Best Baby Walking Harness Top 9 Reviews 2020


best baby walking harness

There are so many other things you need to buy as the kid develops and a best baby walking harness is one of them. It is every parents’ joy to see their young one making small steps as they grow.

As a parent, you must know what is needed by the kid as they grow. In case you are new to these items, there is no need to worry as we have come up with all the important details that you need before choosing a walking harness.

Advantages of Walking Harness

When you are little one is learning to walk buying a walking harness is very crucial as well as a great choice in concern for your baby. A walking harness not only helps and supports your kid as he walks but also ensures his safety.

Most harnesses are absolutely comfortable and breathable as made of Cotton for handle and shoulder straps, thicken soft cotton pads for oxter and are completely safe. Have a look at this selected compilation of walking harness we have come up with for you.

1. UpSpring Baby Walking Wings

UpSpring Baby Walking Wing

Overall Rating

Each new milestone your child achieves is exciting, especially taking those initial magical steps. The UpSpring Baby Walking Wings is a product that helps babies learn to walk at the same time it helps reduce back pain for parents.

Baby balances more naturally with hands free baby with this baby walking support without any tugging or twisting of little arms which can cause nursemaid’s elbow. The material is 100% cotton and machine washable.

Best infographic of upspring walking wing features its cotton made, reduces pain and fewer falls

It helps baby balance naturally, hands-free and experiencing fewer falls. This walker is recommended for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 24 months. It reduces back pain from bending over for parents, grandparents and caregivers.

  • Cotton made
  • Adjustable height
  • Reduces back pain for parents
  • Meets high quality standards
  • Padded straps
  • Vest only fits 48-66cm chest circumference
  • Convenient only for babies of half to 2 years

2. Best Toddler Walking Assistant

Toddler Walking Assistant

Overall Rating

This Toddler Walking Assistance is a 4 in 1 functional walking harness. It is a new and great idea to help baby balance more naturally with hands-free baby and toddler walking assistant. It can also be used as an anti-lost belt.

This baby walking belt is very easy to use as well as labour saving. The top handle can pull the baby with one hand or two hands. It saves parents from having to bend over, and make your baby feel uncomfortable.

Infographic of Toddler walking assistant its easy moving, adjustable straps and easy pull handle

The safety straps and High-quality buckles are adjustable, according to the baby’s shoulders, the size of the bust from the adjustment, so your baby feels more relaxed.

  • Cotton made
  • Free adjustment
  • Soft cushion design
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Safety lock
  • Scratchy Bar clips
  • A bit large

3. Best Baby Walking Assistant

Baby Walking Assistant

Overall Rating

The Baby Walking Assistant is a new and great idea to help baby learn to stand up, keep balance and walking during toddlers’ period. It is made up of cotton material with handle and shoulder straps, thicken soft cotton pads for oxter, breathable cotton for waistcoat.

Also It can be used in all seasons. It has a fully adjustable design. The straps and safety buckles adjust, which make your baby feel comfortable and reduce your backache from bending over.

Walking Assistant features its stable, adjustable design and removable harness

The top handle of the harness is removable, which allow you to pull the baby with one hand or two hands. This amazing baby harness will make your baby have a good sense of balance and learning walking so fast.

  • Less costly
  • Adjustable design
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Gives great balancing experience
  • Setting takes time
  • Not convenient for small kids

4. Olizee Breathable Handheld Baby Harness

Olizee Breathable Baby Harness

Overall Rating

The Olizee Baby Harness made of cotton keeping your baby comfortable. It has a breathable inner lining that increases air flow, decreasing moisture build up that causes discomfort. It is situated close to baby’s high centre of gravity for superb control.

With this amazing infant walking harness your baby balances more naturally with hands free. It is designed with adjustable straps for extra convenience. It is recommended for babies 10 to 18 months learning to walk.

best infographic of Olizee Baby Harness features superb control, breathable lining and easy learn to walk

Its height adjusts to 32.7 inches long that is enough to accommodate above-average height parents to reduce back pain from bending over for parents.

  • Very less pricey
  • Increased air flow
  • Extra comfortable
  • Compact
  • Quality material
  • Usable for kids older than 10 months
  • Not good for kids who don’t know how to walk yet

5. Greenben Toddler Walking Assistance

Greenben walking Assistance

Overall Rating

The Greenben Walking Assistance is a great walking helper that helps baby learn to walk by balancing hands-free and experiencing fewer falls. It has a full adjustable design. Its all the child straps for walking and buckles are adjustable,

which make it fit your baby well and reduce your backache from bending over.The harness is made of cotton and can be used in all seasons. The materials are strong and durable to hold which keeps baby safe.

Greenben walking Assistance features its durable, different stages and all seasons useable

It’s a multi functional harness with a detachable top handle and the crotch. It can be used in different stages, learn to stand up, keep balance and walking.

  • Multifunctional
  • Detachable handle
  • Adjustable design
  • Great for different stages
  • Falls protected
  • Non padded
  • Time consuming setting

6. Baby Walker Toddler Walking Harness

Toddler Walking Harness

Overall Rating

This Baby walker harness is very adjustable. It has an adjustable Velcro and ribbon buckle to fit the bust, so that the toddler walking helper can suit different dresses and different body types.

This walking harness is suitable for kids from 7 months to 24 months. This child safety harness for walking comes with 2 pairs Knee Pads free that make your baby walk more safely.

infographic of best Walking Harness features its multifunctional, reduces force and easy handling

It has a multi functional and detachable design the baby uses a full-section toddler belt in early childhood, multiple stress points to assist standing, reducing the pull-down force of underarm which is safe and avoid wrestling.

  • Multifunctional design
  • Environment friendly
  • Not costly
  • Full-section belt
  • Knee pads
  • Not good for kids younger than 7 months
  • Not so compact

7. Baby Walking Adjustable Harness

Baby Walking Adjustable Harness

Overall Rating

This best walking harness is a new and great idea to help baby learn to stand up. Your kid can balance more naturally with hands with no tugging and twisting on little arms Fewer falls, Professional design which is easy to put on

and take off Sling length can also be adjusted.It has a removable top handle which allows you to pull the baby with one hand or two hands. The baby harness has a full adjustable design.

Walking Adjustable Harness features has removable handle, adjustable design and its soft and durable

This baby safety walking harness contains adjustable straps and safety buckles which make your baby feel comfortable and reduce your backache from bending over. It is made up of premium material of Polyester composite thin sponges which soft in touch and Super Durable.

  • Safety buckles
  • Very less costly
  • Super durable
  • Adjustable design
  • Stable
  • Not suitable for younger children
  • Not travel friendly

8. Goldbug – Best Baby Harness With Safety

Goldbug - Best Baby Harness With Safety

Overall Rating

This Goldbug harness buddy is a gift for parents and toddlers. Parents can hold their babies very safely for going out or any public places. It can act like a baby harness for walking and backpack both for the toddler.

The buckles and back support belt present in it make it easy to access and we can adjust its strap according to the child’s comfort.

best infographic of goldbug baby harness features adjustable straps, detachable tether and slim pockets

With this Baby shoulder support, it holds our child very close to us so that we can feel close to them. It has detachable tether which can convert it anytime into a super cute backpack for child travelers and we can hold so many toys and small things in it.

  • Keeps child close and safe
  • Function as harness and backpack both
  • Special pockets to store things
  • Adjustable chest buckles
  • Quickly and easily detachable tether
  • It is little bit expensive
  • Can be little better in the price

9. Toddler Leash & Best Walking Strap 

Toddler Leash & Best Walking Strap

Overall Rating

This baby safety harness makes our child close and comfortable in public. It has a double swivel snap design that we can use to secure the child to grocery carts, high chairs, or other seats.

It has a smooth pattern harness that supports the child’s upper part, not the sensitive stomach area. We can wash it in any machine. From this Baby harness carrier, parents can remove their fear of being separated by their child.

best Toddler leash features its secure and comfortable, adjustable length and swivel snap

It is the best rated baby harness, so one can use it without any doubt. It has adjustable straps which makes our child very comfortable while moving inside it.

  • Patterned harness to support the child
  • Adjustable swivels to avoid tangles
  • Hand strap to secure the child to the high chair
  • Reduce fear of parents
  • It is worth the price
  • It is only machine washable
  • Much attention needed in this

How to use Best Baby Walking Harness?

Let your child be strain free

There are a lots of walking harnesses available in the market these days. While your baby uses the walking harness you don’t have to strain your back and get tired.

If your child has a low muscle tone, you are advised to avoid holding their arms in the overhead position while they walk.

Their shoulder girdle may not be strong and stable enough to be supportive for the rest of their body. It will help not to stretch out their little joints and walk comfortably.

Walk with the help of bar

The bar over the top of the harness makes it easy to hold and you can control your child while he walks. You can help them to move forward or encourage them to go a bit slower, or help them not lean so far forward so that they learn to walk properly. You could hold the bar with one hand for a second if you needed to reach something.

Give them a support

When your child walks using the harness, the pelvic support will help support your kid’s lower body. The chest straps give enough support to the upper body for your child that makes walking very easy. The harness has a bar which might be easier than straps to manage so that your kid gets no discomfort while walking.

When babies start walking

When a baby starts walking, he needs all the help and support and a walking harness does this exceptionally well. A walking harness helps your baby learn to walk and make him learn walk actually fast far more than he would do in a time if he learns to walk without a walking harness.

Are baby walking harnesses safe?

Yes, The walking harness are absolutely safe. They come with adjustable straps and buckles that leave you with no worry. You child does not experience any falls or get hurt in any way.

Harnesses also come in adjustable heights which let parents adjust it according to them that does not cause any back pains for you.

Are you really a busy Parent?

If you are a busy parent a walking harness is a must buy for you. Seeing your child taking his first steps is undoubtedly an awesome feeling but not being a part of it may be a bit disappointing.

But why worry when you have the best option in choice. Get your baby a walking harness and help him supporting while he is learning to walk. In case he is walking own their own then you want more than walking harness.  

However, safety specially when your kid is learning to walk is one of the greatest concerns for you. Check out these amazing sit to stand walker that is one of the baby walkers types your must surely go for.


Many other developments take place while your child’s learning to walk. With a walking harness you provide him extra support not only while he is walking but in the development of his other skills too.

Most harnesses are also lightweight made of breathable mesh cloth, which is durable, breathable, heat-dissipating, sweat-absorbing, environment friendly and soft without hurting skin. What more do you need when you are getting an all in one package?

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