Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon Review: The Best Wagon in 2024?

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The Keenz 7S stroller wagon provides excellent functionality with a unique design. Keenz high-quality Stroller Wagons probably support families in their daily hustle and bustle.

The 7s wagon makes your trips remember to the supermarket because the kids can relax in the wagon and entertain each other rather than ripping boxes of cookies off store shelves.

The Company Background

The Company was officially formed in August 2019 to bring together unique solutions for home, family, and pets.  

Keenz is the Company behind the original stroller wagon, The Stair Barrier (It’s a baby safety gate). The Better Options Company is providing unique products for your family.

Best 2 Seater Wagon: Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

keenz stroller wagon

Weight – 33 lbs

Dimensions – 30.5” x 13” (while folded)

Age and Weight Recommendations – 12+ mos; each rider seat can hold up to 45 lbs, total wagon weight limit 110 lbs

The new keenz stroller wagon 7s is designed to serve your family long past stroller days, the push or pull wagon is ideal as a stroller for big kids and children with special needs. It is perfect for packing up for days at the beach or watching the game; this Keenz 7s wagon also makes day-to-day life easier for special needs families, providing a secure stroller with extra space for medical supplies. The stroller comes fully furnished with all the features that make it more comfortable to hang out and about with kids. 

The Keenz wagon baby stroller features a canopy storage bag, grey cooler bag, cup holder, and storage cover. There are adjustable bars on both sides if you want to push it/pull it/or both. The keenz 7s can be folded down, stand up, or move upto ten angles in between, depending on your most convenient position at your height. It pushes so smoothly and comes with so many extra accessories at no additional cost. 

7s wagon

The Keenz wagon is lightweight and made of durable 1.6mm aluminum. The stroller has deep body folding, and it has a weight of 32lbs, and it can again collapse down into a self-standing fold for easy transportation and storage. Safety features include a one-touch parking brake and lockable front wheels and two adjustable handles that offer ten possible positions for complete comfort on the go.

What’s Important to Consider

The 7S performs admirably on most beaches, but If you’re going to be traveling to an area with exceptionally soft sand, or if you know you’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach, you might want to consider upgrading to the All-Terrain Wheel Set. The extra-large and extra-wide wheels on this wagon make it much simpler to move around on the sand at the beach.

Keep in mind that you can’t attach an infant car seat to this wagon stroller and that it’s recommended for children aged 12 months and up, which is a bit older than the minimum age for most of the other wagons on our list.


  • Navigates all terrains, including sand
  • Lots of storage
  • Can upgrade to larder wheels
  • Push or pull capabilities
  • One-touch brake
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Built-in mesh sunscreen


  • You can’t able to use an infant car seat adapter
  • It’s expensive

Buying Guide of Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

After analyzing it properly for a few days, we have come across various features of the stroller. And we are discussing them below.

Fold and Unfold

It has a compact fold. It folds up in minutes. It’s essential to enquire about the wagon’s dimensions before buying. Because you don’t want to purchase a stroller that can’t fit inside your car’s trunk, even if it’s the best on the market.

So check properly. But it has an incredible fold that easily fits in the trunk of a small SUV together with a single jogging stroller and lots of other stuff.

Weight and Size Capacity

The keenz wagon Suitable for children up to 45lbs, and it can handle 110 lbs of weight in total. The size of the stroller is 34 x 19.37 x 34.6 inches. You can use this stroller if you have two kids of roughly toddler age.

Its interior is deep, and they can enjoy it inside the stroller. The stroller comes with solid construction that enables you to pack additional gear, groceries, toddlers’ supplies, etc.

Canopy Shade and Ease of Use

The canopy is super easy to put on. You can open the stroller, click the arms into the holes on the wagon itself, and then put the fabric over the canopy frame.

The baby stroller is high enough to suit bigger kids and has these nifty drop-down shades to fully enclose the seating area if you wish or just on one side to block the sun.

The stroller can be rolled up and out of the way when it is not in use. You can also unzip around the top and gives just a mesh covering for ventilation.

Harness and Handles

This wagon stroller with two passenger capacity is fitted with 5-point harnesses and made of fabric cover straps for extreme comfort and safety tested to gain stroller certification. The stroller features Two adjustable handles with a push & pull design.

All Weather Versatility

The keenz wagon comes by keeping the active family in mind so that you can use the stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

This stroller has a drop-down drape on every side of it to present extra shade and privacy. You can allow your children to enjoy the delicate sun by unzipping the canopy cover to expose the mesh liner underneath on the delightful days of spring.


It has two five-point harnesses and fits two kids. The stroller arrives with a canopy storage bag, cup holder, and storage cover. The stroller has Canopy, Canopy Storage Bag, Two adjustable handles with push & pull design, Cooler Bag, and Cup Holder.  There is also a storage pouch on the opposite side with three pockets for a more organized storage option.

User-friendly: Easy to Assemble

The wagon stroller is effortless to assemble from the box. It comes with an Ingenious, user-friendly canopy and four free perks. The stroller has a straightforward design that makes it straightforward to quickly assemble the wagon, even if your spouse isn’t there.

That’s where the 7S wagon comes in handy. You have to remove the cover and push the aluminum base until it clicks. You have to adjust the underside clip to stop the wagon from folding by mistake.

Is it comfortable for a baby?

This keenz wagon is prepared to grow with your children and lasts for years. The 7S has two adjustable 5-point harnesses for securely carrying children while they sit, watch or play.

The wagon features three adjustable heights on both sides for the 5-point harnesses to work as a baby wagon stroller and grow with you into a stroller for big kids.

The stroller comes with fairly thick padding that adequately masks the bumpy aluminum frame. So it is comfortable.

Is it safe?

The stroller has certification and comes with two 5-point harnesses. In this stroller, you can carry two children very quickly, and its design will serve your family well past the stroller days. It’s sturdy and looks retro-cool.

It easily rolls over both grass and gravel. The baby will have tons of room to lay around, roll, play with toys, etc., everywhere, all while being protected by the canopy. Keenz strengthens the base of the wagon with other aluminum bars for safety.

Is it easy to Maneuver?

The stroller has pivoting front wheels that ensure easy maneuverability. The maneuverability becomes more challenging when the stroller gets more significant. When you plan to utilize your stroller around tight aisles, you should go for small models to ensure easy turns.

What Babcare Parents Say

Keenz is fantastic because they checked everything: safety (5 point harness), comfort (kids are comfortable both sitting and laying in it), maneuverability (can immediately push and turn it with only one hand), convenience (storage pocket, involving mesh pockets for the shoes, cooler, storage bag), generous canopy and even faux leather handles.

Parents love the new Keenz because it is such a nice, smooth ride that has given the family lots of fun and joy while staying home. Parents loved the customer service provided by better options which made the buying process super swift and easy.

Bottom Line

This wagon is produced as a push/pull wagon intended for parents who don’t want to bother with bulky tandem or side-by-side strollers. Although the Keenz wagon is a bit pricier than average, its impeccable ease of use and convenience is worth it.

The stroller is now available with the added safety, comfort, and maneuverability of the Keenz 7S, and this quintessential childhood gem is perfect for today’s active families. Finally, that’s the Keenz 7S stroller wagon review so that you can easily consider these points while buying.

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