How To Fold A Stroller (Step By Step Guide for Multiple Models)

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Struggling to figure out how to fold your new stroller?

Don’t feel bad. There are a wide range of stroller brands and models available, and not all of them have the same mechanism for folding up the stroller. It’s almost as if there’s a deliberate plan to humiliate new parents by making baby gear too complicated for them to understand.

The majority of newer models can be folded with reasonable ease, and some can even be folded using only one hand. Some of the older models may require the use of both hands and a little more effort. To help you out, we’ll look at how to fold a stroller and some problems you may run into along the way.

How To Fold a Stroller

Despite the fact that not all strollers have the same folding mechanisms, here are some steps that are standard for all strollers:

Use the brakes

Before you begin folding, if your stroller has brakes initiate them and make sure that any swivel wheels are locked into place.

Wheels that can rotate in either direction are known as swivel wheels, and they are typically located in the front of a stroller. Swivel wheels can be locked in place using a lever. On the other hand, some strollers have a button that you can press on the side of the stroller, and others are controlled by pulling a handlebar.

Removable wheels

Keep an eye out for wheels that need to be detached in order for the stroller to fold up in the correct manner. To make sure, check the handbook.

Retract the canopy

The canopy can be folded by grabbing the front of it and pulling it back toward the stroller’s handlebar.

Remove accessories

Before beginning to fold the stroller, you need to make sure that all of the accessories have been removed. Cup holders, food trays, and sunshades are examples of accessories that are frequently used.

If it’s not a necessary part of the stroller, you can treat it as an accessory and take it off before folding.

Locking mechanism

There needs to be a way to unlock the frame, such as a catch, lever, push button, or handle. The two components may be one or the other, or both, such as a side lever and a push button located in the handle.

When in doubt, consult the instruction manual provided with the device. When you try to force a mechanism, you risk damaging the moving parts inside. This can happen with any mechanism.

The folding action

Typically, you fold a stroller by folding it in half along its middle and moving the handlebars toward the front. The result is that the handles sit over the front wheels.

They should have a latch that can lock the stroller shut.

Folding Different Kinds of Stroller Brands

Do you agree that life would be simplified if strollers folded in the same way? This will occur at the same time when pigs learn to fly.

Not every stroller has the same folding mechanism, so it would be impossible to list them all. But don’t worry, we have you covered with instructions for folding the most common brands:

How to Fold Graco Strollers (for older models)

A few of the best strollers out there are made by Graco. The Graco Nimblelite Stroller, ideal for manoeuvring through downtown, and the Graco Modes Pramette Stroller, perfect for your newborn, are both lightweight and affordable options.

Here’s how to fold one of these Graco strollers:

  1. Set the brakes: A lever located close to the back wheels can be used to apply the brakes.
  2. Lock the swivel wheels in place: If your model has swivel wheels, make sure to lock them.
  3. Test the brakes: Push the stroller to check the brakes.
  4. Collapse the canopy: Just fold back the canopy and it will collapse.
  5. Recline the seat: Make sure the seat is reclined as far as it will go. There may be a button or a catch on some models to activate the reclining feature.
  6. Check for a handle: Try to find a grip close to the seat’s undercarriage. Some will collapse if you pull this lever. Some strollers have a button that must be depressed to operate, while others have none at all.
  7. Fold: Just pull the handles down toward the stroller’s frame, and it will fold up.

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Newer Graco Models

The majority of Graco’s more recent products have a release that only requires one hand. Finish steps 1–6 as described above, and then proceed to:

  1. Find the release handle: This should be situated in the stroller’s seat, just below where your child would sit.
  2. Pull the handle: The handles of the stroller should fold toward the wheels so that it can be stored compactly. You can find information on how to fold your Graco stroller in the user manual or on the company’s website if you’re still confused.

How to Fold BOB Stroller Models

BOB is well-known for its many models of jogging strollers, which are frequently purchased by parents who are also health and fitness enthusiasts. Their folding mechanism is simple and quick to use.

Here’s how to fold up your BOB stroller:

  1. Release the handlebar: To begin, press the two buttons found on either side of the handle.
  2. Push the handlebar: You need to keep pushing it forward until you hear the click.
  3. Engage the brake: You can use your foot to operate the lever by depressing it. It can be found on the side of the stroller that faces left behind it.
  4. Squeeze up the levers: These are situated at the bottom of the frame that supports the handlebars, one on either side.
  5. Push the handlebar: To the front and over the seat.
  6. Tug on the red handle: it is now in the correct position on top of the folded seat. When you pull on it, the stroller will fold up.
  7. Connect the buckles: To fold the stroller, connect the two red buckles that are located in the center of the frame between the wheels.

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How to Fold Britax Stroller Models

There are multiple strollers from Britax that fold up with ease. Follow these steps in order to fold them up and store them:

  1. Brakes: Activate them.
  2. Shopping basket: Tuck the stroller’s basket away under the seat when not in use.
  3. Release the levers: You can find them on both sides of the bar.
  4. Handlebar: In order to fold the handlebar forward, you must first step back.
  5. Lock: Verify that the stroller’s hinges securely lock together when closed.

How to Fold Baby Trend Stroller Models

Baby Trend is the best brand of strollers because they are made with the busy parent in mind. Baby Trend keeps this in mind whenever they design their cutting-edge and user-friendly products.

Consider the Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand stroller. Unlike most other double strollers, this Baby Trend model makes transporting multiple young kids a breeze.

Adore it! Those in need of a vacation suitable for infants can also consider the Baby Trend Expedition. It has a car seat built in, so you won’t have to waste time looking for a high-quality car seat to transport your infant. How to fold them:

  1. Brakes: Activate them.
  2. Levers or release buttons: Either pull up on the two levers that resemble triggers and are located on each side of the handle, or press in on the release buttons that are located in the middle of the handle.
  3. Fold: When not in use, fold the handle over so that it faces the front wheel.

How to Fold Chicco Stroller Models

Chicco is another well-known brand. In addition to that, it has a release fold system that only requires one hand. To fold the Chicco stroller, follow these steps:

  1. Brakes: Activate them.
  2. Lift the black release handle: You’ll find it at the very top of the stroller, right behind the handlebar.
  3. Storage tray: Put one of your feet on the edge of the storage tray.
  4. Fold: In addition to using your foot to exert pressure, you’ll need to lift the black release handle.
  5. Canopy: Ahead, extend a hand to grab the edge of the canopy while keeping the other on the handlebar. To close the canopy, drag it toward the grip.
  6. Secure the handlebar: To collapse the handlebar, press the buttons located on either end.

How to Fold a Stroller: Top Tips for Success

The ability to fold a stroller is crucial, whether you need to store it in a small closet or squeeze it into the trunk of a car for a long trip.

Here are 11 suggestions that can be used with any stroller, regardless of the reason for using one or the model you happen to own.

1. Check Your User Manual

Information on how to fold your stroller is included in the user manual. For instance, you may only need one click to fold your Graco stroller, but there may be several steps involved in doing so with your Baby Trend stroller.

In order to avoid damaging your stroller accidentally while storing it, it is imperative that you read the instructions beforehand.

2. Prepare the Area

We’re not getting ready for surgery, though folding a stroller can feel a lot like it! Perform the following four essential steps in order to get your stroller ready to be folded:

  1. Keep your child at a safe distance from the stroller, especially older children who may be too curious and get their fingers pinched.
  2. Take care to keep the stroller dry. Mold and mildew can grow in a damp stroller.
  3. Using sturdy pliers, straighten out any bends or warps.
  4. It may be necessary to lubricate the stroller frame.

3. Brakes and Locks

If the stroller’s brakes or locks aren’t engaged when you try to fold it, you might find it difficult or even impossible to do so. For obvious reasons of security, this must be done. As a result, although it may be an extra hassle, you must do this before folding your stroller if you want to be successful.

Check on your stroller. Does Doe sit have brakes that you can lock using a lever? In most cases, the locking mechanism will be found on the back wheels. Ensure that everything is accurate, and then secure them.

Some stroller models have lockable swivel front wheels that need to be engaged before folding. Most of the time, the locking mechanism is on the frame of the handlebars, not on the wheel itself.

4. Retract the Canopy

Almost all strollers won’t be able to collapse with the canopy up, regardless of the type of folding that stroller has.

In light of this, you should retract the stroller’s canopy. Simply pull the canopy’s front toward the handlebars at the back to accomplish this.

5. Remove Accessories

Most strollers also include a variety of helpful extras to lighten your load. That’s great and all, and we respect it – right, parents? However, when it’s time to fold, you’ll have to say goodbye to these convenient add-ons.

Before making an attempt to fold your stroller, you will need to take off any accessories that are attached to it. Why? They are a nuisance because, essentially, they stand in the way. Take out the food trays, the cup holders for the parents, and anything else that can be easily taken out.

Be sure to empty the basket beneath it as well of any stray items while you’re at it. I don’t know how many times I’ve left an item in the basket while folding and then realized I’d left it there, breaking or nearly breaking it. Keep in mind that any frame, regardless of how light, can still crush anything placed beneath it.

6. Click and Fold

The folding and locking mechanisms on each stroller are standard. A handle, lever, or (more recently) a push-button may function as the mechanism. Some strollers have a push-button on one side and a lever on the other for locking the frame. On other occasions, a stroller’s release mechanism only requires one hand.

Strollers are complex, so it’s best to properly read the manual before beginning to fold it.

At this point in time, folding a stroller is a breeze regardless of the type of locking mechanism it applies. Put the lock in place and pull the handlebars forward until they touch the seat. There shouldn’t be any difficulty in collapsing the stroller, whether it’s a large dual jogging stroller or a more compact model.

Use the stroller’s latch to keep the stroller folded and secure.

7. Make Sure It’s Dry

Mold and mildew can form on a stroller after it has been folded up and stored in damp conditions. In advance of wiping it down, let it air dry in the open air or use a towel.

8. No Obstructions

There could be cloth or straps sticking out that prevent the stroller from folding all the way down. Have you checked the buggy’s basket in case you forgot something there? Clear these things out of the way and give it another shot.

9. Warped Frame

You might not be able to fold up your stroller if the metal clips are bent or if the frame is bent. Grab a pair of pliers and straighten any metal catches, or adjust the stroller’s structure while it’s unfolded.

10. Lubrication

When a stroller is left outside in a garage or on a porch, the weather can cause the joints and catches to seize. To get them to move again, use a lubricant. To find out what product is suggested, check the instructions or use WD-40.

11. Don’t Force It

Your stroller might not always fold up neatly. Don’t try to force it; instead, bring it back to the shop where you bought it. If you try to force it shut, you might break it, or you might break yourself.


If you’re in a hurry to get out the door or packing up after a long trip, it can be very frustrating to find that your “foldable stroller” just won’t fold. So what’s the deal? There could be a problem with the fold button, with the baby stroller, or with something completely at random if you can’t fold it.

If you are ready to pack up your baby gear and get moving, but your stroller isn’t cooperating, you might want to try one of these ways to see if it helps.

Check for Obstructions

Getting rid of any obstacles is a quick way to fix the problem. You might have forgotten to take the child tray off of your toddler stroller, or you might have a few items that are just kind of hanging around in the bottom of your double stroller. Look carefully at your stroller to see if anything needs to be taken off.

Check for Bends and Warps

If the frame is bent, it will not fold properly, if it folds at all. Use a pair of pliers to fix the frame and get going.

Apply Lubricant

It may become difficult or even impossible to fold strollers that have not been used for a period of several weeks or months, particularly if the strollers have been stored in a garage. The most effective solution is to apply some lubricant across the entirety of the frame.

Check the Instruction Manual

It’s just a fact that some strollers are more complex than others. For instance, folding a Graco Fastaction stroller is simple, but folding a large double stroller could prove to be a significantly more difficult task.

It is in your best interest to consult the user manual before attempting to fold your strollers by forcibly bringing them into a folded position.

Doing so will prevent your strollers from being damaged. This is especially the case for older models, which may not offer the same level of convenience as the majority of other baby strollers available in this day and age.

Bottom Line

Although folding a stroller isn’t exactly a joyful activity, manufacturers are getting more creative in order to make our lives as parents easier (just look at the Baby Trend and Graco Stroller options, for example). No matter what brand you own, the best thing to do is check the manual to see how to fold it correctly. In most cases, you will be able to fold the stroller only after you have applied the brakes, retracted the canopy, and removed any accessories, including the car seat.

I really hope that this instruction was helpful to you. Not only should you now have a better understanding of how to fold a stroller, but I also hope that I was able to allay your fears of folding it. Have fun, parents!

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