Leigha Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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The Leigha name meaning is “relaxed,” “languid,” and “meadow,” which is derived from the word “Leah” and it is a feminine name that comes from Hebrew origin. Naming your daughter Leigha is a fantastic first step if you hope to bring up a person who is calm, collected, and in touch with the natural world. Your baby will go with the flow and live life as a free spirit, like the beauty of a field that hasn’t been tamed.

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Similar Names Like Leigha

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Sibling Name Ideas

Are you trying to find a sibling name for Leigha? Great choices include the following:

  • Tjessica
  • Lizanne
  • Eliza
  • Lison
  • Ozara
  • Madelena
  • Ioana
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