Starla Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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Starla may appeal to astronomical name enthusiasts. The Starla name meaning is “star” and it is a feminine name that comes from British and American origins. Star is derived from the Old English word steorra, although the name Starla could be a combination of the names Star and Carla. It could also come from the simple but creative addition of a lyrical -la ending to a favorite word about the sky.

In many languages, names that mean “star” are common. The Greek Aster and Latin Stella are well-known star names that offer appealing and smooth alternatives to Starla. Esther is a Persian name that has been used for a long time and also means “star.” This is an amazing name that embraces the wonder of the cosmos and is ideal if you want to pass on your love of the night sky to your darling little one.

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