Best Wooden Baby Walker: Top 11 Updated Reviews for 2021

by | Sep 11, 2022

best wooden baby walker
The best wooden baby walker is made of wooden and that makes them more amazing than other walkers that are made of plastic. As they are made of wood, they are absolutely eco-friendly and non-toxic which makes them completely safe for your baby.

Wooden walkers are much more durable than any other material walkers. Most wooden walkers also come with detachable parts so you can store them easily.

How this is being a teacher for walking?

When your child is taking their first steps and learning to walker, a wooden walker would be the best choice for them. Wooden walker would not only support and help them while walking but will also develop motor skills.

They come with many activities that helps develop your child motor and other skills that are important at the age they are in.

1. Labebe – Kid Shopping Cart Walker

kid shopping cart walker

Overall Amazon Rating

A kid shopping cart walker is very important while your child is learning how to walk. Since there are a number of walkers available in the market, it is important that walkers should be selected carefully as wrong baby walkers can cause problems and restrictions in proper development of the baby. This baby walker allows your child to learn how to push it by itself while he is learning to walk. This allows the baby to maintain his balance and learn how to walk on his own. 

This baby walker also contains a huge space which can be used as a toy chest. The toy chest allows your baby to walk while carrying his favourite toys by which he can stop any time and start playing with the toys from the toy chest. This process makes your baby more active and playful. Its tyres contain an anti-slip rubber ring for increasing the friction which allows the baby to control the speed in a better manner.

  • Constrained motion wheels
  • Hustle free assembling
  • Unisex
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect Sturdy
  • Not foldable

2. Melissa and Doug Chomp Wooden Push Toy

Melissa and Dog Chomp Wooden Walker

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The Melissa and Doug Chomp wooden push toy features three chomping alligators, fish on the wheels, spinning butterfly and ladybug beads. The alligator push toy is made with high- quality materials and assembled to precision manufacturing standards.

This keeps it safe for children twelve months and older to use. This kid push toy makes a bit of clacking sound when while moving. This amazing walker develops gross and fine motor skills with also progressing hand-eye coordination.

It also has an elephant Rocking Stacker to round out the hands-on play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun. This toy is a great choice for kids twelve months and above.

  • Engaging activities
  • High quality material
  • Safe
  • Moving Sound
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Compatible only for kids above 1 years
  • Child must have learnt to walk before

3. Best Wooden Baby Walker

Oneverybaby wooden walker

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This Wooden baby walker comes with various features to make learning playful for the baby. It promotes cognitive development, creativity and helps baby in developing motor skills as it comes with xylophones, abacus, peg sliders and turning gears. This wooden walker is a must to have for a baby for 1+ as it combines learning with playing. It comes with more than eight attachments to keep the baby engaged and playful the whole day without getting him bored. 

We have used non-toxic water based paint to ensure no harm is caused to the baby. Wooden walker comes with height adjustable features. Its height can be adjusted from 20.47 to 24.33 inch as suitable for the baby. Baby’s wooden walker grows with him and he can continue to play with it in the long run.

  • Great aesthetic value
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable height
  • No sharp edges
  • More Suitable for 1+ baby
  • Non-washable

4. Hape Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Hape Wooden Push Toy Walker

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This Hape wooden push and pull toy makes your child’s first steps unforgettable and engaging. It is absolutely great for early stages of walking while also providing a fun puzzle to improve motor skills, balance, and coordination.

It is conveniently recommended for ages twelve months and up. The walker is made up of non-toxic finishes and child safe materials which makes it completely amazing for kids. It is made of wood sourced from environmentally sustain-ably sourced forests.

This baby push walker has an innovative design and features a sturdy wooden frame that provide kids a safe, stable base. This outstanding walker helps nurture and develop their natural abilities.

  • Attractive design
  • Stable
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Impressive structure
  • Bright colours
  • A bit short
  • No brakes

5. Brio Toddler Wobbler Walker

Brio Toddler Wobbler walker

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The Brio 31350 – Toddler Wobbler has an adjustable handle and brake so it can adapt to your child’s progress. It also has a rubber non-skid wheels that help keep it under control without marring floor surfaces.

It’s made from solid beech wood and painted to a vibrant, glossy finish. This walker is perfect for early walkers that help your toddler develop their walking skills. This walker is absolutely safe for your child and helps them learn to balance.

The walker undergoes more than 1,000 safety tests a year to ensure that it passes safety standards to ensure your kid’s security. This is a walking toy that keeps pace with your little one’s development.

  • Lightweight
  • Absolutely safe
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Usable for kids above 9 months
  • Slightly unstable
  • A bit high price

6. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic wooden Walker

Overall Amazon Rating

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon has a resist push feature allows beginners to build confidence and balance. It is made up of a natural solid wood body for a classic look with removable wooden stake sides.

This wooden walker for toddlers has a furniture friendly bumper protects your home. Classic, safe and versatile, this award-winning push wagon is a favorite for kids and parents alike.

The product features durable moulded wheels with grip tread for comfort and travel. This legacy consists to spark the imagination as this amazing walker is rediscovered with every generation. The furniture friendly bumper of this walker also protects your home.

  • Removable sides
  • No-scratch bumper
  • Resist push feature
  • Versatile
  • Classic
  • Too expensive
  • A bit heavy

7. Plan Baby Toys Van Walker – Blue

plan baby push toys van walker

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This plan baby toys van walker is a multi-utility product which can be used as a walker and a cute van attached to it can also be used for storing little toys. This is the writing product for the first steps of your baby. We are known to make best quality products and the present product has been made using preservative free rubber wood which also results in zero waste thereby also protecting the environment.  It contains a little wooden knob which can be used as a brake.

Its wheels can also be adjusted to change its speed. Its strong build quality provides required stability and is considered to be your child’s best friend while he learns to walk. This product has been created with minimum waste and causing negligible harm to the environment thereby bringing your child close to nature. This product contains non-toxic finish and all its colours are made from vegetable dye to ensure no harm is caused to the environment or the baby. 

  • Multiple colours option
  • Suitable for long run
  • Comes with adjustable brake
  • Perfectly sized
  • Provide stability
  • Suitable only for straight walk
  • Not recommended for early walkers

8. Hape Wonder Wooden Push Walker

Hape Wonder Walker

Overall Amazon Rating

The Hape Wonder Walker Movable knobs, gears, and colorful balls offer five different activities. It develops coordination and fine motor skills. This walker is carefully designed with rubber-trimmed setback wheels to protect floors.

It has a sturdy wood craftsmanship from sustain-ably sourced forests. This wonder walker is made of non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. This balanced walker gives a sturdy base for pulling up, and an extra ordinary design that makes pushing very easy.

It has a storage base offers room for friends to come along for the ride. Its moving knobs, gears, and colorful balls offer five different activities for kids to play.

  • Storage base
  • Moving accessories
  • Setback wheels
  • Non-toxic material
  • Lightweight
  • Not so compact
  • Needs a bit more space to store

9. Wooden Push and Pull Learning Walker

wooden push and pull learning walker

Overall Amazon Rating

Every baby develops a number of essential skills in the first year of his life. In case the child is provided with proper toys during his childhood, the same provides great advantage to the child in developing those skills in the best possible manner. This learning walker is made from superior quality wood with adorable colourful design. It can also be used as an activity center which will help your child to develop a number of important skills such as motor skills, social skills and creativity. 

This product provides endless learning and fun to the baby making it the perfect product for every child. We have given attention to all the details which are required to ensure safety and learning for the baby. It includes beads, drums, xylophone, shape sorting which provides a great learning experience while having fun. It is made of premium quality material which provides safety and durability. Its gender neutral colour combination makes it a perfect product for boys as well as girls.

  • Unisexual
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost effective
  • Attachments are convenient to use
  • Provides stability
  • Too many attachments
  • Not easy to wash

10. Janod Crazy Doggy Cart Walker

Janod Crazy Doggy Cart walker

Overall Amazon Rating

As this Janod Crazy Doggy Cart comes in attractive design of a do it encourages your child to walk. This walker is a solid wood cart with metal wheel axles and lightweight felt ears. However, assembly must need an adult. It includes a walker cart with a dog head, bell collar and assembly hardware.

This wooden push walker is brightly coloured, the doggy has a bell around his neck that rings when the cart is pushed. It is a lot spacious where your kid can easily keep their toys. It provides balance for your little one as they learn to navigate the world of walking.

Its wheels, bottom and back piece is made of plywood, sides in MDF head, handle and front piece of the cart in beechwood.

  • Bright colours
  • Attractive design
  • Large space for toys
  • Bell sound
  • Stable
  • Assembly takes time
  • Needs more space

11. Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker

Wooden Baby Learning Walker

Overall Amazon Rating

This Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker allows your child’s first steps unforgettable and engaging. It is one of the best baby walkers carefully designed with rubber-trimmed setback wheels to protect floors.

Also It includes building blocks which Inspire children’s manipulative ability, imagination and creativity, problem solving, social skills, motor skills. It is made up of sturdy wood craftsmanship from sustain-ably sourced forests.

The paint of the walker too is non-toxic. This walker is recommended for kids who are twelve months and above. This inventively designed toddler walker features a sturdy wooden frame to provide kids a safe and stable walk.

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Develops motor skills
  • Safe and secured
  • Creative activities
  • Rubber-trimmed wheels
  • Compatible for kids above 1 year
  • Time taking assembly

Features of Wooden baby walkers 


When it’s about your little one, you must compromise nothing for the necessity of ensuring proper safety. While buying a walker you must check every corner of the wooden walker that may not be safe for your baby and ensure your child’s safety.

Quality Material

Make sure the wooden walker you purchase is made of wood from sourced forests. Bad quality would could be very less durable and may be not satisfy your need of a walker.


A baby walker is something that your child should always enjoy playing with. But if there’s any sort of discomfort your child faces with the walker he would always resist being in it. So, comfort is a feature that you must always keep in mind while buying a walker.


Although wooden walkers are a bit heavy as compared to plastic walkers but they are as well very durable too. However, getting a walker that is a bit lightweight would be easy to carry and convenient for your baby too.

How Wooden Walkers are beneficial?

A baby wooden walker is very beneficial as they are non-toxic which makes them very safe for kids. Your child can safely walk with the support of these walkers.

A wooden walker is one of the best gifts you must give to your child when they are taking their first steps and learning to walk. These walkers also have separate cart that could be attached for your kid to keep their toys in it and play anywhere.


Wooden walkers are the best choice when it comes to your baby who is a year old or two. Getting them the best wooden baby walker when he is learning to walk would be the best decision.

We have compiled some best wooden walkers that would absolutely be perfect for your little fun and fulfill your need of getting a walker.

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