Best Uppababy Stroller of 2024

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Finding the best uppababy stroller will make a life with baby or toddler just a little bit easier, despite the fact that the amount of various compact strollers to consider can be challenging. Don’t forget, a stroller is a useful piece of gear to have if you want to leave the house with your baby. You can choose any stroller you want, but since there are so many strollers out there, it’s a good idea to look at some tried-and-true models first.

UPPAbaby is known for producing some of the most parent-friendly strollers available on the market, with a lineup of products that frequently appear on “best of” lists. They are renowned for their safety, features, and stylish appearance.

Additionally, it’s simple to find a stroller that fits your lifestyle thanks to UPPAbaby’s extensive selection. To assist you in selecting the best stroller for your family, we’re sharing six of their most popular models with you in the sections below, one of which made our list of the Best Strollers of 2022!

How We Choose the Best Uppababy Stroller


We select strollers that provide the most convenience for both parents and children. The fact that all UPPAbaby strollers have all-wheel suspension is the best feature. The use of luxurious materials and cutting-edge style is also a plus.

These strollers are like bringing a bed for your baby on the go, with their roomy canopies, footrests, and plush upholstery. Moms tend to favour items that can be folded up quickly and easily, have comfortable handles, and have a lot of storage space. These incredible strollers eliminate every problem associated with traditional strollers.

Remember that only full-size strollers can accommodate car seat attachment. So, select one of these strollers as your travel system.

Ability to Grow

All of these choices can be used with a single child, but only the Vista V2 can hold siblings.

The strollers are adaptable, so they can accommodate infants and toddlers of varying heights and weights. The five-point harnesses have multiple slots so that it can accommodate a child as they grow.


Luxury strollers, such as those offered by UPPAbaby, often include features that cost extra on cheaper models. You can find a wide variety of add-ons, but they all come with a hefty price tag.

Bassinets, bassinet stands, mattress covers, an infant liner, car seat adapters, a piggyback board, a backpack, and a host of other items are included in the list of accessories.

The product’s usefulness will be increased for many parents if they also purchase the parent organizer and snack tray.

Also, think about a stroller footmuff for cold weather.

1. Best Travel Sytem Stroller: Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

Vista V2

Stroller Weight: Frame + Bassinet, 28.8 lbs; Frame + Seat, 27 lbs

Age Range: Bassinet is good for babies from birth until they weigh 20 pounds or can push up on their hands and knees; toddler seat for children ages 3 months to 50 pounds on hands and knees; toddler seat from three months up to 50 lbs

The VISTA is a great stroller for families that are growing larger. It’s an impressive high-end stroller that can carry up to three (yes, three!) kids at once and comes with extra features like a baby bassinet, a rain shield, and more. With the included bassinet, you can use it from the time your baby is born to walk or sleep. Or, you can make it a full travel system by adding the UPPAbaby MESA or another car seat that works with it.

Replace the bassinet with the included front or rear-facing toddler seat as your child grows. Do you plan to have a second child? Stand-up riders can upgrade to the PiggyBack Ride-Along Board or the multi-directional RumbleSeat. The VISTA combines form, function, and convenience with its high-end features, which parents will appreciate for their child’s comfort and safety. These include a fantastic suspension system, full recline, telescoping leather handlebar, a large under-seat storage basket, and an extendable UPF 50+ canopy.

  • Massive storage
  • Great suspension system
  • Giant canopy
  • Attention to detail
  • Expensive
  • Little bit heavy

2. Best Full-Size Stroller: Uppababy Cruz V2 Stroller

Cruz V2

Stroller Weight: Frame + Seat, 25.5 lbs

Age Range: You can start using the stroller around 3 months, or you can use the bassinet, a compatible infant car seat, or the Infant SnugSeat to use it from birth.

Notice: All products are sold seperately.

It’s easy to see why the Cruz is one of UPPAbaby’s most popular strollers. This full-size stroller’s best features are its reversible toddler seat, which lets your baby ride facing you or facing forward; its heavy-duty suspension system, which makes it easy to turn; and its huge storage basket, which can hold everything you might need for a day out and more.

The Cruz can become a bassinet and car seat travel system by simply adding an infant car seat to it. Several upscale features, such as a leather handlebar and independent shocks, smooth out the bumps you’ll inevitably encounter on your outdoor adventures.

The CRUZ has a height-adjustable, telescoping leather handlebar, a patented two-stage suspension system, independent shocks, an extendable UPF 50+ canopy, a one-hand full recline system, and a modular seat. The Cruz also has a large basket for storage. It’s one of the best stroller baskets because it can hold 30 pounds and is both deep and wide.

  • Easy to use
  • Impressive storage
  • Vast infant car set compatibility
  • Great features
  • Best suspension system
  • No flat tires
  • Heavier than old Cruz
  • More expensive

3. Best Compact Stroller for Small Spaces: Uppababy Minu V2 Stroller

Uppababy Minu V2 Stroller

Stroller Weight: 23.5 lbs

Age Range: Fits from 3 months to 50 pounds, or from birth with an infant car seat that fits.

The MINU V2 is another lightweight but feature-rich model, weighing in at less than 17 lbs while still boasting all-wheel suspension. You can hold your baby in one arm while folding the MINU, as it only requires one hand and a simple motion to collapse. As an added bonus, it has a shoulder strap and a built-in carry handle for portability. Or, you could use the hands-free MINU Travel Bag.

It’s time for a power nap, and you’re going to need a nap. Your child can lie down and take it easy or sit up and enjoy the view, thanks to the adjustable recline. Put the diaper bag and other items in the nearby, roomy basket. While you’re out and about with your little one, the canopy’s vented peekaboo window will let you keep an eye on them without disturbing them from the sun’s protection. Not skimping on quality, the handlebar is crafted from full-grain leather to ensure a firm grip.

MINU can be used independently for about three months, but can be used with attachments right away. With the help of adapters, the MESA Infant Car Seat can be installed in a vehicle (sold separately). This convenient accessory pack includes a parent organiser and a cup holder, both of which are available as an additional purchase.

  • One hand, one-step fold
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Comfortable, reclining seat with leg rest adjustment
  • Large, easy-to-access basket
  • Extendable, zip-out UPF 50+ canopy for protecting your babe from the sun!
  • From-birth option using the UPPAbaby Bassinet!

4. Best Lightweight Stroller: Uppababy G-LUXE Stroller

Uppababy g-luxe stroller

Stroller Weight: 16 lbs

Age Range: Suitable from 3 months to 55 Pounds

The G-LUXE is one of the lightest strollers available, weighing in at just 16 pounds. For parents who are frequently on the go, this lightweight umbrella stroller is an excellent choice, as it can be simply and quickly carry over on a shoulder for transportation. For naps on the go, your child can rest comfortably in the reclining seat with an adjustable footrest that can be adjusted with one hand.

Are you concerned that you won’t be able to handle the stroller with ease? Triggers placed at fingertip height make folding the G-LUXE possible without using the toes or feet. It can be folded up and put away neatly out of the way because it stands up on its own. In addition, it has a simple brake that requires only one foot to operate. Extras like a detachable cup holder that clips onto the stroller frame and a large, easily accessible basket that can hold up to 10 pounds are also included.

  • Stylish, very robust
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Removable and machine washable seat pad
  • Very lightweight with convenient carry strap
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Stiff harness
  • Can’t push one handed
  • Only suitable from 3 months
Uppababy g-link 2

Stroller Weight: 22.3 lbs

Age Range: Suitable from 3 months to 55 Pounds

Having two? The UPPAbaby G-LINK 2 makes getting around easy, whether you have two babies, two toddlers, or one of each. It’s easier to push and turn because it’s narrow and light, and it only has four sets of wheels instead of the usual six. The stroller moves with you.

The kids can relax in their own unique ways and at their own pace thanks to the recline-ability of their individual seats. Keeping your belongings in order is simple with the canopies’ two-pocket design and a large, convenient basket. The stroller easily folds and has a carry handle for portability. This stroller lives up to the UPPAbaby brand’s reputation for careful, cutting-edge craftsmanship. Big basket that can hold up to 10 pounds, two extendable pop out UPF 50+ sunshades.

  • Narrow and light for a double stroller
  • Smooth folding
  • Easy to push and turn
  • Doesn’t get very small when folded
  • No carrying strap

FAQ’s about Uppababy Strollers

Does Uppababy make a jogging stroller or twin stroller?

At this time, UPPAbaby does not offer a jogging stroller option. The G-Link 2 is the brand’s dedicated twin stroller, but it’s an umbrella style that won’t accommodate newborns. This option is suitable for infants as young as three months and as heavy as 55 pounds.

Which stroller is better, one made by Uppababy or Nuna?

Both UPPAbaby and Nuna produce high-quality modular strollers, but UPPAbaby is typically less expensive. But Nuna has a magnetically adjustable harness and a double suspension system. In addition to their foam-filled tires, Nuna also sells fenders and hubcaps.

Both are high-quality options, but Nuna has a few more useful extras. We’re still UPPAbaby fans at heart, but Nuna strollers have their place, too. Accessories are priced the same or higher, but the products themselves are comparable in price.

Finally, each manufacturer provides options for multiple child seats in their strollers. There is a selection of lightweight, user-friendly alternatives. Which one is better depends entirely on the individual’s taste in regards to various characteristics and designs.

Why do Uppababy strollers cost so much?

Stylish and high-quality items don’t come cheap. Although there are alternatives to the UPPAbaby that are less expensive, none of them match the quality and variety of features that the UPPAbaby provides. Many strollers don’t even have leather grips on the handlebars.

Bottom Line

We hope our ultimate guide helps you out by choosing the best uppababy stroller for your little one and for you as well as which suits your needs. They’re known for producing some of the most parent-friendly strollers on the market. We’ve shared five popular models with you to help you choose the best stroller for your family. The Uppababy Minu V2 is a compact as well as feature-rich model, weighing in at less than 17 lbs while still boasting an all-wheel suspension. It can be used with an infant car seat, or from birth with the Infant SnugSeat.

The G-LUXE is one of the lightest strollers available, weighing in at just 16 pounds. It’s easy to put your child to sleep on the go thanks to the reclining seat that can be adjusted with one hand. The G-Link 2 makes getting around easy, whether you have two babies or two toddlers. All UPPAbaby strollers have all-wheel suspension, roomy canopies, footrests, and plush upholstery. G-Link 2 is the brand’s dedicated twin stroller, but it’s an umbrella style that won’t accommodate newborns.

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