Best Tummy Time Water Mats of 2024

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The best tummy time water mats play a massive role in your Baby’s growth. Introducing one of these mats to tummy time can help to enhance your baby’s motor skills and muscular strength. The water mat is an exciting thing for your baby, so make sure to select something that will capture their attention whilst remaining comfortable for them.

Inflatable water mats for tummy time are beneficial to develop your child’s cognitive abilities from a young age. These types of fun and compact toys improve cognitive development from as young as one month. They are affordable, 100% child-safe, and do not require much effort or skill for children to use.

How We Choose Best For You?

Some babies love these best tummy time water mats, while others are less interested or enjoy them. However, these mats are an essential component of your child’s growth. A baby can look up at and approach one of four crinkle toys and teethers with its unique designs.

These mats are super comfortable to play, dance, jump, eat and do anything. Kids can have hours of natural and visual fun. Also play mats constructed from thickening PVC will not leak air or water, so it is the best choice for your baby.

1. Magifire Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

Babies love the sensory pleasure of squishing the mat to see everything run around inside. They can push at the fish for hours very gracefully. The Magifier baby water mat has some of the highest quality construction seen on the market. It markets itself as 100% leakproof, having been made from high-quality, BPA-free, non-toxic materials.

The food-grade PVC is highly reliable and secure, leaving parents stress-free. The overall design of this product is simply beautiful, showcasing eye-catching colours and shapes of the ocean. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee along with a lifetime of replacements for faulty objects.

Why Parents Like It

When you use this mat, it can boost your Baby’s development in various ways. The bright colours and floating toys act as a sensory aid that encourages hand-eye coordination and brain development.

  • Food grade, safe, quality materials
  • Excellent for promoting baby development
  • Easy to set up, use, and transport
  • Money-back and replacement guaranteed
  • Long-lasting PVC (16P) fabric
  • The strong plastic smell upon opening
  • Floating animals often stick to the plastic instead of moving

2. The Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Mat

Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Mat

It is the ideal extension to tummy time. The sensory qualities encourage brain development, while the mat is great for physical development and hand-eye coordination and motor skills. This Splashin’kids mat has a convenient design while inflated and is constructed from BPA-free PVC.

This mat comes with several colourful toys in various shapes, including a starfish and a yellow ducky. These mats are fantastic to keep your Baby’s awareness and focus as they try to take them within the mat. It’s an excellent way to splash around without getting wet!

Why Parents Like It

Not with standing its heavy-duty features, this mat is elementary to set up, and it can be done within a few minutes. This water mat can be supplied with your chosen water level. You can easily fold it for easy storage and transportation while not in use.

  • Excellent for infant development
  • Eye-catching, stimulating colours
  • Easy to set up and fill
  • Large size
  • Solid, durable material
  • The chemical smell upon opening
  • More expensive brand
  • May experience mould/mildew growth

3. Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

This Gebra inflatable tummy time mat comes with a pleasant turtle pattern and extended surface area. It is an exciting supplement to tummy time and a sensory device fit for babies aged three months and older. This mat is produced using BPA Free materials and thick PVC. It is a long-lasting mat that is leakproof and repellent for regular use.

This Gebra mat is one of the most comprehensive (43x35x2.5-inches) and most reliable models for kids aged 3+ months. Its tight seams and plug are leakproof, while its inflated surface is soft and comfortable, making it a favourite among young children.

Why Parents Like It

This water mat is very simple to make it excellent for parents who want a fast solution to relieving their babies’ boredom. You just need to fill the outer ring with air, and the centre of the mat needs to be filled with the required amount of water.

  • Improved quality design to prevent leaks
  • Easy to fill with water and air
  • Available in other animal shapes
  • It comes in one of the largest sizes on the market
  • BPA free with safe ingredients
  • Emits a new product smell upon opening
  • Difficult to clean
  • Easy for babies to roll off of

4. SEETOYS Tummy Time 30″x 24.4″ Mermaid Water Mat

Mermaid Water Mat

The SEETOYS baby mermaid water mat helps your toddler to develop strength on the back, legs, arms and neck and promotes hand-eye coordination. The mat is a sensory delight that supports brain improvement.

It comes with a background image of the baby play mat that is powerful, and the different design mixes the elements of the underwater world that incite and boost brain growth. It has an eco-friendly PVC Material which is best for environmental protection with no pollution.

This water mat has unique air after no pungent smell, suitable for toddler kids to play. It is an excellent toy for promoting solid head, neck and shoulder muscle growth.

Why Parents Like It

Baby is influenced by the colourful sea world graph and cute floating toys in the water. With this inflatable mat, parents can also enjoy alone and have a fun time seeing the baby giggle and play. The gorgeous, colourful, eye-catching images keep your Baby involved playing for a long time.

  • Exercise sensory integration and environmental awareness
  • Obviates flat head, supports the strong neck and head muscles
  • Strengthens arms for reaching and crawling ability
  • Stimulates tummy movement core power
  • Improve motor skills & enhance legs muscle
  • Small in size
  • Not smell good

5. The iHaHa 40”X40” Baby Tummy Time Water Play Mat

iHaHa 40”X40” play Mat

This iHaHa tummy time water play mat comes in great size, and circular design can hold 2-3 infants, giving them more space to crawl and roll without bothering about hurting by dropping or hitting the floor, which ultimately enhances tummy time.

It is made of PVC fabric, safe, and non-toxic. This mat has curved corners and is made up of soft material that restricts the Baby from being damaged when it falls, and it avoids injuries such as an easy hole and heat dissolution. It includes a particular ocean theme and eight bright, interesting patterns floating that makes your baby feel overwhelming. Your little one will try to grab or tap them, which ultimately enhances the fun of the tummy time.

Why Parents Like It

It’s big, and the Baby can lay on it and still has room for the toddler to partly lady on it or stretch his arms out. This mat comes with a small fish, and sea animals seem to be a sort of foam material, and they float around inside the water.

  • 100% Leak Proof And Safe
  • New And Bright Background Image
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Easy To Carry
  • It is perfect for all baby girls or boys.
  • Small and smelly
  • The surface finish is not pleasant to lay on

6. Hitituto Tummy Time Activity Water Mat

Hitituto Baby Water Mat

The Hitituto tummy time baby water mat is designed with a perfect size suitable for 0-24 month’s babies to crawl on the carpet. The water play mat is 100% leakproof. This water mat is manufactured of non-toxic and odour-free PVC material, which is helpful for the safety of your Baby’s health without any harm.

This sensory mat comes with colourful and exciting marine animal toys that will resemble going due to the effect of water. It is a foldable toy that is extremely easy to carry and can be used indoors, outdoors and travelling, so you can place it in your backpack wherever you go.

Why Parents Like It

Baby loves tummy time on this mat. Your little one is mesmerized by the water, the fishies and the print. They are entertained, which makes working on holding up his head easier for both parents and Baby. So practical and fun. It keeps your baby busy while you need to do everyday household chores. 

  • Prevent Flat Head
  • Colour Stimulation
  • Sensory Development
  • Promotes Arm Stretch
  • Train Crawling Muscles
  • Improves Motor Skills
  • Once it’s full, it’s too heavy to lift
  • It is bulky

7. Infinno Inflatable Premium Tummy Time Mat

Infinno Inflatable Premium Tummy Time Mat

The Infinno inflatable premium mat is perfect for children aged 3 to 24 months old. This mat can be utilized for sensory stimulation and for developing motor skills and cognitive skills. You can also play and have fun with your baby and teach them how the fish move from one place to other by pressing the mat.

Your baby can play, share toys and learn valuable collaboration and coexistence skills. It is made from BPA-free materials. This water mat is produced according to the shape of the mom’s belly, so your baby will love it. Depending on your choices, you can put lukewarm water on the mat so that your little one will not feel cold during tummy time.

Why Parents Like It

The quality of this mat is excellent. Baby loves the colourful scene and brightly coloured fish that float around inside of it. This mat is an interesting thing for a baby’s tummy time, and their stamina is enhanced dramatically after beginning with this mat.

  • Strengthens neck muscles
  • Improve motor skills
  • Easy to carry
  • Ideal gift for the Baby’s family
  • Superior quality and 100% leakproof
  • Colour fades easily
  • It has chemical odour

8. VATOS Tummy Time 43″×35″ Water Mat

VATOS Tummy Time 43×35 Water Mat

The VATOS mat is a BPA free and No-Toxic tested by the lab. It has a smell but it is not very bad, it is just the smell of plastic, similar to any plastic object filled with air. Hence it’s not offensive. This water mat helps babies exercise muscles throughout the body, promote their hand-eye coordination and sensory development. It is constructed from heavy-duty PVC elements with separate plugs on the back to prevent water and air leakage effectively.

Why Parents Like It

Infants and toddlers are safe to play on this water play mat without getting wet. This mat is very soft, comfortable for baby tummy time. It is perfect for early development as it is really helpful to develop solid head, neck, and shoulder muscles.

  • Promote Baby Early Development
  • Premium Quality & 100% Safety
  • Creative Scientifically Designed
  • Easy to Setup and Packing
  • Comes with Lifetime Warranty
  • Stick at one place

9. CUKU Perfect Fun Time Water Playmat

CUKU Perfect Fun Time Water Playmat

With the help of a CUKU playmat, you can allow your little one to develop their stable head, neck and shoulder muscles that also concentrates on hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills. It is a perfect tool that improves brain development. Your Baby will be attracted by the various and colourful patterns of fish, providing hours of healthy fun.

It is made of duty PVC, non-toxic, non-polluting, and safe enough for kids. This mat is strong enough for reusing, and it does not leak air and water. You can easily fold this water mat to bring with you anywhere as it is compact for indoor-outdoor and travel.

Why Parents Like It

This playmat is super easy to use, and little one likes it a lot; it is very solid and sturdy and extremely easy to fix. This mat is a  perfect choice to treat babies, and they are super cute. One more thing you can do, handle it as a pillow when you get exhausted while playing with it.

  • This mat gives hours of quality inciting and healthy fun.
  • Compact fold and carry along anywhere you go.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty PVC
  • Has bright colours, sharp contrasts and cute floating toys.
  • Stimulates baby development
  • Smells to strong 
  • The item is too small

10. MAGIFIRE Turtle Shape Water Play Mat

MAGIFIRE Turtle Shape Water Play Mat

The MAGIFIRE is the most reliable gift for babies, and they’re for shower time to have fun, making the little angel’s tummy time more pleasant. This baby water mat is made of durable 100% BPA-free & non-toxic HEAVY DUTY PVC materials. Each of the baby water mats has been strictly tested for NO LEAK and durability.

When you use this mat, you don’t have to stress about harsh accidents. This mat is 100% secure for your little one, and you don’t need to be stressed about any injury by sharp-edged objects anymore. When you finish its use, you can release water from the mat, just fold it or roll it up, and place it into your bag.

Why Parents Like it

This mat looks amazing with the aqua theme and is very spirited for babies to enjoy. It is an excellent, perfect option, large and durable and easy to inflate/fill.

  • Supreme quality & leakproof
  • Promote baby development
  • Easy to use & pack
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Help develops muscles for crawling
  • It is quite unstable
  • Chemical evaporation

11. SwimSchool Splash Play Mat

SwimSchool Splash Play Mat

The SwimSchool Splash Play Mat is an amazing toy for the baby. This mat features an extra-wide layout while inflated, which comforts the body of kids. It also has a backrest for additional support and three stackable toys that improve the skill of kids. With its shaded hood, this toy is an excellent addition for outdoor play in a shady area.

This mat comes with three beautiful stackable rings that sit on a post in front of the seat. It is a multi-coloured designed mat that makes sure to catch your child’s concentration, and the rings are great for improving visual and motor skills. You can take this mat anywhere, even on high sunny days, as it comes with an optional sun protection canopy.

Why Parents Like It

This mat features a multi-coloured design that catches your child’s concentration and develops motor skills and confidence. This mat comes with a seat and a backrest to sit up and see the world around them as there is not sufficient space for your Baby to spend time on their belly.

  • Provides diversified fun
  • The backrest allows Baby to sit up
  • Fun, stackable ring toys included
  • Sun protection canopy included
  • It consists of a patch for potential tears
  • Difficult to blow up without a pump
  • Not enough mat area for tummy time
  • Backrest tears with heavy use

How To Choose Best Tummy Time Water Mats

Finding the best mats for babies can be difficult as the market for this product is rather broad. Nevertheless, we have prepared the list of the best inflatable baby water mats available.

Best Design

Of course, the design of the mat is an essential factor. So you need to choose a mat that highlights a bright and appealing design that will attract your Baby – this type of mat highlights a marine design with floating creatures that grab your baby’s attention.

The design plays a vital role in developing your Baby’s cognitive, social, and motor skills as well as their hand and eye coordination. A more attractive and dazzling design is likely to light more enthusiasm in your baby that inspires them to move, eventually helping to develop their muscular development too.

Perfect Size

Various brands provide inflatable mats of varying sizes. It is essential to select the mat that accommodates the size of your Baby while remembering that they are going to grow throughout the time that they use this play mat.

And a large-sized mat is pretty satisfactory for those who have two babies to hold at once, as both babies can enjoy the playmat at the same time.

Suitable Age

The majority of baby playmats are the best choice for infants aged 3 months and onwards. It is essential to ensure that the playmat is used at a convenient time for your Baby.

Babies in the age level of 3-6 months are expected to profit the most from using this mat. They are in an essential developmental stage that can be further benefited by introducing an inflatable mat.

Easy Setting and Use

Many mats are extremely easy to set up, with several being produced in similar ways. The centre section is filled with water, while the outer frame tends to be filled with air. All of this can simply be supplied courtesy of two separate valves.

This uncomplicated setup is perfect for parents looking for a clever solution to restless or quickly distracted babies. Your baby can have fun playing on an exciting play mat in a few minutes, and you can have a few moments of peace.

Transporting the Play Mat

These mats are very convenient to take anywhere with you, and it is a huge benefit. After use, even those that are a little bigger, the mat can simply be folded away. This baby mat is excellent for parents who usually find themselves on the go everywhere with their Baby as the mat can be comfortably carried between different locations. This is also excellent for storing the mat when it is not in use too.

Best Material

It is essential to choose a play mat that has been designed with quality in mind. These mats are made using non-toxic, BPA-free, heavy-duty PVC, ensuring that they can withstand frequent use without becoming damaged.


The water mat that you go for should be subjected to regular use and because of this reason, it is essential to choose a mat that has been durably built.

The main concern when using this mat is the possible existence of leaks. Using this mat gives reassurance to parents that their babies can enjoy playing or jumping on the mat carefully without being faced with messy leaks and accidents.

Easy Cleaning

As we all know, it is assumed that babies of this young age are a little messy on occasion. Nevertheless, this should not matter as most of these baby mats are produced with simple, clean materials.

After use, most can be wiped over with a wet wipe, and then they are as good as new again. This also helps prolong the product’s life by maintaining its quality, making it less likely to deteriorate quickly.

High Quality

Buying a high-quality product is essential throughout all aspects of life. Whether you’re purchasing something for your child or yourself, you want to make sure it will last longer and give you your money’s worth. 

The best way to ensure your Baby’s water mat is high quality is to look at the materials they use. Here are some phrases to keep an eye out for Non-toxic, BPA-free, Heavy-duty, PVC, Thick, Double seal.

Affordable Budget

Some water mats for tummy time come at a reasonable price limit which makes them great value for money. We know that some products are listed with price tags so that you can select accordingly. However, they tend to be an affordable purchase that your Baby is likely to get regular use out of.

If you have a budget, do not be put off by the play mats with more expensive price tags, as we’ve included a variety in our guide above to highlight the variety available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do babies need a tummy time mat?

Yes, babies do need a water mat as it helps babies to move freely with water. Baby pushes the water mat and moves the fish around to promote hand-eye coordination, and they enjoy it a lot. 

How do you use a water mat for tummy time?

You just have to Simply fill the mat with water and inflate the edge with air. You need to fulfill the external ring with some air and the inside mat with the required water level, and just place it on the floor and allow your baby to enjoy and explore. 

What are the benefits of using an inflatable or regular water mat?

It has many benefits when your baby uses an inflatable water mat. This mat helps to strengthen their back muscles, legs, arms, and neck. And thanks to the brilliant and engaging designs, it can also promote their motor skills and social skills through sensory stimulation. Additionally, an inflatable mat can prevent flat heads and increase hand and eye coordination.

Are tummy time water mats safe?

Tummy time water mats are produced with BPA free elements durable and resistant to harm, even when used daily. This will ensure that your baby can enjoy their mat without being a risk to their safety. Ultimately, these mats are incredibly safe and secure for use. They provide an excellent way to begin strengthening your Baby’s neck, tummy, and arm muscles. 

How do you fill a baby water mat?

Inflating and filling a water mat usually serves to be an easy process, with most mats modifying an identical settings concept. These types of mats are produced with two valves, one for inflating and the other for fulfilling. Open the most significant valve first, fill it with water, open the second valve, and begin inflating the frame with air.

How often should Baby activity mats be used?

There is not a fixed time that a baby activity mat should be used for. Of course, babies should always be controlled by an adult when using one of these mats. Some parents prefer to put their baby on a mat for a short time but regularly throughout the day, while others choose to use an activity mat for a longer time.

How to clean the tummy time water mats?

Water mats for tummy time are super easy to clean and store. You have to rub it clean with a wet cloth or wash it with soapy water, and you are ready to use this again.

Bottom Line

Your Baby loves to get strong and explore the world independently, but sometimes tummy time gets a little bit tough. Your Baby might get tired or cry during perfectly normal tummy time.

This artistic water mat is beneficial to make your Baby’s tummy time super enjoyable and stimulating. These best tummy time water mats help him strengthen his back and neck tissues quicker and produce more normal sensory and motor skills.

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