Best Sleep Training Books for Babies of 2024

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Whether a couple is experiencing parenthood for the first time or it’s their second or third time, one thing remains common, i.e., child sleeping issues. Fortunately, our chosen best sleep training books will help the new guardians because the questions about their baby’s sleeping behavior are always there in the mind. 

Though, every child is different but still you can somewhat overcome their sleeping behavior with some expert advice there in some of the greatest sleep training books for babies.

How do we choose the best books for sleep training?

There are numerous sleep training books available in the market but the parents are always in a dilemma of which one to pick. The best sleep training books are those which are well explained in simple language.

One which comes with both the sleep training methods and sleep training games are good choices. You should also look for parents’ real life experience in books. These experiences will help a lot in relating with them. 

The 13 Best Sleep Training Books of 2024

1. The Happiest Baby on the Block

Sleep happiest baby on the block training book

When it comes to baby care, Dr. Harvey Karp, a renowned baby expert has come up with a book name ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’. This book includes various baby handling techniques including some for training babies for sleep.

He discusses four of his techniques to comfort babies. They are the missing fourth trimester,  yhe calming reflex, the 5 S’s and the Cuddle Cure. One or the will definitely suit your child. These techniques will be helping you to soothe and calm down even the fussiest babies.

Why Parents Like It

Parents had experienced some dramatic changes in calming their child using Dr. Karp techniques. Many of them liked his 5S technique the most. In fact, some mothers were going on the way to post partum depression but they cured themselves using the 4 techniques of Dr. Karl.

2. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Healthy sleep habits, happy child

This is one of the bestsellers book when talked about parenting. This book is by an expert in his field, Dr. Marc Weissbluth. This book focuses not only on sleep issues in infants but also in toddlers and adolescents.

It guides you from the beginning till the end. This not only helps your child to overcome his sleep issues but will also regulate their natural sleep cycle. This books also talk about the various sleep patterns in different weathers.

Why Parents Like It

Parents like this because it only focuses on treatment of sleep problems but it also teaches you the precautions to be taken so that your child will not face any such problem. One thing that attracts the reader in this book is that it also gives an equal role and importance to fathers in bringing up the baby.

3. Sleep Training For Birth To Age 5: The Sleepeasy Solution

Sleepeasy solution training book

If you are tired of making your baby sleep and still not getting any success, then this book ‘The Sleepeasy Solution’ is meant for you. This book emphasis on sleep training for babies upto the age of 5 years.

Parents are always in dilemma to choose whether to let their child cry or to soothe them immediately. This book gives a mid way approach with the name, the least- approach. This will help parents to create a balance between their emotional and learning sides.

Why Parents Like It

Parents love this book as it not only tells what to do but also tells you what not ro do. They explain things to you like why there is no need to put down everything while your baby is sleeping. 

4. Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old

Twelve hours’ sleeep by twelve weeks old

For all new mothers who are in search of a magic wand to make your child sleep throughout the night. This book ‘Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old’ is that magic wand. This book is centered with a goal of making your child sleep for 12 hours at night and 3 hours in daytime.

The author of this book,  Suzy Giordano is a mother of 5 children wrote this book for helping your newborns with sleep issues. She gives you a step by step guide to make your baby learn good sleeping habits. This is also a good choice for the mothers of twins or triplets. 

Why Parents Like It

Parents are liking this book especially because this not force you to get hard on your kid to sleep, rather it asks you to take small steps every day to soothe your baby. This book gives you a feeding schedule which is generally absent in other books. 

5. Sleeping Through The Night

Sleeping throught the night training book

With a decade of experience, Dr. Jodi A. Mindell has come up with a book name called Sleeping Through the Night, especially this book based on the sleeping problems of kids, their parents, and all other family members. She has shared some of the amazing techniques to soothe your kids.

These techniques are successfully tried by parents numerous times. There techniques are based on the medium cry approach for sleep. This means it will let your child cry at night but without getting too harsh on them.

Why Parents Like It

Parents are attracted to this book because it talks about the sleep for both, the children and the parents. The author has also mentioned many frequently asked questions by parents that are really very helpful.

6. Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

Solve your child’d sleep problems

Dr. Richard Ferber, a renowned author for books on parenting has launched this book to solve your child’s sleep problems. This book talks about every issue like baby not falling asleep, baby waking up many times in the middle of night , baby not able to soothe itself and many more such issues.

He beautifully explains every cause of child’s sleeping behavior and the best possible solution to solve your child’s sleep problems. This books covers every topic from common issues like bedtime difficulties, inability to soothe to rarely seen issues like sleep terrors and head banging etc. 

Why Parents Like It

Parents like this book for two reasons. Firstly, the tips and techniques they ask you to follow are simple and practical. And secondly, it need a conjoint effort by both the parents for effective implementation of some techniques.

7. The No-Cry Sleep Solution

No-cry sleep solution training book

Parents belong to two categories, on who believe in picking and soothing the babies at every moment they cry and others are those who believe in let them cry and lets them learn to soothe themselves. Both are correct on their part. But if your are on the former side, then this book is meant for you.

Elizabeth Pantley, the author of this No-Cry sleep solution book also has the same thought for babies. She believes that this makes the baby feel loved and connected. She helps the parent create a step by step by chart according to their baby to make them fall asleep.

Why Parents Like It

Parents love her book as she give solutions to sleep issues without making your child cry for hours and hours everyday. She is appreciated for her successful techniques without breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pacifiers.

8. Bestseller Sleep Training Book: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Secrets of the baby whisperer

Secrets of the baby whisperer is one of the favourite book of every mom and mom to be. Tracy Hogg has shared some of her wonderful ability and tricks to understand the baby’s language. She guides her readers to know what the baby is trying to communicate.

She teaches you some signals to know why your child is crying, either he is hungry or he needs a nap. This will help parents to have a peaceful life even after their baby is born. She has developed some programs for making babies eat and  sleep on time.

Why Parents Like It

Parents are in love with this book as it helps kids to get out of their bad habit shells. Another thing that readers love in the book is her categorization of babies that makes it simple to learn in which category you baby fall.

9. Sleep Training Guide: On Becoming Babywise

On becoming babywise sleep training book

This is a book for improving baby’s sleeping habits by Dr. Robert Bucknam. This book talks about naturally improving the sleeping habits and cycle of babies. On becoming babywise book concentrates on allowing your child to cry a little but not too much and side by side make them learn self soothe techniques.

According to her, its not important to make babies force to sleep throughout the night. She says its ok for adults as well as for kids to wake in between the night but they should know how to self soothe themselves. She helps in developing good sleeping habits in early years of child for better future.

Why Parents Like It

Parents like this book as it not only think about the temporary improvement in the child’s habit but also focuses on permanent improved sleep habits.

10. Moms On Call Basic Baby Care

Moms on call basic baby care

New mothers and mothers to be always seek for information on basic baby care as they are new to it. Being a mom first time is a feeling full of excitement and nervousness. A mother is always scared of coming responsibilities.

For an advice on every kind of basic baby care, there are numerous books available. One of the option is Mom on Call basic baby care to make them learn about schedule setting, feeding plans and sleeping habits.

Why Parents Like it

Parents like them as they get full proved practice experience and do not need to take trials for any activity.

11. It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train

It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train

It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train, written by Dr. Craig Canapari, mostly focuses on creating healthy habits to improve your infant’s quality of sleep. As well as based on a two-step training plan, this guide includes information gleaned from clinical research and hands-on experience.

Whether you’re a new parent or you have already babies definitely all of you praise this book for providing guidance on sleep issues for older children as well as infants. Moreover, this book includes various sleep training strategies, including the “cry it out” method.

Why Parents Like It

Parents love this book because this is the perfect sleep training guide for older kids as well as infants. Also, this one contains the “cry it out” method so those who want to learn this strategy must check it out.

Our overall top recommendation is going Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child Book by Marc Weissbluth (M.D.). Because it’s the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sleep training?

Sleep training is a method that helps babies learn to self-soothe as well as promotes better long-term sleeping habits. As parents know that newborns and babies often need to be fed or rocked to fall asleep. No doubt that some infants might even refuse to sleep unless they’re in their mother’s or father’s arms, which is not a secure or sustainable bedtime solution.

Sleep training plays a crucial role because it helps to teach babies to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep for longer periods of time. There are a plethora of methods and practices when it comes to sleep training and choosing which one is right for you will depend on your parenting style as well as your little one’s unique sleep habits.

How long should a baby cry during sleep training?

When you are trying out a cry it out method for your child, the duration of letting them cry depends on both the parents as well on the child. But you should start with short times, maybe 5 minutes and increase it every day to 20 or minutes.

Is crying it out is that bad?

No, it’s not that as many pediatrics experts believe this as an effective method to sleep train the babies. But it’s equally fine to soothe them continuously. This totally depends on the parents which side to pick. 

Is there any way for sleep training without crying?

Yes, you can sleep train your child without crying. You have to make them learn self soothing practices. You can soothe them till they start feeling sleepy but put them down on bed before they completely fall asleep. Gradually, put them to bed in less time and make them sleep by themselves. This will take time but will definitely make your child learn self soothing practice.

Is sleep training safe and secure for my baby?

There are no known risks associated with sleep training, according to the Duke University School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics. In a matter of fact, some studies even report a short-term benefit as sleep training offers better quality sleep for both guardians and infants.

Whereas there are many different methods of sleep training available, the most notorious is the “cry it out” method, which suggests guardians let their little ones cry themselves to sleep. While the Duke’s Department of Pediatrics reports that there are no long-term negative consequences associated with the “cry it out” sleep training method, this method is perhaps the most anxiety-inducing for parents.

When should I start sleep training?

According to the doctors and experts, they recommend waiting until your baby is at least four to six months old to begin sleep training. At this age, babies can make it for longer periods of time between feedings as well as they develop a circadian rhythm at around four months old, which helps establish longer sleep cycles.

How long does it take to sleep train a baby?

Honestly, it depends on which sleep training method you use as well as your little one’s individual sleep habits. For some lucky guardians, sleep training will only take a few days, while other babies may take longer to get used to falling asleep on their own. There is no exact time and sadly, as little ones continue to grow and develop, they might experience sleep regressions, which can be the cause of delay or reverse sleep habits established by sleep training routines.

Which sleep training book will be best for my baby?

There are plenty of books for sleep training to choose from when it comes to sleep training methods as well as it depends entirely on your parenting style and preferences. Some doctors and experts recommend letting babies “cry it out” whereas other suggest more gentle methods with specific feeding schedules or bedtime routines. Everyone is different so babies will respond to different strategies, so your best choice is to start with the one you feel most comfortable with and go from there.

Bottom Line

Sleep training is one of the major concerns in the life of parents of infants and toddlers. To help them, we listed some best sleep training books. 

These books are full of tricks and techniques to train you child. They can get you, your child as well other family members out of the problem of sleep habits.

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