How To Fold a Bob Stroller (Step By Step Guide)

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Well, Bob strollers are some of the most popular strollers among individuals as well as on the market. So, the question is mostly new parents are facing how to fold a bob stroller, right? Because there are various varieties, from jogging strollers to double strollers to your basic single stroller. These baby strollers are built to last.

Their durable strong wheels can handle going outside for camping or hiking. Also, they’re made for folks with an active lifestyle. More than any product, I love how portable they are!

If you’re wondering about taking your BOB stroller with you on the go, then, you’re going to need to know how to fold it up.

What is a BOB stroller?

Bob strollers could be some of the most popular items on the market, however, that doesn’t mean that you’re instantly going to know one when you see one.

There are so many jogging strollers and off-terrains on the market that it can be hard to remember this particular brand. Specifically, BOB strollers are designed with an active lifestyle in mind.

You’re easily not going to find a basic umbrella stroller from BOB. 

Rather than, expect the best of the best to handle going camping or hiking outside, going jogging, or even a day at the beach.

Fortunately, wheels are built for going off-roading with your little one. There are quite a few types available so that you can find one to suit the activity of your desired choice.

For instance, jogging strollers are designed to keep up with you, and they won’t tip over on the run. 

The only drawback of BOB strollers is that most parents find them a bit more expensive than other brands. On the drawback side, you’ll spend more money upfront than you usually would.

On the positive side, you’re only going to spend your money once. Also, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace them in a year, because these strollers are known for being more durable than other brands.

Furthermore, most individuals find that BOB strollers tend to retain their value. You could invest a little bit more money on a stroller now, but you’ll find that you can resell it, and just lose a tiny amount of money later on the way.

Re-selling it is a choice if you find that this isn’t the best choice for you and your baby. It’s another idea if your BOB stroller is still in the best condition when your little one outgrows it.

When you keep remembering in mind the amount of money you’ll get back, you’ll find that you don’t spend as much amount as you think you’re going to.

Important Features of BOB strollers

  • A quick fold of one or two steps
  • 5-points adjustable harness
  • Sun-protected extra large UPF50+ canopy
  • Tires style like a mountain bike
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Exposed, sleek, and stylish frame
  • Enough large, and easy-to-access storage basket

Down there folding instructions are available for several BOB strollers. Moreover, every BOB stroller, regardless of the model, can collapse using these easy steps.

Every Model Is Unique

When reading through these guidelines, please keep remembering in mind that these are general guidelines that will work with most models.

If they are not, then they’ll give you a good starting point to figure out how to fold up your BOB stroller. Although some models tend to go outside of these instructions, so you might have to look it up on the web using your specific model number.

Must Empty Your Stroller First

Honestly, if there are still some things in the storage bucket of the stroller, it can be the reason for a few problems. Priorly, it can damage whatever is still in the stroller.

When the stroller collapses, foody things such as drinks and snacks can spill. Also, toys might wind up broken. For retrieving them you’ll also have to unfold the stroller, no doubt it can be a pain. That’s why we suggested taking everything out of the stroller first.

Next Step, Set The Parking Brake

After doing that process, you’ll need to set the parking brake. This is to make sure the stroller doesn’t move around the place while you’re trying to collapse it. As we said before it can roll away from you if you don’t. Almost all baby strollers have a parking brake somewhere on them.

Folding Up A Single BOB Stroller

Well, BOB single strollers are also jogging strollers that are extremely best for jogging, and running as well as have a great suspension system and large air-filled wheels. The single strollers are Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller, Rambler™ Jogging Stroller, Alterrain Jogging Stroller, and Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller. The guidelines for folding the strollers differ depending on the model.

Steps – When you empty the stroller and set the parking brake, as we said instructions for folding up a BOB stroller tend to differ depending on the model. Especially for a single BOB stroller, you’ll point out that you can simply push in on the handlebars, pushing them towards the middle from the outside. Moreover, once these are pushed into place, a little red handle will pop up in the rear of the stroller. Push on this, and you can easily collapse your BOB stroller.

The Alterrain Jogging Stroller and Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Both of these jogging strollers have a similar type of folding process. If you have these strollers you can apply the instructions for folding which are given below.

  • Must empty your stroller before applying folding steps.
  • Ensure that the parking brake is activated to avoid any kind of mishappening.
  • Raise the handlebar of the stroller.
  • Now you see the yellow button under the calf support. To fold the stroller in one step you have to press and twist the yellow button.
  • Nextly, lock the stroller with the trigger button on the side and keep it self-standing.

Revolution® Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller and Rambler™ Jogging Stroller

These two strollers totally different in models, but they have the same folding mechanism. You can apply folding steps on these strollers which are given down there.

  • Must remove all the items from the stroller for folding.
  • With your feet set the parking brake.
  • Pull both those triggers on the handle to collapse the stroller forward.
  • Pull the red strap given on the stroller’s rear for a compact fold.
  • Connect the buckles and lock the stroller for safe storage.

How To Fold Up A Double BOB Stroller

Folding up a double BOB stroller is extremely easy and similar to folding up a single BOB stroller. Now you have to grab and squeeze the red buttons on both sides of the handlebars.

After that, you push the stroller into a downward position. Just the same as you do in the single stroller, a red hand will appear in the back. Next, pull this handle towards you, and the stroller will finish collapsing.

Mostly jogging strollers are designed to have bigger size of wheels to make them easier to maneuver. Everyone knows that when it comes to portability it can be a hassle, so there are specific models that have removable wheels.

If your jogging stroller has a removable wheels system, consider taking them off to make the stroller a little bit more portable.

Must Watch This Video On How To Fold A Bob Stroller

However, there are a few minor differences, but most BOB strollers collapse in the same general way. This video elaborates on everything about how to collapse a stroller in under a minute.

Once you learn about folding up your stroller, you’ll be able to do it as fast as they can do in the video!

Keep In Mind When folding a BOB Stroller

  • Before applying the folding mechanism make sure your stroller is empty.
  • Ensure that the parking brake is activated to keep your stroller still while folding.
  • Shrink the canopy of the stroller for easy and compact folding.
  • Nextly, recline the seat near to the flat position to fold the stroller compactly.
  • Find out the pull straps or triggers to fold the stroller.
  • Fasten the straps or buckles to lock the stroller for secure transportation.

Finally, when you close a BOB stroller, cover it with a stroller cover to keep it safe and clean. To add on, here are fully explained instructions on how to clean the BOB stroller to keep the stroller tidy.

Bottom Line

Now you know everything about the question how to collapse and how to fold a BOB stroller. For the folding process, you need to remove everything in the stroller and set the parking brake.

After that, you either move the seat and handlebars, which releases an extra little handle on the back of the stroller or simply squeeze the back handle. Ultimately, you collapse the stroller. You can simply fold one of these strollers in under one minute.

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