Middle Names for Eloise (100+ Options You’ll Love)

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Do you need middle names for Eloise-named daughter? Middle names are getting increasingly popular as more parents try to give their children names that stand out. Middle names are so ubiquitous these days that it’s not unusual to encounter a youngster with two middle names.

It is a sweet notion, but if you’re anything like me, you struggle to choose even one middle name for your child! How do you choose a middle name for Eloise? What other names go well with Eloise?

What Does the Name Eloise Mean?

Germanic in origin, the name Eloise means “great fighter.” It is a somewhat rare name outside the top 100 names in the US. Eloise is a fantastic option if you’re searching for traditional-sounding Eloise middle names that aren’t overused. Even your tiny girl may be proud of it because it has a deep significance.

Which middle names are most common? Here’s a list of the most popular middle names – these names are among the most widely used middle names that go with Eloise for the decade (so you’re likely to identify them!)

The most popular middle names are listed below, which are also some of the most popular middle names for the past ten years (so you will definitely recognize them!).

  • Eloise Adele
  • Eloise Agatha
  • Eloise Alexandra
  • Eloise Amelia
  • Eloise Amity
  • Eloise Ashley
  • Eloise Barbara
  • Eloise Belinda
  • Eloise Bethany
  • Eloise Beverley
  • Eloise Bianca
  • Eloise Bridget
  • Eloise Carla
  • Eloise Caroline
  • Eloise Cassandra
  • Eloise Chantelle
  • Eloise Claire
  • Eloise Coral
  • Eloise Cornelia
  • Eloise Cosette
  • Eloise Daisy
  • Eloise Dakota
  • Eloise Daphne
  • Eloise Dawn
  • Eloise Diana
  • Eloise Dorothy
  • Eloise Eden
  • Eloise Edith
  • Eloise Faith
  • Eloise Felicity
  • Eloise Fern
  • Eloise Fiona
  • Eloise Florence
  • Eloise Frances
  • Eloise Garnet
  • Eloise Georgianna
  • Eloise Gloria
  • Eloise Gretel
  • Eloise Gweneth
  • Eloise Hailey
  • Eloise Hannah
  • Eloise Hazel
  • Eloise Heather
  • Eloise Helena
  • Eloise Hilary
  • Eloise Holly
  • Eloise Hope
  • Eloise Indee
  • Eloise Ingrid
  • Eloise Iris
  • Eloise Isabel
  • Eloise Ivy
  • Eloise Jacqueline
  • Eloise Jade
  • Eloise Jemima
  • Eloise Joan
  • Eloise Jolene
  • Eloise Julia
  • Eloise Kirsten
  • Eloise Kristine
  • Eloise Laurel
  • Eloise Leanne
  • Eloise Lesley
  • Eloise Lily
  • Eloise Madeleine
  • Eloise Maeve
  • Eloise Maria
  • Eloise Melanie
  • Eloise Meredith
  • Eloise Mila
  • Eloise Nadia
  • Eloise Nanette
  • Eloise Naomi
  • Eloise Nerida
  • Eloise Nina
  • Eloise Norah
  • Eloise Odette
  • Eloise Ondine
  • Eloise Opal
  • Eloise Paloma
  • Eloise Pansy
  • Eloise Pearl
  • Eloise Philippa
  • Eloise Phoebe
  • Eloise Piper
  • Eloise Rachel
  • Eloise Rebecca
  • Eloise Regina
  • Eloise Renée
  • Eloise Rosalyn
  • Eloise Ruby
  • Eloise Ruth
  • Eloise Sarah
  • Eloise Simone
  • Eloise Sophia
  • Eloise Tamara
  • Eloise Taylor
  • Eloise Tilda
  • Eloise Trinity
  • Eloise Valentina
  • Eloise Vanora
  • Eloise Vera
  • Eloise Verity
  • Eloise Victoria
  • Eloise Violet
  • Eloise Vivian
  • Eloise Wanda
  • Eloise Willa
  • Eloise Winona
  • Eloise Yasmin
  • Eloise Zoe

The middle name you give your child is a significant choice. Continue trying until you get it perfect; test out each name you’re considering and compile a list of your favorites. The following advice will assist you in picking the ideal names like Eloise:

1. Think about how your first and last names sound; you want a middle name that flows well without uncomfortable sound combinations or pauses.

2. Eloise has three syllables; you might find that it sounds best with a middle name that is only one syllable long.

3. Take into account the initial name’s final sound. Choosing a name that begins with this sound might not be a good idea.


Middle names for Eloise are not only a wonderful way to honor a member of your family, but they also provide your kid the opportunity to subsequently rediscover who they are. Middle names can be advantageous and are frequently forgotten. Don’t worry if you haven’t decided on a name for your child yet! As long as it is done during the first year after a kid is born, middle names can be selected.

And if you’re still looking for more great middle names, try these middle names for Juliet and Ellie for more inspiration!

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