Nella Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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You should celebrate since you’ve found the name Nella, which is a lovely girl’s name that has the meaning “horn.” Nella, which has its origins in Latin, is a diminutive of the name Cornelia, which in turn is a feminine form of the Latin masculine name Cornelius. In addition, the Gens Cornelia family was one of the most influential and long-lived patrician families in all of Rome.

This name is also a diminutive of the Greek name Eleanor, which means “bright, flashing torch.” Its origin is just as ancient as “Nella,” but the meaning is far more illuminating. Torches or horns, both show that the baby is able to stand out from the crowd.

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Similar Names Like Nella

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Sibling Name Ideas

Are you trying to find a sibling name for Nella? Great choices include the following:

  • Saryna
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  • Klaryce
  • Natasja
  • Cristiano
  • Krystene
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