Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag Review

by | Aug 4, 2022

Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag

The baby jogger city select carry bag is the perfect carry bag for a developing family. One of the best things regarding this carry bag is that it supports conventional car seats, infant car seats, and can be adjusted everywhere according to your needs.

It also enables you to get to carry baby’s things in multiple places. This carry bag is very useful for baby’s things to protect them from any harm while travelling. You might find this carry bag to be a great value purchase.

The Company Background

They are best known for our dynamic and versatile stroller series. They provide an everyday stroller, the perfect lightweight travel stroller, our rugged all-terrain stroller, and more. The company created the first jogging stroller in 1984 to find a solution of some problems active parents were facing that how does one keep jogging with a toddler.

In the years since we have moved far beyond joggers. But nowadays, parents are trying to do more than ever with their children. They want to be in more places and see more new things and our strollers are designed to keep pace with them. They have covered everything that includes strollers that fold into your hand to strollers that adapt to your growing family.

1. The Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag

Baby jogger carry bag


Stroller weight – 1.32 lbs

Style – City Select Stroller Single/Double

Dimensions – 30.5″ x 8.5″ x 20.5″

The City Select Travel Bag is an amazing idea to make superb folding strollers even more convenient. It is an ideal choice and padded way to offer amazing protection to your stroller for a road trip or even storage. The bag holds the stroller frame along with one or two City Select seats.

This baby jogger stroller bag is compatible with city mini double, city mini gt double, summit x3 double or more this brands are easily fit in it. Baby jogger city select stroller brand is perfect choice for your child for their healthy development. You can choose the amazing and brand new Baby Jogger to suit your needs.

  • It has padded for stroller
  • It offers easy containment for travel or storage
  • The bag holds a stroller frame and one or two City Select seats.
  • It makes travel more comfortable.
  • The double strollers fit in it easily.
  • It should have wheels.

2. The Baby Jogger Carry Bag – City Mini Zip Stroller

city mini zip stroller carry bag


Stroller weight – 2.2 lbs

Style – City Mini Zip

Dimensions – 30″ x 10.98″ x 10

You can zip up your City Mini ZIP Stroller in a convenient backpack style stroller travel bag so you can throw it on your back or into a small trunk. It is made from extremely lightweight and durable material, and it makes your most compact stroller even more comfortable to carry. Baby jogger city mini travel bag has labelled pockets for each of the four wheels as well as a sleeve to slide the second seat supports.

After that, you can fold the frame, set the seats on top of that, and zip shut. The Bag itself is lovely and padded but is somewhat bulky to transport through the airport. This case has pockets in it to store the wheels; however, the two back wheels would not fit in those. This bag is a little bit heavy, but the shoulder strap and handle makes it easy to lift and put in.

  • This backpack style carry Bag is compatible with MINI ZIP MODEL only.
  • It can be efficiently carried on back or stowed in the trunk.
  • The stroller bag made of lightweight, durable material
  • It makes travel easier.
  • The stroller is securely fitted in the bag.
  • It can be better.

How to Pack Baby Jogger City Select

Stroller Profile

The Baby Jogger City Select is the perfect stroller for a developing family. One of the best things regarding this stroller is that it supports conventional car seats, infant car seats, a bassinet in over 16 possible configurations.

The city select can be converting from one stroller to a double stroller whenever your second child arrives. It also enables you to get to use the seats in multiple positions. This stroller will accommodate three kids when used with a glider board for your oldest one. You might find this stroller to be a great value purchase.

It offers an excellent level of flexibility that allows it to fit into your present situation, thanks to the multiple options and configurations designed to change as your kids grow.

This stroller is of highest-ranking that we put it through- it can be from manoeuvrability and configurations to folding, making it one of the best double strollers out there. It is an excellent stroller to consider when you are shopping for a double stroller.

What to Look for in a Baby Jogger City Select Travel Bag

We have put together a few things for you to consider before making your buying decision, you need to see it.


Even the lightest strollers are of 5 kg. So the stroller carry bag should have enough weight to bear the enormous weight of strollers without any harm.

Some lightweight stroller carry bags are easy to handle at airports or any other place so that’s also you should consider. 


The stitching should be proper for baby’s carry bag as improper stitching of the baby can damage the stroller.

You must have checked it before buying. To make it last for a longer time, proper double stitching should be there.

Travel Friendly

You must keep it in mind that your carry bag should be travel friendly. It should be adjustable according to weather and situations.

It should be fold-able or compact for easy storage in your goods. Also It should not cover your whole space while travelling.


The stroller carry bag should be very durable for more prolonged use. It should be durable enough to carry strollers while travelling or of significant size and should be waterproof.

It should protect the stroller without any external damage and can bear high, bad weather conditions.

Easy to Use

Unless you are willing to put in some time learning the ropes, make sure your travel bag is easy to navigate by yourself, preferably with one hand. You should be able to take it on and off and get the stroller in and out without help.


The stroller brand always works suit your lifestyle and grows with your family. You can now design your brand new Baby Jogger bag to suit your needs.

The families that are growing in size and need a tandem double stroller with several configurations and seat options.

This stroller quickly transforms from a single seat to a double seat with ease. So if you are expecting a second baby or twins, the Baby Jogger City Select makes a fantastic option.

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