Best Tummy Time Toys of 2024

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Here are our recommendations for the best tummy time toys that will not only make tummy time more tolerable, but an enjoyable experience for all. Giving your baby tummy time is a crucial way to get them more robust and helps them develop and strengthen the muscles they need to push up, roll, and crawl.

It helps build and strengthen their muscles. Not every baby is comfortable for tummy time and enjoys it, though, but these toys can make tummy time more enjoyable. Some of the most helpful tummy time toys engage the child by keeping them preoccupied while exercising.

When should I start tummy time, how and why?

According to the (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics, parents are doing a hurry on it. Babies who are not facing any health issues and are born at full term can begin tummy-time on their very first day at home. When your newborn is awake and alert, and you or another caregiver are there to supervise, you can start.

According to ethical theory, tummy time should start just after birth as a pleasurable daily routine. You can go with 1 to 2 minutes a few times a day. But with time, you can slowly build up to 10-15 minutes, numerous times a day.

More Benefits of Tummy Time

There is a huge no. of benefits of amazing tummy time. Tummy-time helps limit flat spots from developing on the backside of the baby’s head. It also develops motor skills that include reaching, rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.

It allows your baby to work different muscles than those he’d use on his back by developing strong neck and shoulder muscles. Tummy time toys can also help to prevent flat head syndrome. It encourages the baby to develop the strength required to roll over, sit up, crawl, and ultimately walk.

25 Best Tummy Time Toys

Here we are after spending hours researching leading sites and expert blogs, we managed to find the best toys for tummy time.

1. Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time Pillow

Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support

The Infantino Prop-A-Pillar is a functional pillow that substitutes as a toy and supports your child. This tummy time pillow can be extended for tummy time comfort or wrapped into a convenient and compact seated support pillow. The pillow holds a seated “C” shape for comfortable and secure sitting. It securely stacks into a hugging “C” shaped positioner with fastening Velcro to support early sitters.

The pillow is also incorporated with a security belt, which ensures safety. The extensive position presents support in tummy time to help your baby build and strengthen head and neck muscles. The seated position offers much comfort and safe support for organized play when your baby is old enough.


Dimensions – 12 x 18 x 6 inches

Recommeded Age – 0 Plus Months

Item weight – 2.16 lbs


  • Supportive C shaped pillow with stackable pillows
  • Detachable BPA free teether
  • Extended tummy time position maintains head and neck muscle development.
  • Smartly designed product for happy parenting.
  • It Includes a security belt with it


  • Adult guidance is needed while utilizing this product

2. Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

A Sassy Floor Mirror encourages the child to concentrate on a human face with the help of a sizable true-reflection mirror. Its associated symmetrical butterfly promotes vision and boosts tactile exploration. The great mirror has fabulous contrast ladybug and trackball aids in improving the baby looking in mirror attention. The tummy time mirror has a soft frame, ideal for the baby’s environment, and its easel back enables the baby to look in the mirror to hold on flat surfaces.


Dimensions – 11.5 x 11.5 x 4.25 inches

Recommended Age – 0 Plus Months

Item weight – 6.4 Ounces


  • Its soft frame production is ideal for a baby’s environment.
  • Two-color spinning ball fascinates the baby’s curiosity to play.
  • It provides support on plane surfaces.
  • Rotating/clicking bees engages a growing baby.
  • Bold, red ladybug attracts a baby’s developing visual skills.


  • It is a bit costly

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym is the ideal playtime point for your developing mini-Mozart. The fisher price play gym has a large and colorful play mat and a reposition-able toy bar with five activity toys that take the baby from laying and playing to sitting and interacting. It promotes motor skills in the baby play gym, shaking, kicking, reaching, and pushing up. You can adjust the music and learn with quick stages technology as your baby grows from lying and plays to tummy time to rest up at the piano. In the tummy time toys fisher price deluxe gym is the high rated product and best for babies.


Dimensions – 36.02 x 27.01 x 17.99 inches

Recommended Age – Newborn and up.

Item weight – 4.71 Pounds


  • Its padded play mat features loops to attach the activity toys.
  • Detachable keyboard with five light-up keys.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Its learning content can be updated with a baby’s growth.


  • It is not suitable for rollover.

4. MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Play Mat

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Play Mat

The Magifire baby water mat encourages your baby to build strength on the neck, legs, arms, back and encourage hand-eye coordination. This play mat encourages brain development and has colorful marine animal toys that will run because of the water effect. Your child can be fascinated with the colors and changing moves, and he or she will have a fabulous time playing on the infant water mat. This water mat is the best gift for babies performing the little angel’s tummy time more fun.


Dimensions – 5.9 x 5.5 x 1.9 inches

Recommended Age – 3 months and up

Item weight – 0.71 lbs


  • It is of supreme quality & 100% leak proof.
  • Promotes baby development.
  • This item is straightforward to use & pack.
  • It is an excellent sensory toy after a baby knows how to crawl and walk.
  • It helps strengthen the baby’s leg and arm muscles for early development.


  • It does not have the proper instructions mentioned.

5. Fisher Price Grow-with-Me Tummy Time Llama

Fisher Price Grow-with-Me Tummy Time Llama

The fisher price grow-with-me tummy time cushion supports the baby as they grow from lying on their back to pushing up in tummy time, sitting up to playing on the go. It is the perfect playtime pal for your growing baby arrives with a double-sided blanket with a pocket for put-and-take play and three toys, including a mirror you can connect to the leaf in the llama’s mouth or the play mat. Your child will love exploring the amazing sights, sounds, and textures with these tummy time toys. The reposition-able mirror enables your baby to develop a sense of self when they look into the mirror.


Dimensions – 14.96 x 15.35 x 16.93 inches

Recommended Age– 0 months and up

Item weight – 1.72 Pounds


  • It has a plush, supportive wedge for the baby’s fun tummy time.
  • Its 13 sensory discoveries involve a baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch.
  • Double-sided blanket with a pocket for put-and-take play.
  • It has four ways to play as your baby grows.
  • It includes a textured carrot teether, self-discovery mirror, and watermelon rattle.


  • It doesn’t sit up well on its own.

6. The Baby Einstein Flip For Art High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror

Baby Einstein Flip For Art High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror

The Baby Einstein Flip mirror has high-contrast patterns that are most comfortable for babies’ eyes to see during their growth. You can place this black, white, and bright mirror next to the baby during tummy time and watch his eyes grow wide. This baby einstein flip for art high contrast floor activity mirror converts into a display stand for baby’s flashcards. It enables your baby to recognize new things, animals, characters, and more. It can be flipped with a baby or disperse them out on the floor by promptly eliminating the stroller link. This set provides just an impression of everything the baby will find.


Dimensions – 10.6 x 7.5 x 4.7 inches

Recommended Age – 0 Months to 36 Months

Item weight – 0.15 Kilograms


  • The mirror is protected by a film A++.
  • It is perfect for a newborn’s tummy time.
  • High contrast patterns are more comfortable for the baby’s foggy eyesight to see.
  • It includes a baby-safe mirror.
  • The cards include a link for carriers.


  • It does not show the proper reflection of the baby.

7. Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

Gebra Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

The gebra inflatable tummy time water mat benefits baby build strength on the Back, Legs, Arms, and Neck and promotes hand-eye coordination and brain growth. These eight floating marine creatures are all color-printed on two sides, which support distracting the baby through playtime with the water mat. The size goes well for twins to play with it altogether. Also it can bear 80 lb weight without a water leak problem. It does not have any water leak problem. Its 0.35 mm thick PVC, screw cap water plug, and improved production technology effectively determine the leakage difficulty produced by low water plug and joint.


Dimensions – 43 x 35 x 2.5 inches

Recommended Age – 3 months and up

Item weight – 1.1 Pounds


  • The mat is BPA free and not toxic.
  • Portable to pack.Easy to fill it with water.
  • Effortless to use.
  • It benefits parents to grab the baby’s attention during tummy time.


  • It is heavy to move on the floor.

8. Bright Starts Prop Mat, Flutter Friends

Bright Starts Prop Tummy Time Mat, Flutter Friends

Flutter Friends prop mat from Bright Starts is perfect for your baby to wiggle, kick, and play. The detachable prop-up pillow is correct for your baby in this lovely flower Garden. The light, colorful bead chaser, two fun links, and flower-shaped rattle enable your baby to smile. The bright start tummy time mat has a removable pillow that encourages your baby and makes tummy time more fun. Bright Starts Prop Mat has a flower-shaped rattle for fun sounds and an attractive butterfly bead chaser. The bright starts prop carpet has 2 Fun Links for connecting the baby’s favorite toys.


Dimensions – 14.1 x 3.7 x 12.1 inches

Recommended Age– 0 to 36 months 

Item weight – 1.1 Pounds


  • Removable pillow for unique support baby during tummy time.
  • It can easily be folded up.
  • Excellently worth the money.
  • It has a cute butterfly bead chaser.
  • Flower-shaped rattle for fun sounds.


  • It is a little bit small in size.

9. Fisher-Price Baby Bunny Massage Set, Tummy Time Mat

Fisher-Price Baby Bunny Massage Set

This unique play mat is perfect for a peaceful, post bath time massage session with your baby. The fisher price plays mat waterproof mat is very comfortable for babies to lie down and relax and has a convenient changing pad with a machine washable cover. This tummy time playmat supports your baby while relaxing back rubs. The baby play mat is a fantastic set and also includes a guide to assist you with baby massage basics with a crinkly book and chewy carrot teether for playtime. It enables post bath time bonding as part of your daily routine and soothes your baby before bed.


Dimensions – 15.94 x 29.92 x 3.54 inches

Recommended Age – Newborn and up

Item weight – 1.84 Pounds


  • It makes tummy time way more comfortable.
  • Helps to entertain and teach your kids as they grow.
  • It is perfect for small babies.
  • The waterproof mat comes with a machine-washable slipcover.
  • The mat includes a delicate crinkle book and BPA free carrot teether for pleasant play.


  • It has no cons.

10. A Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

The Baby Einstein glow & discover light bar activity station has colors, animals, lights, and melodies perfect at baby’s fingertips during tummy time or sitting play. It makes tummy time more pleasurable and exciting with Baby Einstein’s Glow’s enriching content and discovers light bars. This baby Einstein glows & discovers a light bar brightens when the baby touches the colorful segments or turns the rattle drum. This activity station toy excites the baby’s understanding of sound with three distinct modes, including animal sounds, colors, and xylophone sounds.

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Dimensions – 5.85 x 12.8 x 9 inches

Recommended Age – Newborn to up.

Item weight – 15.8 Ounces


  • This toy bar is fun and interactive for little ones.
  • It collapses for easy storage while traveling.
  • It is easy to wipe down and clean.
  • Lights up by touching the colored sections or spin of the rattle drum.
  • The toy enables you to hear the content in English, Spanish, or French.


  • It is small in size.

11. 3-In-1 Baby Head Support Pillow Lounger

3-In-1 Baby Head Support Pillow Lounger

The fantastic 3-in-1 infant head support mat presents a safe and soft space for play, nap, and tummy time, ’til the baby can rollover. In tummy time toys this baby head support pillow lounger promotes baby’s strength with your mat’s W-shaped pillow, stimulates their senses with your baby rattle and teether, or allows your baby to nap on your Nest’s mesh mattress.

This compact, portable baby bed has an arch and pillow that emphasize detachable hook and loop bands, presenting transitioning roles easy on mom and dad. Baby head support nursing pillow lounger simulates the womb’s snug atmosphere, addressing the baby to appear relaxed and secure. The snuggle nest sleeper is ideal for reducing stomach discomforts like acid reflux, digestion issues, and colic.


Dimensions – 16.6 x 14.2 x 6 inches

Recommended Age – Newborn to up

Item weight – 1.8 Pounds


  • It enables easy breathing.
  • The Nest provides support during tummy time.
  • Its detachable arch and baby lounger bed are moderate and manageable to grab.
  • The toy helps reduce stomach troubles like acid reflux, digestion issues, and colic.
  • Mimics the snug environment of the womb, making the baby feel calm and safe.


  • It can’t allow excess weight.

12. Fisher-Price Mini Musicians Piano Wedge

Fisher-Price Mini Musicians Piano Wedge

Fisher-Price Mini Musicians Piano Wedge guards to keep your child protected when they travel the manageable piano, music note teether, and tambourine clacker toy connected to the wedge. Its removable piano plays up to 10 minutes of music and lights, with three musical play modes, including extensive play, silly animal sounds, and real piano notes. These tummy time toys provide comfortable support for your baby as they push up through tummy time to play with the toys, accommodating to improve their core and neck muscles.


Dimensions – 4.13 x 16 x 11 inches

Recommended Age – Newborn to up

Item weight – 1.43 Pounds


  • The soft piano easily detaches from the wedge.
  • It causes tummy time extra pleasurable with attractive toys, lights, music, and animal noises.
  • Amazing BPA-free teether and tambourine clacker toys simply discards take-along play and older baby play.
  • Soft piano reacts to your baby’s touch with lights, music, and noises.It has a supportive, tummy-time wedge.


  • It has no cons.

13. Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas

The Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas are perfect for your baby’s small hands to hold and shake. Its delicate fabric pom-poms and colorful beads cause pleasant rattle sounds, and these maracas will get your child rattling and shaking to the beat without wasting time. This wonderful fisher-price rattle toy inspires growth with play. It improves gross motor skills with grasping and rattling gives your baby’s gross motor skills a great workout with a variety of colors, textures, and fun rattle sound to help stimulate your baby’s developing senses.


Dimensions – 2 x 4 x 6.5 inches

Recommended Age – 3 months & up.

Item weight – 3.2 Ounces


  • It sized just right for small hands to grasp and shake.
  • It helps excite your baby’s growing senses.
  • Colorful beads make fun rattle sounds when shaken.
  • It helps in a baby’s gross motor skills and a great workout.


  • It has less noise.

14. Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler

Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler

Hape’s Penguin Music Wobbler has bright colors that stimulate development, and the Penguin’s cheerful tunes are ideal for shaking along with. The musical toy with a built-in bell releases a peaceful tinkling sound as it changes along cutely, which benefits to ease the baby. This Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler has average volume and preserves sensitive young ears. This toy is a perfect addition to playtime and a roly-poly toy that a child can bat at without it rolling away. The Hape Promise Hape toys excite children throughout each development stage and nurture and improve their natural intelligence.


Dimensions – 4.6 x 4.6 x 4.9 inches

Recommended Age – 6 months to 12 years

Item weight – 3.53 Ounces


  • The average volume is produced to preserve sensitive young ears.
  • This sturdy wood construction makes this a long-lasting toy.
  • It is excellent for the development of reach.
  • It improves tummy time.


  • It is heavy.

15. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball has bright colors, bright patterns, and easy-to-grasp bumps make this ball a must-have thing. Its high contrast colors of the ball support the baby to center, strengthening vision. The gentle rattle noises from the caught beads create neural attachments in a baby’s brains from birth through 3 years of age. These chunky-sized bumps boost moving, grasping, and shifting from one hand to another, increasing the baby’s motor skills. The differing materials involve the baby’s growing tactile sensitivity and teach the baby about diversity.


Dimensions – 5.5 x 7.5 x 8.88 inches

Recommended Age – 6 months and above

Item weight – 3.52 Ounces


  • Its high contrast colors allow the baby to focus, strengthening vision.
  • It develops tactile sensitivity and teaches the baby about variety.
  • Bright colors & bold patterns are visually appropriate for a baby’s developing vision.
  • Its soothing rattle sounds form neural attachments in a baby’s brains from birth through 3 years.


  • This leaks synthetic fibers.

16. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin' Activity Bugs

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Boppin’ Activity Bugs toy is full of pleasant wonders for your baby to discover. They will see the four cute bugs pop up with fun, unexpected sounds when your baby pushes, turns, slides, or presses the various shapes, where development comes into play, silly bug faces, bright colors, and fun sound to stimulate and retain your baby’s growing visual and auditory senses. The Fisher-Price Activity Bugs toy improves motor skills with every push, turn, slide, and press supports to strengthen your baby’s skill. It also enhances a baby’s thinking skills as babies discover all the ways to make the bugs pop up.


Dimensions – 11.5 x 6.25 x 3.75 inches

Recommended Age – 6 months to 4 years

Item weight – 1.45 Pounds


  • It helps foster fine motor skills and introduces cause & effect.
  • Its four different shapes for the baby to push, turn, slide, or press for silly surprises.
  • Its bug creates a unique sound as it pops up to overwhelm your baby.
  • Pop-up activity toy for babies with exciting sounds.


  • It is light in weight and slides while using.

17. Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

The Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino has a huge amount of ball-Poppin’ entertainment for your baby to explore. The bat-at roller allows your baby to start the movement with eight silly tunes and fun sounds, nourishing and introducing the joy of purpose and effect. You can fill the dino’s belly, then see the six colorful balls pop up onto the dino’s tailor roll down and right out of its mouth, reassuring little ones to drag after the spilling balls. Your little one will love pulling and pursuing after the balls, assembling them to begin the popping fun all over again with these tummy time toys.


Dimensions – 4.85 x 18 x 10.5 inches

Recommended Age – 6 months to 3 years.

Item weight – 2.2 Pounds


  • It’s grasping and dropping balls enables to strengthen the baby’s fine motor skills.
  • Six colorful balls can roll out of the dino’s mouth or pop into its tail.
  • Balls pop around & out, stimulating the baby to drag after.
  • Crawl and chase fun for your little one.


  • Its volume is way too loud.

18. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly

This fantastic toy features a soft velour body with gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures to excite all the senses. The Lamaze Freddie the Firefly has layered wings that involve a peek-a-boo mirror for interactive play and various textures, shapes, and crinkles that support the baby to explore. This toy is combined with a squeaker, clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether, and entangled antennae model for chewing. The toy enables you to hook Freddie with strollers, carriers, and diaper bags to take along for entertainment.


Dimensions – 10.24 x 2.64 x 10 inches

Recommended Age – 0 to 2 years

Item weight – 4.4 Ounces


  • The knotted antennae are perfect for chewing.
  • Its multiple textures on the wings keep the baby engaged.
  • This fantastic mirror play helps the baby learn how to focus.
  • It has clacking rings that awaken the auditory senses.
  • Its soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep the baby engaged.


  • It smells full of cologne.

19. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy are made from washable fabrics in various textures and colors that makes cleanup extremely simple and convenient. This crinkling, squeaking, multi-textured soft toy from Melissa & Doug K’s Kids is perfect for promoting tummy time and storytelling. The Melissa & Doug Toy encourages constructive play and effortless learning with interactive designs and multi-sensory features, keeping interest high and new skills flourishing throughout the baby and toddler years. The fish toy helps infants develop multiple skills and encourages grasping and finger strength, while the crinkly scales reward tactile exploration.


Dimensions – 4 x 11 x 15 inches

Recommended Age – 1 month to 3 years.

Item weight – 0.8 Ounces


  • It is made from washable fabrics and makes cleanup easy and convenient.
  • The squeaker tail inspires perceiving and finger strength.
  • Promotes multiple developmental skills.
  • It is a fantastic gift for babies.


  • It is not so suitable for small babies.

20. A Baby Einstein Infinity Block High Contrast Soft Block Toy

Baby Einstein Infinity Block High Contrast Soft Block Toy

Baby Einstein’s Infinity Block is designed explicitly for newborns as their eyes are growing. Touching and grabbing the baby blocks’ different textures encourages sensory exploration, while jingles and crinkles add to the tactile experience. This baby einstein infinity block high contrast soft block toy is occupied with fun surprises, like the baby-safe mirror that will reflect your child’s big smile. Infinity Block will give the baby endless hours of fun, from tummy time to sitting play.


Dimensions – 6 x 6 x 6 inches

Recommended Age – 0 to 3 years

Item weight – 4.48 Ounces


  • Babies can see high-contrast patterns best with this toy.
  • Draw a baby’s eye to colors and patterns with this toy.
  • Its soft blocks flip to reveal new images.
  • It makes tummy time a time to discover.
  • Grows with the baby from newborn to toddler.


  • These blocks are all joined together.

21. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity Chime & Teether

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity Chime & Teether

The amazing Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity Chime & Teether Stroller Toy is stuffed with a design, texture, and calming sounds. This cute chime & teethe toy and tummy time toys keeps the baby busy and happy-at home and on the go. It completes with a textured teether and a colorful clip that easily attaches to strollers. The bandana buddies toy from Skip Hop  can correctly attach to strollers with the included toy ring.


Dimensions – 2 x 2 x 6 inches

Recommended Age – 0 months plus

Item weight – 2.08 Ounces


  • It has multiple fabrics and textures.
  • Soothing chime sounds perfect.
  • Easily attaches to strollers with the included toy ring.
  • It includes a textured hanging teether.


  • It smells very musty.

22. The Blossom Farm Martha Moo Tummy Time Roller

The Blossom Farm Martha Moo Tummy Time Roller

The Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm Martha Moo Tummy Time Roller is stuffed with exercises and characteristics to keep children occupied. Its unique colors help involve your child during tummy time. Its soft-touch rolling toy has many features for the baby to discover. In tummy time toys this fantastic roller shaped pillow is of high quality and provides excellent support during tummy time.


Dimensions – 15.75 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches

Recommended Age – 0 to 4 years 

Item weight – 15.5 Ounces


  • Excellent for physical development and hand-eye coordination.
  • Makes tummy time fun for the baby.
  • It is made up of soft fabric with bright colors to encourage the baby’s visual development.
  • It has many features for the baby to discover.


  • Parents have to take full care while using it.

23. Lamaze Mix & Match Plush Toy Caterpillar Baby Toy

Lamaze Mix & Match Plush Toy Caterpillar Baby Toy

Lamaze Mix & Match Plush Toy Caterpillar, Baby Toy Puzzle for Sensory Play, has bold colors, playful patterns, and exciting textures that are many pleasant surprises waiting to be found. The child can explore each of the eight segments that reveal plenty of squeaks and chimes with each piece is easy to mix and match in any order your kiddo chooses. The toy crinkles on the body and squeaker in the nose allow for hearing, tactile, problem-solving, and little motor skill improvement.


Dimensions – 3.3 x 2.95 x 15.74 inches

Recommended Age – 0 month plus

Item weight – 3.46 Ounces


  • They are designed to help babies develop visual, auditory, and fine motor skills.
  • Knotty legs are perfect for the baby to explore.
  • Bright colors and patterns excite the baby’s vision.
  • It has eight playfully patterned segments, easy for them to pull apart, mix, and match.
  • It is designed to help the baby develop visual, auditory, tactile, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.


  • It is machine washable only.

24. Manhattan Toy What’s Outside Sea-Themed Soft Baby Activity Book

Manhattan Toy What's Outside Sea-Themed Soft Baby Activity Book

The amazing Manhattan Toy book has information about interesting new ocean play animals to find, simultaneously with different fabric textures, tethered on personas, and smooth wrinkle paper. This perfect Baby Activity Book includes a squeaker, rattle, and fabric loop for dangling or connecting baby links. Enjoy all six pages of this quiet book during your next story time with the baby.


Dimensions – 6.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches

Recommended Age – 6 months to 5 years

Item weight – 2.4 Ounces


  • Encourages a baby’s imagination with descriptions and names in their new world.
  • It is big enough to share, small enough to manage with a baby nearby.
  • This soft book features exploration for development.
  • It has a fabric hook and loop closure to attach to cribs and strollers.
  • Every page of this amazing book has colorful fresh ocean animals to find.


  • The pages of the book are floppy.

25. Crawligator Tummy Time Rolling Toy

Crawligator Tummy Time Rolling Toy

Crawligator Tummy Time Rolling Toy supports independence, promotes crawling mobility, and improves gross motor skills. Its ideal contoured surface is specifically intended for infants to rest conveniently on their stomach while safely developing and searching. As a baby moves, they will feel the body’s texture they are placed on, creating familiarity with a sense of touch. This tummy time rolling toy develops strength in the baby’s backside part, neck core muscles and improves the baby to match motor milestones: rolling, crawling, and sitting.


Dimensions – 6.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches

Recommended Age – 6 to 12 Months Old

Item weight – 2.7 Pounds


  • Promotes child development
  • The toy is useful for muscle strengthening, spin, and neck strengthening.
  • It develops mobility through kicking, reaching, pushing.
  • Crawligator stores easily, unlike another walker.


  • It is a little bit costly.

People also ask

Q.1. How do I keep my baby entertained during tummy time?

Lie with your knees up to your chin on your back, and hold your baby in front of you, with his/her little body on your shins. To protect his/her against your legs and let his/her arms rest on your legs, hold his/her chest. This activity needs reasonable head control for your daughter, so it’s best to wait for his/her to be around two or three months old. It is not just a fun time for the children, but the parents will also relax for a few minutes while they are busy playing. 

Q.2. What is best for tummy time?

Be entertaining. Your child can be on his/her tummy on the floor without any props until your baby is three or four months old. “Halfin advises, “Get on the floor, face to face, so your baby can see you. A tiny mirror at a 45-degree angle can also be used so that your baby is inspired to see his/her face.” If your baby gets tired or cranky, consider adding a prop to make it easier for your baby like a blanket. Any pattern in tummy time toys is often visually enjoyable and fun, mainly black and white.

Q.3. Are tummy time water mats safe?

For the growth of children, tummy time is also essential. Water mats can allow their tummies plenty of time. For boys of that generation, they are healthy and compact toys. Inflatable baby water mats are packed with water and air, and within the mat are a couple of marine characters. These baby-water mattresses are very colorful, and kids like to play on the mat. They are safe and portable tummy time toys for children of that age.

Bottom Line

Tummy time is beneficial for the baby’s head, neck, and shoulder growth and some of the best tummy time toys are helpful in it. It is an extraordinary opportunity for parents to play and bond with little ones. You have to be sure to always supervise the baby during tummy time. Keep in mind that you never leave them alone or allow them to fall asleep on their stomach. If they begin to look sleepy, you have to set them on their back in their bed as it is the safest method to place them to sleep.

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