How To Choose A Diaper Bag?

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Your diaper bag is going to become your best buddy during the next few years of your life. You need to know how to choose a diaper bag that will suit your interests and lifestyle because you’ll be carrying it around with you everywhere.

As a parent, you cannot neglect to get a diaper bag because it is one of the most crucial items for your baby. It is also important to find one that can fit a lot of stuff without requiring too much work on your side because it will include everything that your baby could possibly require when you go out.

Your preferences will determine how your diaper bag looks, but you should be aware that there are many stylish diaper bags available today that have very little in common with the diaper bags that were available in the past. You don’t enjoy carrying around a cutesy bag with pink and blue appliques, do you? You absolutely do not have to!

Diaper bags come in a wide range of varieties. There are women’s and men’s diaper bags in classic colors like black and white. A wide variety of diaper bags, including backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, and more, are available to you. Your lifestyle should be a primary consideration. What’s crucial is that it should have the qualities that you should be looking for, so be sure it does.

What Kinds of Diaper Bags Exist?

You may find diaper bags in a variety of designs, so it’s likely you’ll find one that suits your preferences. There is just one kind of diaper bag you should stay away from, and that is the kind that attaches to the stroller’s handlebars. If the bag is heavy enough, it may cause the stroller to tip backward, which presents a risk of injury to your child if they are sitting in the stroller at the time.

A Backpack

A backpack is a wonderful alternative for keeping one’s hands-free. They can also be worn on the back of the wearer while the baby is carried in front of them in a carrier.

Messenger bags

You may wear these bags across your body because each one comes with a substantial shoulder strap. While messenger bags tend to be marketed at dudes, anyone can benefit from carrying one.

Messenger bags, just like the other types of diaper bags, come equipped with extra compartments where you may store everything else that you will require to care for your child. Having this bag on your shoulder means you can utilize both hands for other pursuits.

Tote bags

These totes include straps, so they may be carried like a huge handbag. Unlike some handbags, they feature plenty of storage space inside and out for all the essentials a parent needs. Typically, you can wear a tote bag on your shoulder or carry it in your hand.

Diaper clutch

diaper clutch is a compact, carry-anywhere bag that typically has a thin strap that wraps over your wrist. You can’t carry much in a clutch.

A waist bag, often known as a fanny pack or a belt bag, is an additional choice for those interested in a minimalist fashion. Bags of this sort, which you wear around your waist, free up your hands for other things.

Convertible bags

As stated by specialists, these types of diaper bags can be the most convenient option. You can avoid the back pain that comes from carrying the same bag in the same position for too long by choosing a bag that offers multiple carrying choices.

There are bags that have straps that can be removed, allowing the user to convert the bag from a messenger bag to a backpack or from a backpack to a tote bag depending on how they are feeling on any given day.

How To Choose a Diaper Bag

There is a wide range of opinions on the topic of how to choose a diaper bag. While some mothers swear by their big, multi-pocketed diaper bags, others simply throw the essentials in their go-to tote and call it a day when they leave the house with their children.

Always keep this golden rule in mind, no matter what path you choose to take: the larger the bag you start with, the more stuff you’ll find to fill it.


Look for a strap that is both lengthy and adjustable. If you want to prevent the bag from falling off your arm, you should be able to wear it over your shoulder, and the adjustment of the strap is essential if you intend to share the bag with a spouse or carer.

Stroller clip

If you are going to be in a more urban area, you absolutely need to have this with you. However, short straps (or a long strap with an adjustment) can also serve the same purpose. If your stroller includes a basket that is sufficiently spacious, you probably do not need to worry about this element at all.

Changing pad

Although these are included with many diaper bags, they are not usually large enough to be useful, particularly as the child gets older. If you’re interested in this feature, make sure to check the size before you buy it, or be ready to bring along a pad or blanket of your own just in case the one that comes with the product isn’t big enough.

The Boxy Backpack is one such bag with a removable, modular construction.

Feminine or Unisex

It’s absolutely acceptable to favor the most current styles as they’ll complement your wardrobe the most. As with any purse you carry often, the bag you choose to carry with you every day should be one that you adore.

On the other hand, you should probably give some thought to whether or not your spouse will also be using this diaper bag. It’s possible that your baby daddy doesn’t give a hoot about how stylish your diaper bag is, but he very well might. And it’s possible that he might even want his very own, in which case we recommend taking a look at the very dad-friendly ones that Tactical Baby Gear has to offer.

A more understated backpack style may be a happy medium between the two of you.

Extra pockets

When there are a lot of pockets on the outside of the bag, it is much simpler and quicker to find whatever it is you need without having to rummage through a seemingly bottomless bag while the baby fusses. Your own personal items like keys, phone, and wallet can be safely stored in their own dedicated pockets.

Specific pockets to think about:

  • Bottle/water bottle
  • Portable Bottle Warmer
  • Laptop
  • Phone

InsulatedThe Birch Bag from Parker Baby provides a large number of pocket options without any superfluous add-ons that you are unable to use.


It would appear that some of the designers of diaper bags have thought of everything, and it is very fascinating to see how some of these bags can clip straight onto your stroller or a shopping cart. A nice-to-have, but not a must, in our opinion.

You can also purchase bags that have handles that are designed to conveniently slide around the handles of your stroller. For this reason, we adore Dagne Dover’s Indi Diaper backpack.


Look for a bag that can stand up on its own; this will make it simpler to reach inside and retrieve what you need while using only one hand. (It’s important to use every available hand when dealing with a wriggling baby.)


If you are going to share the bag with another person, you should search for a color or design that everyone will like wearing, or at the very least be willing to endure wearing. By sharing the bag, you can save money and time because you won’t have to move things around between several totes.


Think about what you’ll need; for example, if you cloth diaper, you’ll have to bring additional supplies. Keep in mind, once again, the golden rule: If there’s empty space, you’ll find a way to fill it.


Look for a bag that has a secure closing, such as a zipper, to ensure that your belongings won’t fall out when you bend over or accidentally drop the bag. Avoid using Velcro since it has a tendency to get hooked on items and the noise it makes when opening can rouse a baby who is sleeping peacefully.


In general, you want a diaper bag that can be completely cleaned with a wipe, both on the inside and the outside. It’s likely that there will be some spills and general messiness. Typically, moisture-resistant nylon, microfiber, or vinyl are excellent options.

Vinyl, however, tends to crack in colder weather, so if you live in a region that experiences winters, you should certainly look elsewhere. Many bags can also be cleaned in a washing machine.

Simple to clean

It doesn’t matter how careful you are about how to choose a diaper bag to clarify the term “Simple to Clean”, your diaper bag will get soiled from spit-up, milk and juice spills, broken food, excrement, and pee.

It will probably get messed up by accident and on purpose, so it’s best not to buy materials that are easy to stain and hard to clean. Choose a diaper bag that can be easily wiped clean with a baby wipe or that can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Other cool features

Wipe carrying case: Some bags already have them attached, but if yours doesn’t, you can either buy a travel case or make do with a plastic sandwich bag.

Inner tethered accessory bag: This does not hinder the ease of access, but does provide a higher level of protection.

Insulated pockets: These are great for storing breastmilk and formula, but you can get away with using warm or cool packs as well.

Shareability: When making your decision, it is important to bear in mind who else will be using the diaper bag because what works well for you might not work well for your partner or carer.

Ergonomic: You’ll want something that’s easy on your back to carry, especially when it’s packed to the brim with stuff!

Let’s go out and buy some stuff.

1. Backpack Diaper Bags: Skip Hop Forma Diaper Backpack

4.8 out of 5 Stars

There is a solid reason why backpack diaper bags are so widely used among parents. They make it possible for you to comfortably handle everything you need for a day out with the baby while allowing you to have both of your hands free, which is a great advantage. In general, they have ample internal space, an abundance of pockets and compartments for additional storage, and a wide range of design options to choose from.

What’s Important to Consider

One disadvantage of a bag in the shape of a backpack is that it may make it difficult to wear a baby on your back. It is not impossible to wear a baby while also carrying a backpack, but it can get a bit tiresome to do both at the same time. A backpack is also less accessible than other types of diaper bags because you have to remove it before you can reach anything inside.

Popular Picks

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Diaper BagParker Baby Co. Birch Bag Diaper Bag BackpackFreshly Picked Classic Diaper BagRuvalino Diaper Bag BackpackCarter’s Handle It All Diaper Bag BackpackDagne Dover Indi Diaper BackpackMina Baie Harper Midi Backpack

2. Messenger Diaper Bags: Nuna Diaper Bag

4.9 out of 5 Stars

Messenger-style bags are frequently utilized as diaper bags. This sort of bag is really easy to arrange since it has a lot of pockets and zippered compartments: you can put diapers in one pocket, fresh clothing in another pocket, snacks in a third pocket… you get the idea. Carrying the backpack with one arm rather than using the padded cross-body strap provides more ergonomic support for the back and shoulders than a single-arm carry.

What’s Important to Consider

It can be challenging to quickly get to the things in your bag. Some parents find that the fold-over front of the messenger bag, which is what gives it its unique look, can be a hassle to open and close.

Popular Picks

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy BackpackSkip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Convertible Diaper BackpackMina Baie AudreyFawn Design Diaper Bag

3. Tote Bags: Childhome Canvas Family Bag

4.7 out of 5 Stars

The tote successfully combines form and function with its diaper-bag-like design that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, its enormous storage capacity with open compartments, and its one-shoulder carry. It is ideal for the parent who likes the classic appearance of a bag or who is looking for a diaper bag that can also serve as a carry-all for their workplace or laptop. And the tote can hold all the necessities for a day out with the child.

What’s Important to Consider

The huge, adaptable storage capacity that makes totes so useful can also mean that belongings become lost or forgotten in the bottom of the bag. When you’re attempting to get a pacifier for your cranky infant as quickly as possible, it might be very frustrating. (An excellent solution to this problem is to use compact, portable organizers of any kind.) Keep in mind that the majority of totes lack a cross-body strap (although some offer this feature, which is preferable), so there’s always the risk that your bag will fall off your shoulder.

Popular Picks

Baby K’Tan Flex Diaper BagDagne Dover Large Wade Diaper ToteTwelveLittle ‘Love’ Water Resistant Nylon Diaper ToteCitywalk Faux Leather Diaper ToteSakroots Large Metro Tote

4. Mini Diaper Bags: Skip Hop Portable Baby Changing Pad

4.8 out of 5 Stars

If you have a toddler who requires fewer items, is running a quick errand, and doesn’t want to lug your bulky diaper bag around, or has just perfected the art of light packing, a minimalist diaper bag may be the best option for you. Belt-style packs are convenient to strap on when you need to lug a few essentials but also keep your hands free, and diaper clutches can serve as both a conventional bag and an internal portable changing station for your diaper bag.

What’s Important to Consider

Neither the diaper clutch nor the waist bag will hold much. (Although you’d be astonished at how much you can fit into them if you fold them carefully!) Carrying around bags that go over your wrist can be a little bit of a pain because they are always attached to one of your wrists.

Popular Picks

Petunia Pickle Bottom Nimble Diaper ClutchSkip Hop Greenwich Convertible Hip PackSkip Hop Portable Baby Changing Pad

Features for Choosing a Diaper Bag

From the time your baby is born until he or she is a toddler, you will use your diaper bag frequently. Choose a diaper bag that you’ll enjoy and really use by keeping in mind your personal preferences and needs. In addition, here is some advice to help you figure out what to look for when selecting a diaper bag to add to your baby registry:

  • Your personal style and lifestyle
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Functionality
  • Organization
  • Latch (zipper, magnetic clasp, strap and clip, and velcro are most common)
  • Amount of space you need
  • How to clean it
  • How do you want to carry it
  • Cost

How to choose a diaper bag is depends on your personal choice. In some cases, your dearest friend or sister may not agree with your personal judgment. Regardless of the variety, though, the best diaper bag is the one that meets your needs for a day out with the kids in terms of ease of use, organization, and safety features.

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