Middle Names for Emma (200 Options You’ll Love)

by | Feb 28, 2023

middle names for Emma

There are so many possibilities to consider when choosing middle names for Emma from the list of middle names for your newborn baby girl, which can make the process challenging. You desire anything that sounds lovely, flows nicely, and perhaps even carries a special meaning.

Although it’s common for parents to use their own middle name as their child’s second given name, if you don’t have any family-approved names in mind or are unsure of what would be ideal for your girl, we’ve got 100+ lovely and meaningful options below!

And now, without further ado, a list of fantastic middle names that go with Emma, the name of your adorable daughter.

What Does the Name Emma Mean?

Emma is a popular choice as a female given name in the English language. It means “whole” or “universal” in Old German, where it originated.

During the 19th century, practically every single generation used this name, which is clear evidence of the name’s widespread appeal. According to projections, it will be the most popular name for American girls in 2021.

Popular Middle Names for Emma

I’ve spent time looking through 500 names for baby girls to choose the 200 Emma middle names that I think would be the cutest and most significant for Emma.

Emma Abigail

Emma Adelaide

Emma Adelia

Emma Agatha

Emma Aileen

Emma AIlison

Emma Alegria

Emma Alexandra

Emma Alice

Emma Alicia

Emma Althea

Emma Anita

Emma Antonia

Emma Ariana

Emma Ashley

Emma Astrid

Emma Audrey

Emma Avalon

Emma Avery

Emma Barbara

Emma Beatrice

Emma Bernice

Emma Beth

Emma Bethany

Emma Beverley

Emma Breanne

Emma Bronwyn

Emma Carmel

Emma Caroline

Emma Cassandra

Emma Cecelia

Emma Celeste

Emma Chantelle

Emma Charlotte

Emma Chelsea

Emma Chloe

Emma Claire

Emma Clara

Emma Clarice

Emma Constance

Emma Cornelia

Emma Cosette

Emma Daisy

Emma Danae

Emma Danika

Emma Daphne

Emma Dara

Emma Darlene

Emma Dawn

Emma Deana

Emma Deidre

Emma Denise

Emma Dolores

Emma Dorothy

Emma Eden

Emma Eileen

Emma Eleanor

Emma Eliza

Emma Eloise

Emma Faith

Emma Farah

Emma Fay

Emma Felicity

Emma Fern

Emma Fiona

Emma Florence

Emma Frances

Emma Francesca

Emma Gabriela

Emma Gaynor

Emma Genevieve

Emma Georgia

Emma Georgina

Emma Gillian

Emma Giselle

Emma Gloria

Emma Gretel

Emma Gweneth

Emma Gwynne

Emma Hailey

Emma Hannah

Emma Harmony

Emma Harriet

Emma Hayden

Emma Hazel

Emma Heidi

Emma Helen

Emma Helena

Emma Hilary

Emma Hope

Emma Irene

Emma Iris

Emma Isabel

Emma Ivy

Emma Jacqueline

Emma Jade

Emma Janine

Emma Jean

Emma Jeanette

Emma Jemima

Emma Jillian

Emma Joan

Emma Joanne

Emma Jocelyn

Emma Josephine

Emma Joyce

Emma Judith

Emma Julie

Emma Juliet

Emma June

Emma Kaitlyn

Emma Kathleen

Emma Kayla

Emma Kirsten

Emma Kristen

Emma Kristine

Emma Laurel

Emma Lauren

Emma Lavinia

Emma Leanne

Emma Leonie

Emma Lesley

Emma Liesl

Emma Lillian

Emma Lily

Emma Meryl

Emma Michaela

Emma Michelle

Emma Millicent

Emma Miriam

Emma Monica

Emma Muriel

Emma Myrtle

Emma Nadine

Emma Nanette

Emma Naomi

Emma Narelle

Emma Natasha

Emma Octavia

Emma Odelia

Emma Odette

Emma Olena

Emma Olivia

Emma Olympia

Emma Ophelia

Emma Paige

Emma Paloma

Emma Pansy

Emma Patience

Emma Patricia

Emma Prudence

Emma Quinn

Emma Rachael

Emma Rachel

Emma Rae

Emma Rebecca

Emma Regan

Emma Regina

Emma Renata

Emma Rhiannon

Emma Riley

Emma Rosalyn

Emma Rosanna

Emma Rosemary

Emma Rue

Emma Ruth

Emma Sabrina

Emma Samantha

Emma Samara

Emma Sandra

Emma Sapphire

Emma Sarah

Emma Sela

Emma Selena

Emma Serena

Emma Shannon

Emma Sheila

Emma Sibyl

Emma Simone

Emma Sky

Emma Sonia

Emma Stella

Emma Susan

Emma Tabitha

Emma Tamara

Emma Tania

Emma Teresa

Emma Unice

Emma Valerie

Emma Verity

Emma Veronica

Emma Victoria

Emma Violet

Emma Vivian

Emma Wanda

Emma Willow

Emma Winifred

Emma Winona

Emma Yasmin

Emma Zoe


Selecting middle names for Emma from the brief list is never simple, but we hope that we’ve been able to provide some inspiration that will lead you to a name that you adore having as your middle name.

What if you’re looking for a meaningful middle name but can’t locate one? Maybe you’ve found a good one, but Emma doesn’t look good in it. How about giving her a new first name and using Emma as her middle name instead?

And if you’re still looking for more great middle names, try these middle names for Lily and Juliet for more inspiration!

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