Joovy Qool Accessories: Best 9 Accessories in 2022

by | Sep 10, 2022

Joovy Qool Accessories

Joovy is the prominent emblem of the children’s product industry and also the joovy qool stroller. Manufacturing customer-friendly products with Ultra quality, comfort, look, and features Joovy Qool Accessories retains the aura of being proficient in the field and has developed as a leading choice amongst contemporary consumers.

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9 Joovy Qool Accessories

Joovy is the prominent emblem of the children’s product industry. Manufacturing customer friendly products with Ultra quality, comfort, look and features Joovy Qool Accessories retains the aura of being proficient in the field and has developed as a leading choice amongst contemporary consumers.

1. Joovy Bassinet

Joovy bassinet
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Primarily formulated for new born babies, Joovy Bassinet has an extremely comfy interior. Its squishy bedding enables babies to lie straight and have a cushy nap. Includes an expandable sunshade of UPF 50+, safeguard bar and zip cover allowing the baby to have fresh air while protecting it from chilly breezes and harsh sun. The bassinet is flexible, however, allows more seats to be added with the help of correct accessories.

  • It is multifunctional as a bassinet to carrier caboose.
  • A bench seat addition for kids.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • 3 strollers together.
  • Qool’s front position use requires Qool Front Adapter.
  • Bit difficult transformations.

2. Joovy Qool Snack Tray

Joovy Qool Snack Tray
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The Specially designed Joovy Qool Tray is a kid’s favourite plate to munch on. Includes a cup holder to ensure no straining offs. Manufacturing is sharp edge free for safety. It whirls in and out and does not get discarded by teeny legs. The Joovy Qool Snack Tray is completely washable.

  • No sharp edges
  • Deep cup Support
  • Portable
  • Open snack tray
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Cannot be attached to any other strollers.

3. Joovy Qool Second Seat

Second seat
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Welcome your second baby giving it a place beside its sibling. The new baby now doesn’t require a new stroller. Joovy Qool to bestow you with the affordable facilities allows you to add Joovy Qool Second Seat in your pre-existing bassinet. The product includes UPF 50 canopy and supports 50lbs of weight.

  • UPH 50 Sunshade
  • Enables 50 lbs
  • Can be Folded
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used as any position seat
  • Supports on Joovy Bassinets
  • Cannot be used with a toddler adapter seat.

4. Joovy Qool Bench Seat

Joovy Qool Bench Seat
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Tired toddlers personify the headache when not comforted appropriately. Taking care of the concern Joovy provides you with the special Joovy Qool Bench Seat primarily designed for your jumping kids to settle down. The installation is just a click away.

Full Review – The Joovy Qool Bench Seat Review

  • Easy transformation
  • Includes footrest and harness
  • Stable when folded
  • Supports 55 lbs
  • Kids favourite
  • Cannot be placed with a second seat.
  • Supports low height kids.

5. Front Adapter

Front Adapter
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Second baby or third baby does not mean the second or third bassinet now. With Joovy Qool Front Adapter now parents can carry both the infants in one bassinet. The product enables the addition of the second seat for your newborn while not disturbing the first one. Joovy Qool Bassinets now grows with your family by the hold of the Front Adapter.

  • Easy installation
  • Strong and safe.
  • Holds the weight up to 35 pounds.
  • Customize your bassinet as per your convenience.
  • Provides a modern look to your Bassinet.
  • It is only sold in pairs
  • It can only support Joovy Qool Stroller

6. Joovy Qool Parent Organizer

Parent Organizer
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A pocket enabling parents to be handy with baby’s essential stuff is what Joovy calls a Joovy Qool Parent Organizer. Handling infants makes it difficult to keep a record of where things are kept. The pouch is entirely in-depth with a zip safe compartment so as to ensure that none of the material falls out and gets misplaced.

  • 2 Cupholders
  • 6 Compartments
  • A zip pouch
  • Good size
  • Convenient installation
  • Can only be used for qool stroller

7. Joovy Qool Rain Cover

Joovy Qool Rain Cover
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Translucent and Ventilated weather shield the Joovy Qool Rain Cover allows your child to be safe and protected while it is travelling out in water weather. The shield prevents the baby and its comfy bedding from being wet meanwhile enabling it to have a glance at the lovely rainy atmosphere.

  • Convenient for all weathers
  • Ventilated
  • Easy Installation
  • Transparency so the baby’s view is not hindered
  • Custom made fitting for Qool seats
  • The size of the cover is not expandable
  • Can only be used for Qool seats

8. Joovy Qool Tote

Joovy Qool Tote
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Going out with your baby and a handbag to shop will not be an unmanageable task of what to handle, how to handle now. The Joovy Qool Tote makes it easy for you to roam around with your baby buying stuff. The product is both completely attachable and detachable as per your amenity.

  • Supports up to 25lbs
  • 4 internal roomy mesh pockets which do not let your things get shuffled
  • Easy Installation
  • Can be carried as a separate handbag
  • Cool look
  • Might not get attached to other strollers

9. Car Seat Adapter

Car seat Adapter
Overall Amazon Rating

The Joovy Qool Car Seat Adapter is the product flexible with various car seats. Its attachment with Joovy Bassinet customizes your experience of strolling. It allows you to face several directions all with convenience and comfort. It is important to note that one must buy the adapter according to the model of their car seat. This adapter is compatible with Britax/BOB B-Safe car seats. 

  • Enables infant seat to be at back or the front whichever preferred
  • Easy click installation
  • Different positions view
  • Allows baby to have an undisturbed nap
  • Travel friendly
  • Exclusive to Joovy Qool Strollers
  • Cannot be closed with the second seat on the adapter


The Joovy Qool Accessories has effectively made it easy for contemporary parents to nurture their child the best while not being pressurized by the things to govern fact.

There facilities has conveniently added the ease and comfort to life with ultra quality, stability and durability of products.

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