Joovy Qool Stroller Review: Perfect for Single to Triplets

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The Joovy Qool Stroller was first launched in the year 2013. The stroller was available as a single rider stroller with a double stroller as the Joovy Too Qool or a triple rider stroller with the Joovy Too Qool Ride-on Board.

This renewed stroller approached any of the complaints and feedback Joovy obtained about the first model. The stroller works amazingly during the development of the child. We are giving a joovy qool review after using it for six months.

The Company Background

Joovy is the delinquent of the children’s products industry. They have been where our customers are, and everything we make reflects that. Now you can say no to throwaway products, ugly patterns, and cheap design.

They produce here intended to develop with families, not fill up a packed garage and be old-fashioned the next time you have another baby.

They were hoping you could get a Joovy product and use it until it’s run ragged by the memories you make together as a family. As families are growing, kids change, and finally, there’s a stroller that can keep up. 

1. Joovy Qool Stroller: Quick Overview

joovy qool

The Joovy Qool is a multifunctional stroller that grows and evolves with your family. This stroller can be configured with the baby facing forward or back, high or low as single. The fabric of the stroller seat is detachable and machine washable. It has 56 configurations that support your family as it develops. You can choose the stroller accessories you need when you need them.

Baby rides conveniently in the reclining cushioned seat for easy naps. The smart expandable canopy is fully adjustable, and the baby will be visible through a unique mesh window providing 180-degree visibility and excellent ventilation. It’s every seat carries up to 55 lbs. The 3 kids stroller can carry up to 110 lbs. total.

When your second child comes along, you don’t need to buy a new stroller, add the front adapter, and a second seat. It is excellent for Twins and even converts to a triple. Also Compatible with Britax, Chicco, Cybex, Graco, Maxi Cosi, and Nuna Car Seats. It can be folded in size 37.01 Lx 24.80 Wx 17.72 H inch.


  • Brand – Joovy
  • Color – Grey Melange
  • Style – Single, Double and Triple
  • Product dimensions – 39.96 x 24.8 x 40.16
  • Recommend weight – 55 Pounds
  • Item weight – 30.6 Pounds


  • Very sturdy construction.
  • The end seats look very comfortable and are padded well.
  • Canopy is fantastic with the zip-out panel to provide full coverage.
  • The storage basket is huge and can fit up to 25 lb.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • A little bit heavy.

Buying Guide of Joovy Qool Stroller

Move over BOB and Baby Jogger, there’s a new double joggers in town, welcome to our much-anticipated thule urban glide 2 review. We have put together some important things for you to consider before making your buying decision, you need to see it.


The Joovy Qool is a full-size stroller that quickly and easily converts to a double stroller with an additional seat and adapter. The wheels are durable, so it is easy to run. 

It can run on hilly grass to gravel. The front wheels make comfortable suspension for a nice, smooth ride and can swivel or be stationary. The wheels are of perfect size. It handles grass, dirt, gravel, and cracks in the sidewalk with ease, even with someone in the bench seat. 

Car Seat and Bassinet Compatibility

The Joovy Qool accepts two car seats at the same time (and both can be parent-facing, which is fantastic!), with the use of the Qool’s Front Adapters and car seat adapters for Maxi Cosi / Nuna or Chicco /  Cybex / Graco / Britax (sold separately), making it a solid pick for twins. It is compatible with various of the significant brand car seats.

Car seat and bassinet compatibility of Joovy Stroller

You need to check out Joovy’s car seat compatibility guide to see if you can use yours with the Qool. You can also use the Front Adapters (sold separately) to install two infant bassinets, each of which can hold a baby up to 20 lbs. 


The Joovy Qool seats have a high weight limit — both the main seat and the second seat can hold a child up to 55 lbs. Nevertheless, the height boundary of the seats is only 44 inches. Some parents say that with the second seat attached, space can feel squished.

The seats, which are equipped with a 5-point harness, can smoothly recline to a nearly flat position by engaging the gray recline lever at the top of the seat.


That said, though they can recline down far, Joovy does not recommend you place babies in the regular seat until they are about six months of age (or have solid head and neck control). 

Brakes and Canopy

Breakes: The Qool has a linked parking brake that’s super simple to use. Just step on the brake pedal, and it locks the wheels; push it up with your foot, and it unlocks the wheels. It enables easy and smooth functioning of the stroller.

Canopy of joovy stroller

Canopy: Reviewers LOVE the large UPF 50 canopy. It has a zip-out panel that provides full sun protection, as well as a mesh peek-a-boo window for increased airflow and to check on your little one. 

Basket and Storage

The basket on this stroller can hold about 25 lbs. It’s easy to access, an extra-large basket that can hold a diaper bag plus other belongings. It even has some pockets within the basket to hold smaller items, like a phone, wallet, keys, etc, some reviewer said the basket is insane.

It has great sufficient sides to keep stuff in but not so high to make it difficult from the sides. You can access it from all four sides of the stroller with ease.

Basket and Storage

Even if the seat is in the lower position and you feel like it’s a little more complicated, the front unzips to make accessibility easier. The basket is big enough to fit two good size diaper bags easily.

Fold and Unfold

Before you fold the Qool, make sure the main seat is in the middle position. When you are using the second seat, you must disconnect it first.

Then, you press the triggers on either side of the handlebar, and the stroller will fold in half backward. You will get to know that the stroller is locked when you hear the safety click.

You have to note that the Qool doesn’t stand on its own once folded.  Even when folded, the stroller is quite long and takes up a lot of space in your trunk or garage. You will need to make sure it goes in your trunk before you buy it.

Wheels and Ease of Use

The Joovy Qool is straightforward to use and is a full-sized stroller with all the essential features – its modular converts to a double and is newborn compatible. 

The wheels on the Qool are durable and made of rubber, meaning they’ll never go flat. The first wheels are 9.5″, and the back wheels are 7″.

wheels and easy of use

They can manage all types of terrain, from hilly to grass to gravel. The stroller’s front wheels provide suspension for a nice, smooth ride and can swivel or be stationary. 

Handlebar, Weight and Size

The Joovy Qool weighs about 30 lbs and can hold up to 135 lbs total weight (this includes the weight of children and whatever you throw in the basket). Yes, 30 lbs are hefty, but it’s very much in line with other strollers in the “3+ kid” category. 

Handlebar, weight and size

The Qool has an adaptable, leatherette telescopic handlebar fit for parents of all heights. The leatherette material guarantees that it will last longer without wear and tear and is convenient to grip. 


This stroller is the right choice for those looking at an affordable option for a side-by-side stroller. The Joovy models that are least popular are probably its most gigantic/heaviest strollers, such as the Big Caboose. The stroller is also available for families of twins or with young kids close together. This lightweight stroller is affordable considering the features.

The lighter weight addresses it a decent upgrade over the usual Caboose. People like its easy fold and compatibility with most infant car seats. Critic’s note that infant car seats must be strapped down (there is no click-in lock). And even when dropped, the Caboose takes up a huge amount of trunk real property.

quality of joovy stroller

People give positive feedback on Joovy’s other strollers. The Zoom 360 Ultralight is a satisfactory value for an all-terrain stroller with the Scooter X2 also gets good marks for its easy fold, although it takes two hands. This stroller is the right choice for those looking at an affordable option for a side-by-side stroller.


The stroller can be accessorizing as your family changes and grows up to 56 configurations. Accessories cover car seat adapters, bench seat, front position seat adapters, bassinet, second seat, tote, parent organizer, rain cover, and child tray. It empowers your toddler with the click-in installation bench seat. It holds up to 55 lbs making it a double with a second seat option.

A front adapter (sold separately) is needed to install. You can use your infant car seat with the car seat adapter options. The stroller allows effortless click-in installation; add a bassinet, second seat, or car seat adapter, the tray swings out of the way for easy entrance and exit. You can keep everything within easy reach with the attachable parent organizer. It is zippered, and mesh pockets ensure your belongings are always secure.

The newborn-ready bassinet with amazing, breathable, and extremely soft fabric holds up to 20 lbs. It also has a front seat adapter to make it a double. You can explore even more joovy qool accessories like the ventilated rain cover and attachable tote bag. Your newborn can be ready with the Qool bassinet or car seat adapter with the ability to have your newborn close and facing mom.

Ease of Setup”

It is effortless to assemble in many different formats with its unique accessories. This saves the precious time of working parents as they can efficiently operate it. 

Parents What Have To Say

The stroller has a fantastic sun canopy and compact this stroller, even when using it double. It doesn’t feel super long and awkward to steer. It’s been easy to steer with two kids, the sidewalks, but the wheels are large enough to make steering easy when you have more than one child in the stroller.

Bottom Line

The Qool stroller is the ultimate multitasking, and it has four configurations out of the box and over 50 accessories. You can use it as a single, double (with additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with bench seat purchase).

It is perfect if you have triplets or twins and an older kid. Here is the Joovy Qool stroller review so that you can easily consider these points while buying.

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