Middle Names for Eleanor (70+ Options You’ll Love)

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Are you looking for a list of middle names for Eleanor? Elenor is a name whose origin lies in the French language. It is a famous name that parents would love to keep for their girl. Giving names to little ones has become a special thing now. Gone are the days when the priests or the Father gave names. 

Parents create their list for names and then finalize the best one. Suppose you are also planning to give your little princess a special name the look for a middle name for Elenor and bless her with a unique identity. There are several names that go with the Eleanor option that we can help you out with.

What Does the Name Eleanor Mean?

Eleanor means light. It’s a special name that has its origins in the French language. Let the light of your life derive her name from the same word. You can look for several Eleanor middle names and add them to make them look more special.

Some of the best options for middle names that go with Eleanor are Elle, Beth, Beverly, Camily, Cameline, Catherine, and much more. Also, the best part of choosing Eleanor as her name is that you can also have a perfect nickname.

You can call her Ella, Elle, Nore, Nory, etc.; we are sure she will love them all.

All right, let’s jump right into the list.

We compiled a list of about 70+ interesting middle names, these names cover a wide range of categories, including those that are fun, classical, feminine, and unique. Let’s hope you end up with the one!

  • Eleanor Adaline
  • Eleanor Clementine
  • Eleanor Inez
  • Eleanor Ruelle
  • Eleanor Eloise
  • Eleanor Astrid
  • Eleanor Daisy
  • Eleanor August
  • Eleanor Psalm
  • Eleanor Isla
  • Eleanor Mia
  • Eleanor Audrey
  • Eleanor Ava
  • Eleanor Camilla
  • Eleanor Lillian
  • Eleanor Adele
  • Eleanor Celeste
  • Eleanor Poppy
  • Eleanor Clara
  • Eleanor Ada
  • Eleanor Cove
  • Eleanor Autumn
  • Eleanor Edith
  • Eleanor Maeve
  • Eleanor Ever
  • Eleanor Everly
  • Eleanor Olivia
  • Eleanor Grace
  • Eleanor Ida
  • Eleanor Ruby
  • Eleanor Bea
  • Eleanor Adelina
  • Eleanor Evangeline
  • Eleanor Ivy
  • Eleanor James
  • Eleanor Adalaide
  • Eleanor June
  • Eleanor Camelia
  • Eleanor Leigh
  • Eleanor Estelle
  • Eleanor Amelia
  • Eleanor Mae
  • Eleanor Eva
  • Eleanor Mila
  • Eleanor Pearl
  • Eleanor Posie
  • Eleanor Bree
  • Eleanor Ruth
  • Eleanor Sage
  • Eleanor Sofia
  • Eleanor Lou
  • Eleanor Summer
  • Eleanor Sunday
  • Eleanor Eve
  • Eleanor Laine
  • Eleanor Rory
  • Eleanor Rae
  • Eleanor Anne
  • Eleanor Rome
  • Eleanor True
  • Eleanor Wren
  • Eleanor Elizabeth
  • Eleanor Ayla
  • Eleanor Abby
  • Eleanor Eden
  • Eleanor Rue
  • Eleanor Evie
  • Eleanor Rose
  • Eleanor Tillie
  • Eleanor Joy
  • Eleanor Roux
  • Eleanor Blair


Don’t get confused with so many middle names for Eleanor available for your daughter. Just pick the best one, or let her choose her mother to do the honors. Always remember a name is your identity, and a name like Eleanor’s will also spread a positive light in your life.

And if you’re still looking for more great middle names, try these middle names for Luna for more inspiration!

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