Middle Names for Claire (100 Options You’ll Love)

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In search of middle names for Claire? You’ve found the correct page. But first, let’s consider what Claire means. The gorgeous name Claire means “clear and dazzling,” It is also short. It is a French-derived spelling variation of the name Clara.

The English spelling of the Latin name Clara is Claire. Let’s move on and check some middle name for Claire so that you can add an identity to your little one.

What Does the Name Claire Mean?

Claire is a french name that means brilliant and clear. Clara is a feminine given name; Claire is its French equivalent. The feminine version of the Latin baby name Clarus is Clara. Clare is named after the French word meaning clear, Clair. Several middle names go with Claire, which you can choose from.

Historically, the name Claire was given to boys, but today it is mostly a girl’s name. The name may also appear as Clare, Klaire, or Klare. The pronunciation of Claire gives away its French origins, and it sounds powerful but feminine.

Although the name Claire is seeing a little resurgence, it is not a typical choice for newborn girls in 2023. Just choose the Claire middle names that perfectly complement the first and the last name.

Now, let’s get to work!

We’ve put together a list of names that are a wonderful complement to Claire and are certain to point you in the right direction.

  • Claire Ailani
  • Claire Aisha
  • Claire Alaina
  • Claire Alaiya
  • Claire Annika
  • Claire Aspen
  • Claire Belle
  • Claire Bexley
  • Claire Braelynn
  • Claire Brooklyn
  • Claire Brylee
  • Claire Camille
  • Claire Cassandra
  • Claire Cataleya
  • Claire Catherine
  • Claire Celeste
  • Claire Charleigh
  • Claire Clarissa
  • Claire Coraline
  • Claire Dahlia
  • Claire Danna
  • Claire Daphne
  • Claire Eliana
  • Claire Ellison
  • Claire Elodie
  • Claire Emberly
  • Claire Emelia
  • Claire Emmalyn
  • Claire Emmy
  • Claire Evelynn
  • Claire Fatima
  • Claire Finley
  • Claire Florence
  • Claire Genesis
  • Claire Haley
  • Claire Heidi
  • Claire Isabella
  • Claire Isla
  • Claire Jade
  • Claire Janiyah
  • Claire Jasmine
  • Claire Jaycee
  • Claire Jayda
  • Claire Jayla
  • Claire Jayleen
  • Claire Jazmine
  • Claire Jessica
  • Claire Jimena
  • Claire Juliette
  • Claire Katherine
  • Claire Kayla
  • Claire Kelly
  • Claire Khloe
  • Claire Kyleigh
  • Claire Lacey
  • Claire Lara
  • Claire Laylani
  • Claire Leilani
  • Claire Linda
  • Claire Liv
  • Claire Livia
  • Claire Luisa
  • Claire Madelyn
  • Claire Maeve
  • Claire Mara
  • Claire Margot
  • Claire Marina
  • Claire Marley
  • Claire Melany
  • Claire Meredith
  • Claire Molly
  • Claire Natalie
  • Claire Nathalia
  • Claire Nola
  • Claire Palmer
  • Claire Paris
  • Claire Penelope
  • Claire Penny
  • Claire Princess
  • Claire Remy
  • Claire Sadie
  • Claire Scarlett
  • Claire Scout
  • Claire Stormi
  • Claire Sunny
  • Claire Tatum
  • Claire Thea
  • Claire Vera
  • Claire Victoria
  • Claire Violeta
  • Claire Virginia
  • Claire Waverly
  • Claire Whitley
  • Claire Ximena
  • Claire Yasmin
  • Claire Zariah
  • Claire Zelda
  • Claire Zoe
  • Claire Zinnia
  • Claire Zuri


Write down the first name, the middle name, and the last name all at once while thinking about middle names, and say them aloud! Choosing a nickname for the baby is a good idea because Claire’s middle name might be it.

With a middle name, Claire will have an amazing future option. With middle names for Claire to complete the style, Claire, a great name, would be much more lovely! We hope you’ve chosen what you want from our collection already! Congratulations, and good luck!

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