents and babies enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free experience every day.


  • Super soft fabric that maintains softness after multiple washes.
  • Highly absorbent core with a stay-dry inner layer.
  • Fold-back laundry tabs for easy washing.
  • Tuck-in pocket design for easy insert removal and addition.
  • Provides long-lasting comfort and functionality.


  • Higher initial cost compared to some other cloth diapers.

9. Best Reusable: BaeBae Goods Adjustable Cloth Diapers

When it comes to your little one’s comfort and safety, there’s no room for compromise. BaeBae Goods understands this concern deeply and works only with top-quality materials, innovative designs, and verified suppliers to meet the highest expectations. If, for any reason, you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is always ready to assist you.

Keep your little one comfortable and dry with our reusable diapers! For an eco-friendly, cost-effective experience, BaeBae Goods cloth diapers for babies are essential, ensuring your baby stays dry and protected throughout the night. These diapers feature highly absorbent inserts, cute and colorful designs, and fully adjustable waist and crotch sizes, making them incredibly user-friendly.

With easy-to-wash and reusable materials, these baby diapers surprise parents with their comfortable design. Their functionality is complemented by their aesthetic appeal, making them a practical choice for parents who want the best for their children. The BaeBae Goods adjustable cloth diapers for boys and girls provide the perfect solution for keeping your little ones comfortable, dry, and happy while also being kind to the environment.


  • Highly absorbent inserts for all-night dryness.
  • Cute and colorful designs.
  • Fully adjustable waist and crotch sizes.
  • Easy-to-wash and reusable materials.
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective.


  • Higher initial investment than disposable diapers.
  • May need additional inserts for heavy wetters.

Test and Analysis of the Best Cloth Diapers

A good cloth diapers should have these traits:


When it comes to value, ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers offer exceptional savings with six diapers and twelve inserts per pack, making them a budget-friendly option. Wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers are also good value, with six diapers, six inserts, and a wet bag included, catering to eco-conscious parents looking to reduce costs. Mama Koala delivers significant value with their set of six diapers and six bamboo inserts, promising long-term use and reliability.


For absorbency, ALVABABY diapers excel with two inserts per diaper, effectively soaking up moisture and keeping your baby dry. The super-absorbent microfiber and bamboo-derived rayon inserts in Wegreeco diapers provide excellent moisture control. Mama Koala stand out with their bamboo inserts that provide high absorbency and adjustable length, ensuring messes are well-contained day and night.


In terms of comfort, ALVABABY diapers feature a soft suede cloth interior that wicks away moisture, ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable. Wegreeco diapers have a soft polyester outer layer and a breathable PUL layer, making them gentle on your baby’s skin. Mama Koala include a soft inner lining that feels smooth against the skin, offering superior comfort and moisture-wicking properties.


The durable polyester outer layer of ALVABABY is waterproof and breathable, complemented by a soft suede cloth interior. Wegreeco diapers use high-quality materials, including a leak-proof PUL layer and soft polyester, ensuring they are both durable and comfortable. Mama Koala features robust materials with a waterproof outer layer and bamboo inserts, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability.

Easy to use

ALVABABY comes with adjustable snaps that make fitting easy for babies from 6.6 to 33 pounds, simplifying diaper changes. Wegreeco diapers offer three rows of easy-to-use snaps, allowing for quick size adjustments as your baby grows. Mama Koala also feature adjustable snaps, ensuring a secure and hassle-free fit during diaper changes.


ALVABABY diapers are designed to be durable, withstanding numerous washes and daily wear and tear. Wegreeco diapers are praised for their durability, lasting through multiple diaper duties, and adapting as your baby grows. Mama Koala boast robust construction, featuring high-quality snaps and materials that guarantee long-term durability.

Perfect for sensitive skin

ALVABABY diapers use a soft suede cloth that is gentle on sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of rashes. Wegreeco diapers feature hypoallergenic materials like microfiber and bamboo-derived rayon, making them ideal for babies with sensitive skin. Mama Koala include bamboo inserts that are naturally soothing and gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and reducing irritation.


For eco-friendliness, ALVABABY reduce the need for disposable diapers, helping to decrease environmental waste. Wegreeco diapers support an eco-conscious lifestyle by being reusable and minimizing landfill waste. Mama Koala are also environmentally friendly, offering a sustainable option that helps reduce the environmental impact associated with disposable diapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are all-in-one cloth diapers different from pre-fold diapers?

Some people who like cloth diapers might prefer one type over the other, but both work well for the most part.

To use a prefold diaper, also known as a cotton flat, fold it in half and seal it using your preferred snapping or closure product. Following that, you put the cover over the first sheet.

All-in-ones, on the other hand, are somewhat similar to disposables in that they allow you to put them on by just pulling them on.

How do I clean and wash cloth diapers?

As a first step, be sure to read and carefully adhere to the instructions provided by the brand you’re purchasing the cloth from.

When stripping diapers, the standard procedure is to soak them in hot water, add a stripping solution, and then wash the diapers in the washing machine. To wash them regularly after that, some people buy a sprayer to get rid of the poop; others take the poop to the bathroom and then wash; and still others have other methods and tastes.

Keeping the diapers clean on a regular basis, like every few days (but check the diaper’s instructions again), stops stains from getting deeper. There are different ways to do this, but one way is to soak the clothes in a small amount of bleach before starting the washer.

How do cloth diapers work?

These work the same way as disposable diapers: to hold pee and poop and soak them properly, pulling them away from your baby’s body. Usually, a Snappi or another locking connector holds them together, unless most all-in-ones come with their own snaps. You can close them by changing the snaps to fit your baby’s size. As they get bigger, you can use different snaps to make more room.

When should you change cloth diapers?

This varies greatly depending on the brand and type, and although some may only last a few years, others, if properly managed, can survive for a decade. Furthermore, it depends on how often you use them, as well as how often you clean and sanitize them completely.

Some parts of the diaper lose their ability to work before the snaps, so look for guarantees, warranties, and other claims that might let you get new ones.

Bottom Line

At times, it can be difficult to choose the most suitable cloth diapering system for one’s lifestyle. We suggest that you try out a few types of the best cloth diapers and use disposable diapers as backups until you find the ones you like best. You could keep a few different styles or build your stash around a single brand. 

Also, we believe it is smart to keep a pack of disposable diapers on hand in case you need a new one and find that the ones you have are dirty or drying out. We conducted extensive research and are confident that our test results will assist you in embracing cloth diapering.

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