Uppababy Vista Stroller Review: Honest Experience by User (& Is It Worth It?)

by | Nov 13, 2022

Uppababy Vista Stroller

I’m anna, and here giving an review of Uppababy vista stroller based on my personal experience. When I was pregnant with my first child, I naively believed that a stroller is a stroller and that there was nothing special or noteworthy about them. Once I started doing some research, I quickly found that there is a great deal more to picking the perfect stroller for your child.

I spent days looking for something great, and I was shocked at how expensive strollers can be.

During my pregnancy, my partner and I were in the process of relocating from the United States to Italy; hence, we were in a position to select a stroller from either continent; nonetheless, no matter where I looked online, the Uppababy Vista was widely recognized as the stroller that had the highest number of recommendations.

Why Is Uppababy Vista Model So Popular Among Parents?

When I first started looking into strollers, I found that the majority of people use Uppababy strollers, whereas, in Europe, the most popular stroller brands are Bugaboo and Babyzen Yoyo. Every American TV show and film with babies include Uppababy Vista (you’ll notice it right away once you know the design).

When I was walking around Boston, I saw that literally, every single mother who had a baby had this stroller, and the vast majority of them had the green Emmett model. It should come as no surprise that every new mother is thinking that this must be the best stroller for traveling currently available on the market.

Unfortunately, the high cost is a major drawback. The going rate for Uppababy Vista is roughly $1,000. We also ordered the Uppababy Mesa car seat because we didn’t want to bother with car seat adapters. The grand total was $1280, which is not cheap.

Why Is the Uppababy Vista Such an Expensive Option?

The Uppababy Vista is a luxury stroller that comes with a variety of accessories, including a baby bassinet for a newborn (something that Americans aren’t fully getting since most put their infants in car seats during newborn phases, which is quite horrible for the baby – and wouldn’t fly in Europe), rain coverings, and mosquito nets for the bassinet and seat.

Many people compare it to the Mockingbird stroller, however even though I don’t suggest the Vista stroller overall, I have to admit that Mockingbird doesn’t even come close to being as good as the Vista. I did a full review of it, describing why.

The stroller is of high quality, is easily visible, and has an extensive warranty. Additionally, I have called their customer service three times, and I have to tell you that it is excellent within the United States.

Since the odd recall of their Uppababy Knox car seat last year, however, the company’s credibility has been questioned. They quietly recalled it after a month so as not to damage their reputation (now it’s back, improved).

One thing to keep in mind with Uppababy car seats is that, in particular, the Uppababy Mesa (models Henry and Jordan), which are the first car seats to pass federal safety standards without making use of hazardous flame retardants, are made possible by the unique use of Merino wool. This is excellent news because baby products sold in the United States are filled with unnecessary amounts of hazardous chemicals.

Overview: Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

Uppababy vista v2 stroller
  • Design
  • Maneuverability
  • Durability
  • Ease of Folding


Weight – 27 pounds

Dimensions – 36 x 25.7 x 36 inches

Age and Weight Recommendations – Suitable from birth up to 50 pounds

The UPPAbaby Vista is lightweight and simple to steer, making it an ideal stroller. This baby stroller has a width of 26.5 inches, making it one of the largest single strollers on the market; despite this, it navigates turns as if it were on rails. It is completely possible for me to wheel my little child around the entire first floor of my home without bumping into even a single item of furniture. Also, it travels easily on flat pavement and can absorb shock when traveling over rougher terrain. It doesn’t matter how bumpy the road is, my kid never complains.

However, it is somewhat wider than other travel systems, such as the more streamlined Bugaboo Cameleon or the Britax B-Agile, so this is something to keep in mind if you typically cross tiny aisles, doorways, and sidewalks. If you are a bit similar to me and have a hubby who is considerably taller than you, the telescopic handlebar gives you the ability to modify the height with the push of a button. It measures between 39 and 43 inches. In contrast to other strollers, which have a side brake that is more difficult to reach, this one has an easy-to-see footbrake that is color-coded (red means stop, and green means go). This is a second of my best features.

The front- and rear-facing seat, both of which can be adjusted with one hand, features a 180-degree reclining capability, which will keep the attention of your young child. My daughter, who is three years old, adores the fact that she can sit up straight or sit in a posture that is slightly reclined, depending on how she is feeling at the time. If she is weary, she can sleep lying flat on her back. I really like that in order to adjust the seat or expand the bottom half of the seat so that your child is in the most comfortable position possible, all you have to do is press a button. Additionally, the toddler seat canopy features a window that can be opened like a peekaboo to let you keep an eye on your child. It also has an extensible SPF 50+ sun shade that protects UV rays on both the bassinet and toddler seat.

What’s Important to Consider

Compared to other full-size strollers we tried, this one is more cumbersome to lift and carry because it is a bit heavier and bulkier when folded. Therefore, if you do not want seats for two or more people, this might not be the best option for you.

However, if your family is expanding or you have twins, we believe that the Vista is difficult to beat and that it deserves a spot on our list of strolling favorites because of this, (it is also compatible with the uppababy mesa infant car seat).

  • Very user friendly
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Can easily convert to a double stroller
  • Extremely large storage basket
  • Heavy compared with other travel systems

What to look for before buying an Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

After analyzing it properly for a few days, we have come across various features of the stroller. And we are discussing them below.

Easy to find in lots of colors

I really like that you can get this stroller from such a wide variety of stores and vendors. Although we purchased ours at Nordstrom, you may also find it at other retailers like Pottery Barn, Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, etc. It is also simple to resell once you have finished using it. In addition to that, it is available in a wide variety of colors.

Adjustable handle

Adjustable handlebar of Uppababy vista

We both place a very high priority on this matter. We are both of very different heights (he is really tall, and I am short), yet the handle of the stroller can be adjusted very easily with only one hand.

Peek-a-boo window

Peek-a-boo Window

I ADORE this. On the very top of the sunshade is a little window that has a magnetic flap to close it. Nicolas prefers to sit with his back to the door and gaze out at the world, so I use this little window to keep an eye on him without having to stop, put the break locks on, and walk around the room. It’s very helpful and cute.

Front or rear-facing seat

When Nicolas was a baby, we used to hold him with his back to us. We turn him around so that he can see the world around him now that he is getting bigger. I enjoy chatting with him when we observe everything on our walks. If you are going to make a large investment in a stroller like this one, it is imperative that you have the capacity to perform both of these things.

Roomy enough to fit 2 children

For me, that’s a major selling point. The fact that this stroller can accommodate two children makes the purchase that much more reasonable. The VISTA can accommodate two infant car seats, two bassinets, two seats, or any combination of these things, making it an excellent choice as a double stroller (although Uppababy does offer a traditional umbrella-style double stroller that is ideal for twins as a second stroller option).

Mutiple configurations of Uppababy Stroller Vista

Knowing that, if we have another child, we can continue to use alternative configurations for longer gives me peace of mind. This image illustrates how it can be used with up to THREE children! There is not enough space for three seats, but if you have a child who is older than the others, they can use this piggyback ride-along board to stand on the back.



Right after we brought Nicolas home, we put him in the bassinet, but he wasn’t a big fan of the stroller at all. This wasn’t particularly useful for us, but it’s fantastic for other infants who enjoy going for walks. It can support children from birth up to 20 pounds or 20 inches in height.

Smooth ride

Smooth Ride with Uppababy vista

It might sound odd to you if you haven’t pushed very many strollers before, but the way that this stroller feels as you push it is just incredible. The ride is much more comfortable, it is simple to maneuver with just one hand, and it is easy to push over uneven ground. When I first tried it, I assumed it was normal, but then I tried it with other strollers that have meh wheel suspension. It is the best in its category.



The parking brake that is activated with the foot pedal is exceptionally user-friendly and convenient. You need to click it to lock it and click it again to unlock it. Well, that settles it.

Easy to fold and pack

Uppababy vista accessories

It is really simple to collapse and fold, and just as simple to assemble. It’s not too heavy, and it’s not too bulky either, which is great because I’m not a particularly large person. It’s the perfect size for my small SUV’s trunk.

Add-ons options

This stroller is compatible with a wide variety of add-ons and accessories, such as a snack tray, a foot pedestal that can accommodate a third and older child, a stroller caddy basket organizer, and many more. We received the waterproof leather handlebar cover, which is quite good.

Tons of storage


The bottom of the stroller offers a TON OF SPACE, which is fantastic for storing a diaper bag, snacks, or anything else that could be required. If you store items in the bottom, which has a ventilated base, the compartment will remain airy throughout the process.

Storage, Tilt and Cover for the Seats

The seat, except for the footrest as previously mentioned, is strong and the canopy is unbeatable. The canopy can cover the child from head to toe, it is made of fabric with a sun protection factor of at least 50+, it folds up effortlessly, and – most importantly – it does not get caught on the child’s head (which is a common issue with many competing strollers). Additionally, it has a closable peek-a-boo window.

There’s a bumper bar included, and you can get an additional snack tray if you need it. Adding or removing seats or attachments is a breeze and never causes any sort of issue.

The harness can be adjusted in a wide variety of ways to ensure a comfortable fit for the child. There are three different positions for the straps at the shoulder, and multiple different positions for the crotch straps.

Seat reclining positions of Uppababy vista

The reclining is not completely flat. Although it has six different recline positions, the seat has been designed so that the child can only lie in a profiled posture similar to that of a bassinet. This means that even if it is reclined to its full extent, which many people claim is flat, it is not flat.

You may see what I mean in the given image, but rest assured that your kid will always recline with his or her buttocks down and legs up.

The toddler seat can be used both forward- and rear-facing, which is a huge convenience, and it can support a child weighing up to 50 pounds.


At $1,099.99, the price represents a big investment. But considering that you can use it for such a long time and with several children, I believe that it is an investment that is worth making. If you keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace, you can also purchase it used, but you must act immediately because they sell out quickly.

In all honesty, I can’t think of anything else that I dislike about it, so I guess that’s the only drawback!

Uppababy Vista vs Cruz (Comparison)

Uppababy vista Vs Cruz

There is a good reason why Uppababy Cruz is sold at a lower price. In contrast to Vista, which comes with a bassinet and can accommodate many children, this one is only suitable for a single child.

In order to accommodate an additional child, the rear wheels on the Vista are larger but other than that, the two strollers have a similar design. Unless you’re going on extremely muddy mountain walks, you really don’t need the enormous Vista back wheels; they’re more of a pain in the butt (read more in weight & size).

Due to the fact that some close friends of ours had the Cruz at the same time that we had the Vista, I was able to compare and contrast the two side by side. If you’re only planning on having one child, you might as well purchase the Cruz and an additional Uppababy bassinet separately to save roughly $150.

Uppababy Vista Accessories

If you want to accessorize and personalize the Vista, UPPAbaby offers a wide choice of potential add-ons that will make your life easier, including the following:

UPPAbaby RumbleSeat – The Rumble seat is a second, slightly more compact seat that can be installed in your Vista in order to convert it into a two-seater vehicle.

UPPAbaby Bassinet – The purchase of a Vista v2 comes with a bassinet as standard, however, if you are expecting twins, you may want to look into purchasing a second bassinet. In addition, UPPAbaby provides a bassinet stand that enables parents to gently move sleeping babies, and the bassinet stand can be converted into a hamper once the infant outgrows the bassinet stage.

UPPAbaby Cup Holder – If you adore the Vista but find yourself wishing it had a cup holder, you’ll be happy to know that one is available for purchase separately. The holder is attached to the frame of the stroller for convenient access, and the placements mean that there is less risk of goods dropping onto your child.

UPPAbaby snack tray – The snack tray designed for older toddlers puts treasures and snacks closer together for the purpose of enjoyment and storage of snacks. Although smaller babies won’t be able to reach the tray, older toddlers may take pride in the fact that they are responsible for maintaining their personal belongings close by.


I hope this article will be useful based on the Uppababy vista stroller review as well as you now know a lot about this stroller that you didn’t know before.

Similar to its predecessor, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is an excellent convertible stroller that is available to parents who have the financial means to purchase it (the regular Vista). The construction quality is excellent, and the features are nothing short of impressive: a telescopic handlebar, a HUGE storage basket, a wicked bassinet, an easy (standing) fold, and an adaptable rumble seat are just some of the highlights. A luxurious convertible stroller that can be used for many years by a growing family is just what you’re searching for. It also maintains a high resale value.

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