Best Baby Door Jumper and Doorway Jumper Top 9 For 2020

Best baby door jumper
You can call it a doorway jumper or a best baby door jumper, the idea is the same your little one would definitely be enjoying it. It promotes exercise, engagement and entertainment all accommodated in one. At the time your kid can hold their head upright without assistance at approximately four months old.

The doorway jumpers offer many benefits at the time of this stage of development. Babies learn that by moving their legs, feet and toes they bounce, building self awareness and developing motor skills.

Features of Best Baby Door Jumper

Friendly Clamp System

Make sure the jumper seat’s clamp is not permanently stuck in one position with no way of unlocking it. Obviously, most would not have this problem. But avoid the cheap versions.

Height Adjustable Seat

The jumper that has a seat that is too short, your baby will be hanging in mid air. You baby won’t have any support. It is the whole purpose of a jumper seat as your baby grows.

Framed Open Seat

The jumper that do not have open frame may not let your kid’s legs to fit through. It becomes very compact if the frame is not open and your little one may feel congested and uncomfortable.

Safety and Security

If your baby is developing quite slow making it quite risky to introduce them to baby jumpers. But buying one would definitely help them a lot to grow and develop their motor skills.

Extra Accessories

How much does your baby enjoy playing? This is a ques! you must ask yourself when you buy a jumper. Look for a baby jumper that offers extra fun toys which you think will likes by your baby’s playing habits.

How We Chose Best for You

The best jumpers are intended to give your baby a daily basis (regular) dose of exercise that will help him stay fit always. Most parents believe that door jumpers are the best when it comes to keeping your baby safe.

While most people consider buying jumpers as fun toys for their children, this baby product plays a important role in increasing your baby’s growth during her initial developmental stages.

1. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper
This baby doorway jumper gives jumping fun to your baby. It helps develop core muscles and provides entertainment and exercise without taking up floor space. It is very easy to use clamp attaches to most interior doorways with moulding.

The jumper needs no extra tools which makes it easy to move from one place to another. They can be simply wiped surface clean with cloth slightly moistened with mild soap and water. 

Best infographic of evenflo door jumper features is easy to port, fully enclosed and dry on low heat
Seat pads could be machine washed separately with cold Water. It can be tumble dry for 10 to 15 minutes on low heat.


The dimensions of this amazing door jumper are 10 x 12 x 18.5 inches. It weighs just 2.7 pounds which makes it very lightweight. Its maximum recommended weight is 24 pounds.

Why Parents Like It!

It has adjustable straps that easily customize the height for your child. Its plastic parts are very easy to clean. The framed seat fully surrounds the child providing comfort to the baby.
  • Great for travel
  • Adjustable straps
  • Gives excellent jumping fun
  • No tools required
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Location limited
  • Takes multiple adjustments

2. Bright Starts Door Jumper

Bright starts door jumper
This baby jumper has a sturdy door frame clamp that provides a secure fit into doorways. It includes four repositionable toys. Also It has a mirror for self discovery, leaf teether and two plush toys.

It includes a padded seat ring for baby’s comfort. The strap allows adjustment according to the baby’s height. It has a lightweight frame that allows for easy portability and storage. 

Infographic of bright starts door jumper features has door frame, lightweight and height adjustment
It has a convenient Machine washable seat pad for easy cleaning. For safety reasons, the product should not be treated as a swing.


The dimensions of this amazing door jumper are 72.2 x 13 x 11 inches. The minimum and maximum weight recommendations are 0 pounds to 26 pounds respectively.

Why Parents Like It!

The door frame jumper includes four repositionable toys. It also has a mirror for self discovery, leaf teether and two plush toys. It is lightweight which makes it travel friendly.
  • Two plush toys
  • Padded seat ring
  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfort strap adjustment
  • Safe and secure
  • Very small and compact
  • bit expensive

3. Baby Einstein Door Jumper

Baby Einstein door jumper
This door jumper allows the baby to bounce and discover boundless adventure. It is a nautically themed jumper chair for babies. It has a lightweight frame that makes it very much travel friendly.

This jumper for baby requires no tools to assemble. It includes four toys that can be repositioned and rotated. This hanging baby bouncer will have your child jumping for joy from a comfortable seat fixed securely to your doorway. 

Infographic of Best doorway jumper features has straps, lightweight frame and flash cards
The clamp features an additional secondary strap for added security.


The dimensions of this door jumper are 15.6 x 4.5 x 10.4 inches. The maximum weight recommendation is 24.2 pounds. The jumper is very lightweight weighing 4.85 pounds.

Why Parents Like It!

It has ocean themed toys that are easy to detach and reposition. It helps you to keep jumper playtime fresh with an assortment of rotating toys while the fun is on.
  • Lightweight frame
  • Requires no tools
  • Adjustable straps
  • Additional secondary strap
  • Comfortable seat
  • A bit costly
  • Non sturdy frame

4. Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp
The Jolly Jumper is sturdy and scientifically designed for use with appropriate door frames. It gives your child fully freedom of movement and increase easy, natural breathing and then babies build strength,

balance and coordination safely and comfortably. The door clamp may be used on frame openings as in the illustrations. The wall thickness should have a maximum thickness of six inches or fifteen cm. 

Best Jolly jumper features has door clamp, freedom and safety
The frame moldings should have a flat top surface of no less than 1/2 inch or 1.25 cm.


The dimensions of this amazing door jumper are 18.2 x 8.5 x 2.4 inches. The maximum weight recommendation is 28 pounds with a minimum age of 3 months. It weighs 2.4 pounds.

Why Parents Like It!

The jumper is very lightweight and can be carried easily especially for outdoor fun. It gives your baby complete freedom to move and promotes development with fun and enjoyment.
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket friendly
  • Two step security
  • Sturdy frame
  • Need much illustrations
  • Assembly takes time

5. Jolly Jumper with Stand

Best Jolly Door Jumper
The jolly jumper is a standing jumper with an easy to install body where your newborn can improve their balance develop body rhythm and coordination with all other body parts hence strengthening their muscles.

The 6 feet tall sturdy frame does not require any extra tools to install which makes it very easy to carry and will make you more comfortable with portability. 

infographic of jolly jumper with stand has best features like easy assembling, free standing and fun able
Also, the jumper seat comes with a firm support for your baby’s spine which allows the baby to maintain a good body posture.


This baby jumper with stand comes with the dimension of 15.8 x 3.2 x 32 inches. The weight of the jumper is around 15 pounds and can approximately support the weight of up to 28 pounds.

Why Parents Like It!

The all grey colour of the jumper and its bouncy spring will make your baby jump all day. The baby will get very comfortable with the soft comfy seat with a great back support.
  • Easy to assemble mechanism
  • Easily folding and portability
  • Good back support
  • Durable
  • Can be used outdoor as well as indoor
  • Heavy body
  • Difficult washing

6. Graco Doorway Jumper

Graco Doorway Jumper
The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper is the perfect jumper that your little jumping joy would definitely love to play In. The jumper comes with a full 360* rotational spring which allows your baby to jump in every direction.

The no mark clamp allows to keep your doors mark free while shifting the jumper from one room to another. The padded soft seat gives your baby the best jerk free jump ride. 

Best infographic of graco jumper has features Interactive tray, safety cord and straps
Also, the non twist straps allows an easy and quick access in and out so you can move your baby quickly from one room to another.


The jumper comes with the dimension of 17.5 x 17 x 80.5 inches. This jumper weights around 3.5 pounds. The jumper can hold maximum weight up to 25 pounds with the baby.

Why Parents Like It!

This baby jumper is recommended by many parents because of its unbelievable key features. The two soft toys attached to the straps with an easy remove makes it the best.
  • Mark free door clamp
  • Hidden safety cord
  • Build in Toy tray
  • Durable
  • Washable seat pad
  • Can be used only indoor
  • Easily molds

7. Graco Bumper Jumper

Graco Bumper Jumper
Keep your little one giggling whole day with the Bumper Jumper doorway jumper. The jumper is an easy to transport product which comes with a no-mark door frame clamp which keeps your doors scratch proof,

this perfect package will allow you to take your baby from one room to another so you can always keep the baby by your side. The nylon seat pad could be easily removed and washed in the washer to make a easy washing. 

This best door jumper has best features has toys, seat and providing safety
The play tray installed in the seat gives your baby a place to play with toys with there every joyful jump.


The Graco jumper comes in the 17.5 x 69.5 x 17 inches dimension. The product has a weight of 3.5 pounds which makes it very lightweight. It also comprises of the door frame.

Why Parents Like It!

This is the perfect product that every parent looks for. The jumper has an easy to install settings and the easily washable seat saves your time to play with your baby.
  • Washable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • No mark clamp
  • Less toys
  • Congested seat

8. Evenflo Doorway Jumper

Evenflo Doorway Jumper
The Evenflo Doorway Jumper delivers every jump of your baby successfully with excitement. As jumping helps in building important core muscles the Evenflo Jumper provides both entertainment and exercise to your baby.

The jumper comes with an easy-to-use clamp which makes moving the jumper very easy from room to room and the adjustable straps allow you to adjust the height of the jumper for your child. 

The evenflo jumper has easy to use clamp, strap and perfect for travelling
The easy installation allows to setup and remove the jumper in no time.


This Jumper comes with the dimension of 10 x 12 x 18.5 inches. The jumper weight is around 2.85 pounds. The jumper is foldable and is best for travelling.

Why Parents Like It!

Multiple features of this baby Jumper makes this product a perfect pick of every parent. The easily adjustable straps makes it an ease for the parents to save time when they are busy.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy installation
  • Washable
  • Great for travelling
  • Durable
  • No toys
  • Separate washing

9. Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper

Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper
The Bright Starts Door Jumper opens a way out for your little one opening a whole new world to fun and playtime. The padded jumper chair can fit right into any doorway so that you can always be around your

little one and the baby stays right in front of your sight. This Door Jumper also allows your baby to make 360* movement so that the baby can explore every corner of the room. 

This bright jumper has features like colourful taggies, lightweight and clamp
The soft padded seat gives your baby the best comfort for their playtime.


The item weights around 2.14 pounds and comes with the dimension of 11 x 13 x 72.2 inches. The jumper can handle the maximum baby weight of around 26 Pounds.

Why Parents Like It!

This is the best product that your baby will love to jump in. The jumper comes with an easy installation and a easily attachable clamp which could fit in any door.
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Non sturdy frame
  • No toys

Guide to Buying the Best Doorway Jumpers

Weight Limit

This is one of the important point that one must keep in mind. Some jumpers that have very less weight recommendations will not be convenient when your baby grows older.

Easy Storage

Good storage in a baby jumper is very essential. Especially if your someone who travels a lot, a baby jumper that is compact, lightweight and easy to store would be the best.

The Suspenders

Depending on the type of the jumper, make sure that the baby jumper has two or more suspenders. This system is very essential as it keeps your baby perfectly safe in place when they bounce. In addition, make sure the straps of the jumper are heavily padded.

Detachable Toys

Detachable toys make jumping even more entertaining, as infants explore the colourful objects within their reach. Grasping and handling the small help to foster hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as to teach your baby cause and effect.

Easy Portability

As most parents most probably have already found that this stage of baby’s little life they easily can become restless and bored. Every baby can’t get around on their knees or by walking yet with the jumper they learn to move and explore.

Where we use the door jumpers?

The best door jumpers can be used indoor or outdoor. Especially jumpers that are lightweight and compact are very easy to take along while you travel with your baby.

The jumper will never let your baby get bored as he plays with the toys. Even on your busy days your kid can safely be in the jumper and will be entertained and have fun all day long.

When can a baby use a door jumper?

Most of the mother who are looking for a jumper have been asking this question all again. For example, if your baby is not mature enough to support her head upright, then it is not safe to introduce her to a baby jumper.

Another problem is when your little one is not able to walk. It will be quite early if you buy your baby a baby jumper when they are not able to walk yet.

Are door jumpers safe for babies?

Door jumpers are absolutely safe because of it is fun toys. But the thing is before you buy a jumper for your baby, is your baby able to stand, balance and could easily reach out to toys by himself.

If yes then the door jumper helps your baby to learn more about jumping skills and it can increase the baby’s leg strength.


There is nothing more adorable than the sound of your baby’s laughter as he bounces up and down in his baby door jumper. It is amazing just how much baby’s love the feeling of moving their bodies.

Today when there are a lot of types available it is very difficult to choose the best one. Have a look on to learn everything you need to know about what to buy for your piece of heart.

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