Best Travel Stroller For Flying In Airplane of 2024

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Finding the best travel stroller for flying will make flying with a baby or toddler just a little bit easier, despite the fact that the amount of various compact travel strollers to consider can be challenging. So what is it about strollers that make them good for flying?

To find the best stroller for flying, you should look for one that folds up quickly and easily, is light (14 pounds or less), or fits in the overhead bin of the plane. It’s not enough to have a compact stroller; the one you choose also needs to be sturdy enough to survive hauling gear and navigating through uneven cobblestone streets.

There are a few extra features that are helpful to have when looking for the best stroller for airplane travel, such as being able to accommodate infant car seats and having a backpack-style storage bag. Fortunately, don’t worry our ultimate guide help you out! about the best travel stroller for flying as well as what to look for and how to choose the best one, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Choose the Best Stroller to Fly With

Parents have been flying with strollers for decades, usually choosing the best lightweight umbrella stroller for air travel. The beautiful thing about umbrella strollers is that in addition to being quite lightweight, they fold up very compact and can be gate checked with relative ease.

Pocket strollers are strollers that have a tri-fold that makes them so tiny that they can be stored in the overhead compartment of an airline. A lot of them are sturdy enough to cope with the wear and tear that comes from being driven on cobblestone streets or by kids climbing in and out of them.

Parents now have the option of deciding whether they want a pocket stroller that they can bring on to the aeroplane with them or whether they are comfortable gate checking the travel stroller.

Flying with a Baby Stroller

When it comes to flying with a stroller, you have three options: checking it with your luggage, checking it at the gate, or bringing it onboard the aeroplane with you.

When flying with a baby, parents who don’t have much luggage can check their stroller along with their other bags and not worry about how they’ll get everything to the plane. A baby carrier for travel is a good way to transport your baby or toddler through the airport. In this case, you should invest in a high-quality stroller travel bag.

Checking your stroller at the gate lets you take it right to the plane, and in most cases (not all), you can get it back at the gate on the other end.

Lastly, bringing a stroller that fits in the plane’s overhead bin will make sure that you have it with you the whole time. This is especially helpful if you are flying with a toddler that you want to keep in the stroller at the airport.

If you will be traveling with a car seat or need additional space to carry baby travel essentials, either of the two alternatives presented in the second paragraph are an excellent choice. It is also a good alternative for parents who do not wish to carry their infant or whose child would rather be in the stroller. It’s especially helpful for toddlers who like to run around the airport.

What to Look for in the Best Travel Stroller for Flying

If you are reading this piece, it is safe to assume that you are most interested in making use of a stroller that you will either be able to check at the airport or stow in the overhead compartment of the airplane.

Check with your airline about the size restrictions placed on strollers before you attempt to check a stroller as luggage.

Other things to think about when looking for strollers that can be checked at the gate or fit in the overhead bin:

1. Size of the stroller

You don’t just need to think about how big the stroller is when it’s open and being used. You should also think about how big the stroller is when it is folded up. In the US, 22″ x 14″ x 9″ is the standard size for carry-on luggage. Some airlines will have a difference of one or two inches. You’ll need to make sure that your stroller’s measurements meet these needs.

2. Weight of the stroller

It is important that your stroller be lightweight enough that you can easily handle it along with all of your other items as well as your child, regardless of whether you intend to check it at the airport or bring it on board with you.

3. Ease Folding the stroller

Your stroller for traveling should be easy to fold up and open up again. It’s ideal if the stroller can be folded with just one hand so that you may do so while still holding your infant. We understand that in many cases both parents are taking a trip together, but that this is not always the case.

4. Price

It’s important to consider cost first and foremost. Before you start shopping for travel strollers, it’s best to know how much you can spend. This is especially important because compact strollers for air travel are often the second or third stroller you buy.

5. Durability

Don’t get a stroller that’s so fragile that it’ll break apart if the gate checkers toss it around, especially if you plan on using it for air travel. In addition to this, you should look for a stroller designed specifically for travel that can survive the harsh conditions that will be encountered during your trip, such as cobblestone streets, multiple folding and unfolding, uneven terrain, and so on.

Additionally, it ought to be long-lasting enough to be used by the newborn and throughout the toddler years. Because of this, it’s highly advised that you invest in a travel stroller with a substantial maximum weight.

6. Maneuverability

There is no point in purchasing a lightweight stroller that is difficult to push in order to use it for airplane travel. You want a stroller that can maneuver easily through airports without sacrificing its ability to move around easily on city streets when you get there.

7. Storage

If you don’t pack lightly (and what mom does? ), having a lot of storage space is helpful for putting all your toddler’s travel essentials. Some of the more basic strollers designed for use on airplanes don’t have a lot of storage space, but we’ve included some suggestions for travel accessories that are worth taking into consideration at the end of the article.

8. Safety

Last but not least, the stroller needs to be safe. Your travel stroller should be equipped with a five-point harness as well as brakes for the wheels. It should be simple to fold, and once folded, it shouldn’t unfold accidentally when being carried. Acquire the best travel stroller you can find from a trustworthy company, and make sure to pick one that has received positive customer feedback and does not raise any safety issues.

8 Best Travel Stroller for Flying of 2024

The best stroller for plane travel for your family will have all of the features that you require at a price that is within your budget range.

To simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the best-rated lightweight strollers for flying on an airline, all of which weigh less than 14 pounds and fold up easily. There are options for every price range.

1. Best Everyday Use Stroller for Travel: UPPAbaby MINU V2 Stroller

Uppababy minu v2 travel stroller for flying

The Minu offers all of the comforts of an everyday stroller in a package that is friendly to travel, so you can take it with you wherever your travel experiences take you, from your local neighborhood to wherever they take you on your trip, and everywhere in between. This stroller has a variety of great characteristics, including the ability to fold with one hand, a large sunshade, a comfortable seat that can be reclined in multiple positions, and a light and airy basket that can be accessed with ease.

These are just a few of the great features you’ll discover in this stroller, which is ideal for both trips on vacation and trips to the grocery store. Even when traveling over rough terrain, the ride will be smooth because of the spring-action and shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension. With its foldable design, storage bag, and shoulder strap, the Minu is convenient to bring anywhere

Stroller Weight – 14.8 lbs

Folded Dimensions – 11.5” x 20.5” x 23”

Age Range – From 3 months up to 50 lbs

What’s Important to Consider

The Minu is designed for babies over the age of three months; to use it with a newborn, you will need to purchase the From Birth Kit at an additional cost.


  • One hand, one-step fold
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Roomy seat with adjustable recline and leg rest
  • Large, easy-to-access basket
  • Extendable, zip-out UPF 50+ canopy for protecting your babe from the sun!


  • From-birth option using the UPPAbaby Bassinet!

2. Best Affordable Travel Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller

If a stroller is all you need for your upcoming trip, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus can be had for less than $80 and provides all the requirements (at the time of this writing). Although it is not the most attractive or the most compact item on our list, it is the lightest, coming in at a weight of less than 12 pounds. The one-handed (two-button) fold required some strength and coordination at first, but we got the hang of it after a few practice runs in the lab. We awarded it a 3 for portability because, when folded, it’s too big to fit in an airplane overhead bin and there’s no way to carry it. However, considering the low cost of this stroller, it’s likely that you won’t mind checking it out. During the durability testing, the trays became dislodged, but it didn’t take much effort to get them back in place.

One of the characteristics that make this travel option appealing is the inclusion of two trays, one for the child and one for the adult, each with its own cup holder. Another convenient feature is the wide storage space located behind the seat. On the other side, if your child likes to take long naps in the stroller, you might be disappointed to see that the seat reclines just approximately three-fourths of the way and there is no calf rest. It does feature front-wheel suspension, and although it wasn’t the most agile vehicle on bumpy ground, the low weight of the vehicle made it easy enough to push through any little obstacles. The stroller received a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars for its excellent value overall. If that’s your first priority, then this is the best choice.

Stroller Weight – 11.8 lbs

Folded Dimensions – 18” x 12” x 34”

Age Range – From 6 months up to 40 lbs

What’s Important to Consider

The seat on the Cloud Plus can be adjusted to a number of different angles, although it does not lie entirely flat. It has a weight limit that is lower than many of the strollers on our list, which is 40 pounds, and it does not offer a lot of suspension or shock absorption features. As for compactness, the fold is relatively thin.



  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Comes with trays for child and grownup
  • Very light


  • Loud branding on handle
  • Too big for overhead bins
  • No carrying strap
Uppababy g-link stroller for flying

This double stroller folds up surprisingly easy for such a large and complicated piece of gear. We were even able to do it with one hand, which none of us thought was possible. Unfolding is a little trickier because you have to use some force to get the locking clasp off. When folded, the G-Link 2 is not the most compact double stroller. Also, since it looks like an umbrella, it probably won’t fit in many overhead bins. It was a little unwieldy to carry, which is to be expected with a double stroller, but there is a handle that is useful, and the stroller is lighter than it appears to be. You can actually roll it instead of carrying it when it’s folded, but it’s not easy, and it bumped into us when we tried.

We like the canopies on the G-Link 2 because they are made of good material and give good coverage. In addition to having a cup holder, there are also little storage compartments located behind each seat. The under-seat storage basket can accommodate a small handbag or backpack. The seats are well-padded, and the padding goes down to form a kind of calf rest for the riders. Adjusting the height of the shoulder straps is simple, and there are two configurations for reclining the seat backs.

Surprisingly, the stroller turned much more tightly than we had imagined, and it went smoothly over all surfaces, including gravel. We also appreciate how easy it is to push without kicking the wheels or the frame because there are no wheels located in the middle of the stroller’s frame (as with most double umbrella strollers). In the end, it passed all of our durability tests without sustaining any harm.

Stroller Weight – 21.8 pounds

Folded Dimensions (inches) – 14″ H x 40″ L x 17.5″ W

Child age/weight range – 3 months up to 55 pounds (per seat)

What’s Important to Consider

In comparison to what we anticipated from a stroller of this size, it is much simpler to fold and maneuver. However,  It’s not particularly compact when folded, and it’s not the easiest thing to unfold, either.


  • Narrow and light for a double stroller
  • Smooth folding
  • Easy to push and turn
  • High quality
  • Comfy seats
  • Useful features


  • Little bit heavier
  • It doesn’t fold down very small

4. Best Air Stroller for Flying: Babyzen Yoyo 2

Babyzen yoyo 2

The Babyzen Yoyo 2 required two hands to fold and was a bit more involved than folding other strollers, but it was still manageable. The unfolding process is simple, with the exception of a few occasions when we caught our feet in the straps. Even though folding and unfolding it was a little disappointing, we love how portable this stroller is. It can be folded up into a very small space, and it features a shoulder strap that is padded and comfy, as well as a metal bar that makes it easy to carry. Plus, you can pack it away effortlessly in an overhead compartment. It’s a fantastic alternative if you need a stroller for an airplane trip.

Additionally, the Yoyo 2 travel stroller for flying is equipped with several appealing features. The padding on the seat is very soft, and the seat can be moved three-quarters of the way back to lay flat (though the recliner is a bit tricky to figure out). In addition, there is a pocket in the back, as well as a storage basket underneath that is sufficient enough to hold a handbag of suitable size. The canopy is nice, however, we think it would be better if the peekaboo window was made of mesh rather than plastic. The straps with four points of adjustment work really nicely. The stroller is remarkably easy to push and pull, and it handled quite well on all of the terrains we tested it on. Additionally, it performed very well in the durability tests that we conducted.

Overall, it’s not the most cost-effective choice because it’s expensive, for example, the frame alone costs more than the whole Nuna Trvl. But it’s a good enough stroller to be on our list.

Stroller Weight – 14.7 pounds

Folded Dimensions – 8 x 20 x 16 inches

Age Range – From birth up to 40 pounds

What’s Important to Consider

When considering the price, it ought to be simpler to fold and come with a greater number of accessories already included.


  • Higher-quality
  • Easier to push and turn
  • Small fold


  • Expensive
  • Not as light as others

5. Best for Comfort and Maneuverability: Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby jogger city tour 2 travel stroller for flying

The process of folding up this stroller was really easy, although it was not quite as smooth as the process of folding up some of the other strollers. Unfolding was also a bit tricky and required some effort. In such a case, why do we recommend the Baby Jogger City Tour 2? Reasonable in cost, it passed the majority of our tests with the best grades, and it handled smoothly on every terrain. We noted little difference in its rolling over the shag carpet and smooth wood surface, and although other strollers struggled a little on the gravel, this one handled it with ease.

When it comes to portability, the City Tour 2 doesn’t feel too big and has a good handle for carrying by hand. However, it did not fit in the overhead compartment and we wished it came with a shoulder strap. The seat back offers a good amount of recline, and the drawstring that allows you to pull and push the seat forward and backward is simple to operate. The straps are comfortable and can be adjusted to a variety of heights, as well as the seat itself, which has a supportive frame and comfortable padding. The canopy includes a peekaboo glass and can be easily raised and lowered, and there is plenty of room for the baby’s legs with an adjustable calf rest. We would have liked to have more space to store things because you can’t put a backpack anywhere. We saw that a small foam pad had fallen off when we pushed the City Tour 2 off of a table, but we couldn’t even figure out where it had come from, and it did not cause any structural damage to the stroller.

Stroller Weight – 14.5 pounds

Unfolded Dimensions (inches) – 7″ H x 22.5″ L 19.5″ W

Age Range – Birth (with car seat attachment) to 45 pounds

What’s Important to Consider

The price is reasonable considering how well it did in all our tests, but it didn’t fit in our overhead bin.


  • Lighter than most others
  • Easy to push and turn
  • Reclines for comfortable napping


  • Folding does take two hands to complete
  • No strap for hands-free carrying
  • Under-seat storage could be bigger

6. Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel: Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer 3d lite convenience stroller

Traveling using an umbrella stroller may be the preferred method for some parents. If you count yourself among them, the Summer 3D Lite ought to be at the top of your priority list.

The 3D Lite flying travel stroller is a fantastic choice for parents looking for a lightweight stroller suitable for global tourism. It weighs only approximately 13 pounds, folds up quickly and easily, has a seat that almost completely reclines, and has a large storage basket. Other notable characteristics include an integrated carry strap, an easy-to-use folding mechanism, and an almost flat-lying seat. For a stroller that has such a significant number of wonderful features, the price of considerably under one hundred dollars is an excellent value.

Stroller Weight – 13 lbs

Folded Dimensions – 10” x 12” x 43”

Age Range – From 6 months up to 50 lbs

What’s Important to Consider

Because it is an umbrella stroller, there is no compact tri-fold available, which is a feature that many parents find to be extremely desirable in travel strollers.


  • The 5-point harness is simple to use and modify as your baby grows.
  • The suspension mechanism in the stroller’s front wheels improves its maneuverability.
  • Padded and height-adjustable grips are included.
  • Design that is light and compact.
  • The seat reclines to a variety of positions, including almost completely flat.


  • The absence of a canopy window for easy child check-ins.
  • When it’s folded, this stroller doesn’t stand on its own.

7. Best Lightest Stroller for Travel: GB Pockit+ All City, Velvet Black

GB pockit+ all city travel stroller for flying

Listen up, frequent flyers! If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable stroller, go no further than the Pockit. (You read that correctly—the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the world’s smallest compact stroller!) It is simple to stow away in the overhead bin of an airplane, as well as in the space beneath your seat, in a shopping bag, or even in a large diaper bag. There are only two steps required to fold it, and once folded, it can stand on its own. Further, this design works with a variety of popular infant car seat manufacturers and has a slight recline for added comfort.

This ultra-compact travel stroller is highly rated in its ability to meet the needs of families who travel frequently, particularly by air, but it is not the best option for usage on a daily basis.

Stroller Weight – 10.1 lbs

Folded Dimensions – 11.8” x 7.1” x 13.8”

Age Range – Birth and up with infant car seat, 6+ months without and up to 55 lbs

What’s Important to Consider

The Pockit’s canopy is even more compact than the basket, which is already rather small. It does not come with a strap or a carrying case, but given that it is compact enough to fit into a bag, this is not a deal breaker for me. Similarly, it takes some practice to disassemble the stroller.


  • World’s smallest folded stroller
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stands up when folded
  • Tiny storage basket and no recline
  • Suspension makes ride smooth


  • Heavier than other options
  • Canopy could be bigger

8. Best Lightweight Compact Stroller: Inglesina Quid Stroller

Inglesina quid stroller

Stroller Weight – 13 lbs

Dimensions –30 x 18.3 x 40.6 inches

Age Range – From 3 months up to 50 lbs

The Inglesina Quid Stroller for flying comes in at 13 pounds, and its compact form means that it can fit just about everywhere, from the overhead bin of an airplane to the trunk of a rented city vehicle. When searching for lightweight strollers, you will want to make sure the weight is under 14 pounds.

You’ll have no trouble dealing with whatever life throws at you because of the lightweight design, sturdy construction, and user-friendly features like the carry handle, one-touch foot brake, and compact folding design. With a reclining backrest, a multi-point suspension system, and strong wheels, you can be sure that your newborn and toddler will be able to nap comfortably, and the adjustable leg rest will keep their legs supported even as they grow. You can relax knowing that your child is safe thanks to the 5-point safety harness, full-cover extensible canopy, and rain cover.


  • One-hand fold
  • Lightweight
  • Compact when folded
  • Easy to push and steer
  • Travel-friendly


  • Seat doesn’t recline fully flat
  • Handle height not adjustable

Optional Accessories for Travel Strollers

Unfortunately, it might be challenging to locate the ideal travel stroller that possesses all of the attributes that you require for your needs. However, there are a plethora of excellent add-on accessories for travel strollers that can resolve some frequent problems:

Sunshade for Travel Strollers

Many of the pocket travel strollers above don’t have the best sunshades, but that’s easy to fix with a stroller sunshade like this one.

We also advise purchasing a CoziGo stroller cover, which can be utilized in airplanes and on strollers.

Backpack Diaper Bag

With this top-rated and best-selling backpack diaper bag, you can put all your worries about your stroller’s storage capacity to rest (or any of our recommended backpack diaper bags for travel).

Cup Holders for Travel Strollers

Cup holders that are universal are a useful accessory to have for any travel stroller. Get one with a phone pocket for the parents.

Universal Organizers for Travel Strollers

As parents, we generally seem to be lugging around a lot of stuff whenever we go anywhere. Use a universal organizer like this one or this one to keep everything in its place.

Stroller Hooks

If a backpack diaper bag isn’t your style, you can hook your diaper bag to the stroller with stroller hooks.

Stroller Travel Bag

When you fly, make sure your stroller is safe by using a stroller gate check bag such as this one, which is designed specifically for umbrella strollers.

Some strollers that can fit in the overhead bin come with travel bags that make them easier to carry or put away on the plane.

Universal Rain Cover

A rain cover is one stroller accessory that we ALWAYS recommend. Not only will it protect your child from the rain, but it will also help them stay warm in windy and chilly weather.

Bottom Line

Picking the best travel stroller for flying is very dependent on your situation. Some strollers are designed to be folded up and stored in the overhead bins of airplanes, while others are more suited to being stored in the trunks of cars. There are products that are made specifically for use with infants and toddlers, and others that are intended for use with big children. The amount of money you are able to spend is another factor to take into consideration, since the price of a travel stroller for flying may range anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

The ease of use of the stroller is also important because it is quite helpful to have a stroller that can be folded up in a matter of seconds using only one hand, especially when carrying a baby on your hip. When you have a better idea of what you require, it will be much simpler for you to choose a stroller from this list that is appropriate for your budget, the way your family likes to travel, and the number of children you have.

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