Privacy Policy

All the privacy policies of Babcare are set while keeping in mind of your concerns. We strictly prohibit any misuse of your personal information and with this concern we have come up with these privacy policies that would give you a complete secure surfing on our website. Your personal information would be absolutely safe while you can without worries enter our website and get so much of needed information. You can contact us if you have any queries related to our privacy policy. We would be absolutely glad to help you anytime.

1. Email Information

To continue with the response, we sometimes have to keep the record of the content of your emails along with your email address. However, we give equal protection to the electronic communications too which we provide while maintaining the information that we receive online, e-mail and on a telephonic call. This not only applies to this bus also when you register on our website, sign up directly through the sign-up option your e-mail address or when you make a purchase from our website. Refer to more of our e-mail policies mentioned for more information.

2. How do we use the information that you provide to us?

We don’t ever use your personal issue for any inferior cause. The only purpose of using your information is to administer or business activities and provide customer service to make other services and items to our customers like you. Although we completely understand and respect your personally-identifying information and never store such an information unless you permit us to use this information. We also never sell or provide this information to any third party without the user’s approval.

3. Email Policies

As your other personal information, we don’t even sell or rent your e-mail address. We have it confidential keeping it just to us. We strictly follow and bid by to our laws and never share your information with anyone. We use your e-mail address just to provide you with the information regarding our website and new products or items.

4. CAN – SPAM Compliance

In accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act, all the e-mails that we send from our company will complete clarity views the sender that is the shows from who the e-mail is as well provides information about contacting the sender. For your convenience there’s also an option to remove yourself from our mailing list if you do not want to receive any e-mail from us  in the future. 

5. Choice / Opt-out

It is all up to our user’s choice if they want to receive any e-mail or notifications from us. The users have authority to opt for not receiving or having any conversation with us anytime. They can easily unsubscribe of receiving any e-mails from us from the unsubscribing link given. If you have any queries regarding unsubscribing there’s an easy single click option to unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of any e-mail the users receive.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

Each and every content on our website is all our property and in any case all our copyrights, patents, trademarks or any intellectual property shall not be used for any purpose. Using of our copyrights, patents, trademarks or any intellectual property without our written consent is absolutely forbidden. No one is permitted to republish, sell or rent our content or any material from the website without our consent.

7. Acceptable Use

No user is at all permitted to use our website data for any marketing purposes. Using our website for any inappropriate conversation is totally not considerable. Agreeing to the law of our website restrict any user to inhibit any other’s behaviour. Inappropriate deeds such as harassing or causing any kind of distress or offence to anyone would never be entertained.

8. Restricted Access

We may anytime in future could restrict access to any or all sections of our website and we have all authority do so. However, if in certain case we provide you with the credentials (Username and password) to access any restricted section, the user must ensure to keep the credentials (Username and password) confidential.

9. Use of Testimonials

As the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states the concern about the use of any testimonials in advertising make sure you are aware of these. Any testimonial that shows on the website are through text, audio or video communication. The testimonials are sometimes too lengthy and the whole message written by the writer cannot be displayed.

Babcare is not a platform to share testimonials but it does so that the users could share their experience with each other and that would help them in getting rid of their queries too. There are no testimonials published to show the relevance to any of our products.

10. How do we protect your information and secure information transmissions?

Though E-mail is considered to be the simplest way for professional communication but it may not be completely secure. However, there’s no restriction for any user to not share any important information via emails but are advised to not do so. Using more secure mediums like Secure Sockets Layer to share confidential information such as your credit card number is highly recommended. Our website may use any software programs to accomplish different purposes and maintaining any data or statistical summary. 

11. Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

Our website ensures no warranties or representation mentioning the completeness, accuracy, reliability or validity of the published content or any other website linked to our website. Babcare in any case us not at all liable to fulfil any damage caused out of the use of any material or loss to use any material.

12. Policy Changes

We hold full authority to makes any changes in the above mentioned policy at any time. Although we would never cause any inconvenience to you regarding your personal information that you have shared under the policy at that time. We would ensure to continue with our business with keeping in touch with the following policies and maintaining the confidentiality for your major convenience.

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