Best Baby Play Mats and Baby Care Play Mat Top 11 For 2020


best baby play mats

The best baby play mats are some things you only surely buy for your kid. Whether you call it a play mat, play gym or an activity gym, the thought is that the same as a brightly coloured and interactive mat for your baby’s playtime.

They are available in many different sizes, shapes and themes, but all of them have small toys to stimulate and delight your baby. Another play gyms accompany detachable toys that the toddlers can easily play with while they’re playing on the mat.

Others accompany computer-generated sounds and bright light that keeps the baby attached.

Features of Best Baby Care Play Mats –

Safe and Independent playing space

Playmat provides your child with a secure and cosy playing space where he or she will spend hours. The large size play mat also will enable you to play alongside your child, hence establishing a robust bond between you both.

Promotes Child Development

The designs and colorful patterns of the play mats promote the emotional and artistic development of your child. He or she gets a far better idea of colors , patterns, and styles . You’ll also get play mats that accompany educational objectives.

Hand and Eye Coordination

Usually, toys are attached to the activity gym for your child to succeed in bent them. This results in hand and eye coordination. The toys also can be placed on the surface so that your child will try reaching turned it. As a result, it results in crawling.

Enhances Visual Sight

The activity gym helps to enhance the beholding of your baby. Your baby is going to be ready to identify objects, colors, and toys. In 6 to eight months, your toddler is going to be prepared to get a more precise sight with more depth.


The baby gym may be a very safe and cosy place for your baby to relax and play in. With the padded cushion mattress, it provides a soft bed and spot for the baby to take a seat on the bottom. Some models of this baby play gym accompany tummy time pillows that the baby can lie on it.

How we Select Best Baby Mat?

According to a survey conducted amongst all babysits, it is best issued and used. We took the highest products they shared with us and added our research and insight.

Here is the most straightforward baby play mats and baby floor mats for crawling picks we expect you and your baby will love. A play mat offers excellent visuals, sounds and textures, whereas most swings and bouncers may only have one or two small plush toys.

1. Best Gupamiga Baby Foam Play mat

Gupamiga Baby Foam Play mat

The Gupamiga foam mat is the best play mat for crawling babies which every parent goes on searching for. The Play mat is an easy to handle mat which could be easily folded and packed for storing. This play mat is also very comfy as it comes with the 0.8 inches of thickness which will allow your baby to play to play with all the comfort levels. Also the foam puzzle mat is very big as well as light weight which makes it all perfect for all the parents looking for baby mats.

best infographic of gupamiga play mat features is easy carrying, adjustable and has quality assurance
The mat is quality assured, so the company will provide a 100% refund if the user isn’t satisfied.


The item weighs around 4.7 pounds and the product dimension lies around 71 x 47 x 0.8 inches and the best thing is there are no batteries required. The recommended age is play mat for 6 month old to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The easy adjustment feature and the lightweight of the mat makes the play mat the perfect buy for the parents also the quality assurance and the easy refunding makes a convincing buy for every parent.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy packaging
  • Requires less space for storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Water proof
  • Piece interlocks loosen after time
  • Only 6 pieces

2. The Bammax Best Baby Crawling Mat

Bammax Best Baby Crawling Mat
This Bammax is an folding mat which is also an waterproof play mat and also it is made up of BPA free XPE non toxic material which will keep your baby safe from harmful material and allow them to have a happy playtime.

The play mat also features a large size and thickened design made up of soft material, the oversize feature with 200×180 cm of the play mat allows you to use the non toxic play mat as a play mat as well as an floor mat extending your babies play area.

Infographic of bammax baby play mat features is double sided, for multiple usage and for fun & learning
This mat provides a perfect play environment for your children and the mat makes your little one softer and more comfortable when he sitting on it.


The Play Mat comes in the dimension of 36 x 16.6 x 6.2 inches with the item weight of around 5 pounds, the material used is foam and is fold able. The recommended age is 3 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The Play Mat is the perfect package for the parents to buy as it consists of several features like the easy washing, its large size, reversible sides and the indoor as well as outdoor usage makes it the perfect product.
  • Extra large play scale
  • Easy store
  • Reversible
  • Waterproof and easy clean
  • Made of non toxic material
  • Item weight is heavy
  • Needs more store area

3. Best BalanceFrom Interlocking Foam Mat

BalanceFrom Interlocking Foam Mat
The BalanceFrom Mats is a multiple feature mat featuring several cool features such as it comes it consists of 36 tiles each of different color and 6 colors in total, also the interlocking tiles are made up of EVA foam which is very soft and perfect place for your baby to play.

The mat is made of a non toxic material and is also approved so that your baby gets a harmless environment for playing.

BalanceFrom baby play mat features has extra edges, non slip surface and density
The double side non slippery surface of the mat is also easily washable.


The Play Mat comes in the dimension of 23.6 x 23.6 inches and weighs around 5.49 pounds. 36 tiles and 54 borders with 6 tile colors. The recommended age is 6 months to 2 years.

Why Parents Like It

This Play Mat is the perfect buy as it comes with the bundle of features like the super easy cleaning the super comfy 0.4” extra thick mat made up of the non toxic material. Also the two different sizes provide the parents with choices to make for there loved one.
  • Easily washable
  • Non toxic
  • Easy assembling
  • 0.4’’ extra thick
  • Non slippery surface
  • Bit Heavy
  • Needs more storage space

4. The Best Fisher Price Play Mat

Fisher Price Play Mat
The Fisher Price Piano Mat comes with an deluxe gym which features a piano with five light up keys, an adjustable toy arch, and four musical settings which keeps your little one giggling out for the whole day.

As the baby grows up from tummy to knees the baby would love sitting up at the piano, the music and learning can both be changed. Also the keyboard can be detached separately from the mat.

The infographic of fisher price play mat has best features like easy installation, washable and has toys
Also the play mat consists of several sensory lights and music which will pop up when your baby kicks them.


The play Mat comes in the dimension of 27 x 36 x 18 inches and the product weighs around 4.61 pounds and the battery life lies as long as 15 hours. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

This play mat is a very different product as compared from any other play mats available in the market as it comes with four way play mode and also supports different development stages of your baby from tummy to the learning stage which your baby will love.
  • Four way play
  • Washable
  • Multiple toys
  • Soft comfortable mat
  • Playtime as well as learning
  • Batteries are required
  • Bit Heavy

5. The Best Skidproof Baby Care Play Mat

Skidproof Baby Care Play Mat
This Play Mat is a super thick and soft play mat as compared to other play mats available in the market, the play mat is also fold able and reversible which allows you to store the mat easily also the reversible side will never bore your baby.

The play mat is also easy to wash and is also waterproof , the mat is skidproof and made up of non toxic material.

The Skidproof play mat has best features like durability, lightweight and reversible
The material used is all BPA free and strictly complies with the high quality of the mat.


The Play Mat has a product weight of around 4.4 pounds and comes in the dimension of 78 x 71 x 0.6 inches. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The Play Mat is an extremely lightweight, fold-able as well as reversible with easy washing made up of highly durable ultra thick material which will make your baby feel so comfortable that your baby will want to play on again and again.
  • Reversible
  • Non toxic material
  • Easy washing
  • Durable
  • Multiple colors
  • Heavy weight
  • No toys

6. YAY Best Baby Tummy Time Mat

YAY Best Baby Tummy Time Mat
The YAY play mat is a totally different product from all other mats out there because the tummy time mats are made up of highly premium material which is totally and 100% toxic free and tested whereas it come in six pieces each of two feet by two feet in dimension which when assembled creates a large space for your little one to play in.
Best infographic of YAY baby play mat has best features has large size, odorless and clean able
The special feature of the material used in this product is that it can be used both for babies as well as in the offices, kitchen and for as yoga mats too.


This play mat comes in the package dimension of around 25 x 24 x 5 inches and weighs around 2.2 pounds which is absolutely light weight. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

Every Parent wants their loved one to always stay healthy and that they get their best play time. This product is the best reference for such parents as the key feature of the Tummy Time Play mat is its non toxic BPA free super comfy, highly thick mat.
  • BPA free (non-toxic)
  • Odorless
  • Easy cleaning and maintaining
  • High contrast color graphics
  • Extra thick non-slip backing
  • Huge size
  • Heavy tiles

7. Tadpoles The Best Baby Activity Mat

Tadpoles The Best Baby Activity Mat
The Stylish foam play mat comes in 36 pieces distribution and 24 border pieces which could be easily assembled in no time. The play mat is super soft safe and can be installed according to the area required for your baby.

The foam is made up of the EVA foam which is 100% lead free and would not harm your baby in any way. Easy cleaning and wiping with mild soap will make the cleaning more easier and will save the parents time and allow them to spend more time with their loved one.

The best tadpoles play mat features has its durable, easy installation option and wasable
It is Super easy to put together and such cute colors! The thickness of the mat is perfect and doesn’t hurt to sit and lay on as an adult (Very important). It doesn’t slide around on our hardwood flooring.


This EVA foam play mat weighs around six pounds and comes in the dimension of 72 x 72 x 0.4 inches. Comes with 36 foam pieces in which each Individual tile measures around 12”. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The key important feature of this product and what makes it stand out than other products is that the tiles of the mat can be interlocked and turned into a learning cube with alphabets and numbers on its each side making the use for playing as well as laying.
  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable
  • Easy washing
  • Interlocking features
  • Multiple tile colors
  • Heavy weight
  • Low shade color

8. SUPERJARE The Best Baby Play Mat With Fence

SUPERJARE The Best Baby Play Mat With Fence
The baby foam play mat with fence is specially named after its key feature which is fencing that has been added and could be assembled with the play mat tiles as the play mat comes with the interlocking puzzle features the fencing can be removed to turn it back to a normal mat,

the mat comes with a very soft colors and different animal prints which will enhance your baby’s imagination to a certain new level, also the play mat is made up of lead free material.

Infographic of The superjare baby play mat has best features like safety, fences and storing
If you have a little one and its great for beginning level of crawling so he doesn’t hurt his head on the hardwood floor. He can knock the walls down but that’s just more fun for them.


The play mat comes with a dimension of 15.2 x 13.3 x 13.3 inches and the product weighs around 6.3 pounds. Tile count is around 16 tile of play mat and 16 tiles edge mats + 4 tiles fan shaped mats. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The Play Mat is the product that will be endorsed by every parent who needs to work as well as need their baby in their sight as this play mat fencing feature would keep the baby in boundaries and provide them extra secure playtime.
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Available fences
  • Non toxic material
  • Easy washing
  • No bright colors
  • No toys

9. Gupamiga The Best Baby Folding Mat For Travel

Gupamiga The Best Baby Folding Mat For Travel
The gupamiga is a foldable play mat and a perfect outdoor baby play mat for travel. The play mat comes with an extra large area and is made up of light weight material which makes the play mat easy to carry.

The play mat is also totally waterproof, the food stains, water or whether it is urine all can be cleaned in a single wipe of hand and handful for all the mothers out there also the play mat comes is made up of a non toxic material.

The best gupamiga folding mat features is its clean able, durable and wide size
It is very lightweight and has held up well. Good quality print on both sides which can make your baby busy all the time.


This play mat for baby weighs around 3.9 pounds and in the dimension of 29.8 x 16.5 x 4.3 inches. Best for the babies of age between one to five years.

Why Parents Like It

The Play mat features that every parent looks out for their little ones as it is fold able. It is easy to set, easy to store,easily washable, made up of non toxic material and comes with a large play mat area size best for the buy.
  • Easy storage
  • Easy washing
  • Both for outdoor and indoor
  • Large size
  • lightweight
  • Heavy weight
  • Less prints

10. The Best Skip Hop Play Mat

The Skip Hop Play Mat
The Skip Hop Play mat is made in the USA and is Imported. The Play Mat is specially made for Infants And Toddlers and is made Of thick Foam Tile To Keep a Soft Surface for Playing And Crawling all around.

The 40 Foam Interlocking Pieces and the 32 Foam edge tiles allow you to Create Your Own Floor Play Mat Designs And Custom Sizes.

Best infographic of The skip hop baby play mat has best features like safety, cleanable and store able
The Oversize Foam Floor Tiles for A Large Play Mat Space, Perfect For Tummy-time To Crawling To First Steps And Beyond!.


The infant play mat weighs around 2.2 pounds and comes in with the dimension of around 70 x 56 x 0.6 inches,40 interlock foam pieces and 32 foam edges. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The play mat is an extremely premium mat which comes with 40 foam tiles and 32 foam edges which creates a huge space for assembling according to the requirement. The play mat is extremely made up of super comfortable material best for your baby.
  • Washable
  • Ultra soft
  • Easy storage
  • Non toxic material
  • Durable
  • Heavy weight
  • Short size

11. Best Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat
This best baby floor mat entertains and stimulates your child’s senses. Its providing a developmental play area (playground) of fun activities and discovery indoors or outdoor, this large play mat is made on plush padding to offer comfort for babies and parents alike.

The play mat features fun and engaging textures for tactile and motor development, plus a padded mirror to promote facial recognition and continuous engagement.

The tiny love meadow play mat has features like durable, safety and storage
A cute carrot teether provides healthy, natural development and soothing for babies. Fold the play mat up quickly and simply for compact storage (space) or travel.


The baby play mat for development comes in the dimension of around 35 x 59 x 1 inches and weighs around 1.96 pounds. The recommended age is 6 months to 36 months.

Why Parents Like It

The features of this play mat are ones which cannot be neglected. Your baby will step onto this play mat you won’t regret buying this play mat for your baby as you won’t be able take off your eyes from your baby giggling and enjoying playing on their favourite mat.
  • Durable
  • Extra thick foam
  • Extra large size
  • Washable
  • Easy setup
  • Too light
  • Difficult washing

Buying Guide Of Best Baby Play Mats –

To provide an appropriate play area

Playmats and gymnasiums may be a useful and exciting toy for an infant. The brilliant and fantastic mat, including decorative toys like baby mirrors, rattles, and teethers helps keep the baby engaged.

With this playing mat, it helps to appease the crying baby and also keep them entertained while you’re busy with other housework.

To Stimulates Tactile and Visual Senses 

Children get attracted towards bright colours, and with the contrasting-coloured toys in most play mats and gymnasiums, it enhances the kid’s visual senses and also develops the child’s visual awareness ability of the child.

Also, playmats accompany fully textured fabrics and other toys for sensory stimulation and physical development.

Helps to market Self-discovery 

Play mats promote self-discovery among newborn babies. With the tiny baby-proof mirror that comes with the baby gym, the baby from month 3 to 5 months starts noticing themselves within the mirror.

While from month six to nine months, they begin responding to their images on the mirror by smiling, laughing to the mirror. These baby gyms are vital within the development of this crucial self-awareness skills.

Enhances Gross Motor Skills 

Gross motor skills are one among the foremost vital skills developed by children while making use of the baby mat and gymnasiums.

This skill helps to improve the baby’s muscles and tummy time. With this, it prevents flat spots and also improve strengthens the baby’s back, arm and neck muscles.

Ability to Grow with the Baby 

Play gym comes with the power to grow with the kid. Because the baby outgrows the play mats, the oldsters remove the arches and switch it to become a daily play mat for toddlers which is quite essential for the toddlers who are starting to find out how to roll over, stand and even walk.

FAQ about Best Play Mats –

1. Are our Baby Play Mats necessary?

Everything could also be not necessary but a play mat surely is. Once your baby learns to take a seat and walk a play mat is the best place for your baby to play. They will enjoy their playtime on the mat with better safety.

2. When do you have to start tummy time?

The flat surface of the activity mat proves to be a secure space for tummy time where your baby can lie on his or her tummy. That results in the strengthening of neck, abdominal, and back muscles as your baby will attempt to search by lifting the neck.

3. How does one do tummy time?

Tummy time helps in enhances the power to take a seat up, rollover, and crawl. The flat surface of the activity mat proves to be a secure space for tummy time where your baby can lie on his or her tummy.

4. What age can suitable For Playmats?

Although there’s no necessary regulation for using play mats, however, you’ll get a play mat for your baby as soon as they learn to take a seat and walk or maybe walk on knees.

5. What’s the difference between Foam mat and Normal mats?

The form of baby play mats are very soft and creates an in-depth play area. IN short its a perfect place for your child to practice crawling, rolling around, lifting their head, and eventually walking.

6. Both sorts of mats Safe for Babies?

Both the sort of mat are safe for your baby. However, foam mats are softer than traditional rugs. These mats are essential but can easily be mixed with toys.

7. Can babies sleep on playmats?

Play mats are safe for your baby to sleep. They’re soft, and your baby would be comfortable sleeping there as he gets tired while he plays.

8. Are the play mats washable?

Most playmats are washable and straightforward to wash. Albeit you do not want to scrub the playmat, you’ll also wipe it off with just a wet cloth for hassle-free and energy less cleaning.

9. How do I clean my playmat?

You can either wash your play mat during a washer or wipe it off with a wet cloth. Both the ways are straightforward, and you’ll confine the hygiene and neatness when your baby plays on the mat.

10. How does a play mat help a child’s development?

A playmat helps develop your baby’s motor skills as they grow. The age once they learn to take a seat and walk is exceptionally crucial. And not only sitting and walking but developing their motor skills also are equally important.


The best baby play mats may be a very original item needed for the event of the baby, stimulation of the visuals, sensory, and cognitive ability of the baby.

It’s essential to require a note of the vital features when purchasing a baby mat or gym. Make sure that it’s for the recommended age of the baby and also safe to use.

The baby toy is additionally an honest source of distraction for busy mothers to require out time from being with the kid always.

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