Joovy Qool Bench Seat Review For Growing Family’s Need

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Joovy Qool Bench Seat provides your growing toddler a place to rest during more extended strolls. The toddlers who are tired can make any trip go downhill fast.

The bench seat attached to your Joovy Qool stroller offers a comfy and entertaining place to take it all in that doesn’t feel confined. They can even hop on themselves for even more independence.

The Company Background

Joovy works best for the children’s products industry. They are not just corporate hotshots in an office designing products to sell but want you to get a Joovy product and use it until it’s run broken by the memories you make together as a family.

1. Joovy Qool Bench Seat: Quick Overview

The bench seat is an affordable full-sized with all the essential features. It is modular, can be converted to a double seat, and is newborn compatible. This toddler jump seat has a click-in installation, and It can hold from 2.5 years up to 55 lbs of the child.

The stroller features 50 different configurations with optional accessories and adapters to customize according to your needs. It weighs approximately 36 pounds with one seat attached or about 47 pounds with both front and back seats attached.

The bench seat is straightforward to snap into your Qool stroller and is accessible for kids to hop onto themselves, and gives big kids a place to sit who don’t like being confined. The Qool’s handy seat options offer flexibility to sit easily.

The bench seat option can be added for toddlers growing out of their stroller seat with the freedom to roam wherever they want. It can be converted to a double stroller with the help of the front adapter and second seat.


Brand – Joovy
Color – Black
Harness type – 3 Point
Product dimensions – 17.32 x 17.72 x 18.11 inches
Recommend weight – 55 Pounds
Item weight – 4.41 Pounds
It stays in place when foldedIt is expensive
The bench seat is easy to installFor specific brands
It is extremely lightweight
Converts to a double stroller
Compatible with Qool Stroller

Buying Guide of Joovy Qool Bench Seat

The bench seat is a one of the best accessories of joovy qool stroller and it is also important for the stroller.It’s mostly using when we need a double or triple stroller.

Weight and Comfortable seat

The bench seat can handle up to 55 lbs on the stroller with a comfortable seat for big kids also. The bench seat adds to your Qool stroller and offers a comfy and entertaining place to take it all in that doesn’t feel confined.

Customizable and Compatible 

The bench seat has 50 ways to customize. It can be converted into a Single, Double, or Triple Stroller with space for up to three kids with the liberty to wander when they choose.

Safety Harness

It comes with a three-point harness that keeps them secure while riding. You can adjust this bench seat according to the size of your child. It gives extreme safety to your child while roaming out. With this safety harness, you don’t have to check again and again while doing your work. 

Multi-position seat options

The bench seat allows you to sit straight, reclined, forward, or rear-facing. The seat can be easily reclined for sleeping babies.

Easy Click-in Installation

It features a simple click-in installation. So it is straightforward for you to assemble when you don’t want to waste so much time.

Parents What Have To Say

Parents are shocked at how well this worked for their five-year-old. He fit on it perfectly and enjoyed getting the ride. It’s effortless to remove or access the storage basket.

If you’re using a car seat with adapters, it will have to be in the front position and the extra seat in the back. There isn’t room under a car seat for the bench. This bench seat is an excellent feature.

Bottom Line

Your growing toddler loves to walk, but we all know what comes next; they will get tired. It is a highly convenient seat for growing toddlers. The joovy qool bench seat fosters independence and provides comfort.

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